FabFitFun Summer 2019 Add-Ons and Mystery Bundles!

I am very much the type of person that buys crap ton of stuff when my mood isn’t so great…..enter FabFitFun add-on sale. I think the combination of wanting new skincare products and feeling kind of crappy led me to my INSANE purchase that I will be sharing today.

I actually think the add-ons and the edit sales are my favorite thing about FabFitFub. I do love their boxes a ton but the access to these sales makes it even more worth my while. As an annual subscriber, I also get early access to the products which is super handy because a lot of them sell out……but actually, if you didn’t know, you can just favorite and item that you want that may have sold out and then check your ‘favorites’ section because more often than not, the item restocks. Sometimes I spend a lot of time refreshing my favorites page if I REALLY want a particular item.

In this case, I bought all of the mystery bundles that FFF had to offer because this was the first time I had seen them offer curated bundles. Normally, it’s just a bundle and you have LITERALLY no idea what is coming in them. This time, they offered 4: Fashionista, Beauty Guru, Fitness Fanatic, Jet Setter. I also got a normal one just for comparison.

Let’s dive in! Check out my unboxing video if you’d like some extra first impression commentary.

Let me first show you some of the items that I got that were not the mystery bundles. These were items I just had to have….because YOLO.

Freaking stunning oversized aviators by Quay. I love the color of these and I think they are the perfect addition to my summer!

The best body scrub and bath bombs I have ever used! Seriously, if I could have purchased more I absolutely would have BUT you can only buy 3 of any item.

Mystery Bundle for the Jet Setter

  1. Snuggie Travel Blanket/Pillow:
    • I absolutely love that this is included in this bundle. I am traveling soon and I often wish I had a pillow BUT I am too cheap to buy one itself. Now I have a double whammy pillow/blanket combo.
  2. JetSet & Go Travel Pouch:
    • This is such a cute summery print. Since my little man will be accompanying me, I will certainly have a bunch of crap to tote around and this will be a great way to organize.
  3. Ahava Body Lotion (3):
    • My skin definitely gets super dry and I love that there is a set of 3 in this bundle. This makes transporting my lotion simple and I think this might even be a good size to carry on the plane!

I think overall this is a great little travel bundle. Everything seems ‘in style/current’ and I think it fits in the curation really well. I will get use out of each product.

Mystery Bundle for the Beauty Guru

  1. Mother Dirt Cleanser for Face and Body:
    • I am started to get overwhelmed with washes! I normally wouldn’t reach for something that can be used on my face AND body so I will probably just use this for my body – my face tends to be pretty sensitive. I am definitely excited this is included but it might be a bit before I use it!
  2. Ahava Mineral Mud Mask:
    • This is such a weird mud mask. When you put it on, it has an iridescent green color to it which is out of the norm for a mud mask. It was nice enough on my skin but I didn’t notice any real difference that it is supposed to accomplish, specifically brightness or hydration. It didn’t dry out my skin but I didn’t really notice it did anything to my face.
  3. Marrakesh Argan Oil:
    • Again, this is something that I have somehow began piling up. I have seen this used as hair oils but since my hair is easily weighed down, I definitely wont be using this for that. It says it can be used for body/face so that might be a nice addition for some boosted hydration..although I don’t usually use oils on either!

Overall, I think this is a good box for a beauty guru. I hope that each product will be good for my sensitive skin but in general, if you want to try out some skincare products, this might be a decent bundle. I wish it included makeup BUT skincare is important too.

Mystery Bundle for the Fitness Fanatic

  1. Skinvolve Body Cream:
    • I guess this is ‘fitness’ because it has the word karate in it. It boasts caffeine for extra energy and toning. It is always nice to have some extra skin hydration after a nice shower after you’ve had a good workout.
  2. Athleisure Clothes Wash:
    • This states that it handles odors in clothes. Again, I guess this is good after a nice ol sweaty workout.
  3. Easy Soothing Facial Mist:
    • Ugh. This is just frustrating. A skin mist is not what I think of when I think of fitness. It sounds nice but I don’t know how this will boost my fitness game.

I’ll be real. I think this bundle sucks. I have gotten a random mystery bundle that was more geared towards FITNESS than this – it included resistance bands, roll on muscle oil for sore muscles, and a tote I think. This has nothing that screams fitness to me. What do y’all think?

Mystery Bundle for the Fashionista

  1. Summer & Rose Earrings:
    • These are cute gold dangle earrings which I think I can pair with almost anything in my wardrobe….the only thing I don’t like about them is that they have some weird color discoloration on the flat circular coin part of the earring. I’m not sure what metal they are actually made of BUT they are cute regardless.
  2. Scarf:
    • I am annoyed this is included. One thing I wish FFF did is stayed current with the seasons. Like I have so many freaking scarves and this is so thick that I definitely can’t use it until fall or winter. It’s good but it’s nothing special.
  3. Sunglasses:
    • These are freaking hideous on my face. I hate the shape…but they seem like nice enough quality. I just won’t wear them. Ever.

I hate this bundle and I don’t think it is very fashion forward. I don’t really have anything good to say about it unfortunately.


These are the items that I also purchased outside of the mystery bundles. I am absolutely in love with the tanning products – they have such a natural looking tan coloration and the foam formula is great when I applied it with the mit that came with each. I highly recommend. The Kate Somerville cleanser is amazing of course! And I have never had anything from Beauty Blender before so this will be great to use!

Final Thoughts

Here is a pic of the final lineup. You might notice that there is an unwrapped mystery bundle…..because it was a repeat of my last mystery bundle haul. I feel like it was a fun experience to see the curated bundles but honestly, I don’t think they were anything special. I much prefer the things I purchased aside from that.

I think the add-on sales and edit sales are definitely worth having the FabFitFun subscription in general. The discounts are always amazing and there are amazing brands on there every freaking time. It always gets me in trouble.

Did you guys get anything? Are you interested in a FabFitFun subscription? I have a referral link ($10 off) AND I have 5 starter boxes which are always freaking amazing – all you do is pay for the shipping and then you can cancel if you don’t want the actual subscription (the shipping is like $5 and gives you about $75 in products I believe). Just let me know down below!

As always, thanks so so much for reading! I truly appreciate it. Til next time!

Why Is This So Expensive?! Box of Style Summer 2019

Today we are diving in to the Box of Style by Rachel Zoe (I have a $15 off coupon here). This is a seasonal box that promises over $400 with in products. They range from jewelry to fashion to skincare products.

I have such mixed feelings about this box – there are amazing skincare products for sure, but I feel like some of the retail prices are freaking insane. It is $99 per quarter which makes it my most expensive seasonal box by far. If you would like to watch my unboxing, check it out below!

Let’s dive in!

This picture doesn’t really do this box justice, but it is the most beautiful light pink, textured box with light golden lettering.

Inside, we see the fabulous Rachel Zoe in all her fashion glory……and an expensive ass towel.

Summer is all about travel, friends, and relaxing outdoors. Style that translates to effortless essentials can be worn with everything in your wardrobe. From a versatile crochet bag to on-trend Lucite earrings, every item in this edition is intended to make you feel glamorous and carefree.

Rachel Zoe

Opening it up, this is the lineup of the products. I do get let down with the quantity of products – I am one of those people who prefers to get more items. In total, there are 5 items in my $99 box.

On to the products.

Item One: Missoni Home Rufus Terry Beach Towel – $220

My love for Missoni runs deep. I never have a pool party without draping every piece of outdoor furniture with my extensive collection of Missoni Home towels. Its a dream come true to be able to share this obsession with you.

I have lost my damn mind when I saw the retail value on this towel. I’m sorry but who TF spends $220 on a towel. Like I said in my video, I can run my happy ass down to Target and buy the MOST EXPENSIVE towel there for $50. Sure, it’s not designer but for the love of all that is good in the world, it is a freaking beach towel. That being said, I think it’s gorgeous. It feels nice enough but probably not $220 worth nice. I will get a lot of use from it but I would never ever ever ever pay that kind of money.

Item Two: Machete Kate Hoops – $44

Summer calls for playful earrings. This of-the-moment lucite style comes in a choice of opal or tortoise and looks great with everything from a caftan to jeans and a tee.

I like these earrings a lot! While my style is more studs or the type that run up the side of your ear, I think these are great quality earrings that can go with a lot of my clothing. I don’t wear a lot of fancy clothing so the fact I can pair these with jeans and a tee means I can wear them all the time!

Item Three: Benefit Cosmetics 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel – $24

I was so nervous about having something like this being included in the box. I get nervous about my eyebrows being too crunchy or stiff looking BUT I was in shock that these made my eyebrows look freaking fantastic. They helped my brows stay in place without looking too stuck in place. I think this is a great product that will be in my everyday use – I don’t have the time to be worrying about my eyebrows being all over the place. Plus, there are so many great reviews out there about this brand and this product so that makes it feel like a real treat to get in this box!

Item Four: Glo Skin Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 40+ – $38

SPF is a must year round, but particularly during the summer. This hydrating moisturizer is oil free, lightweight and boasts protection of SPF 40.

As bad as it is to admit it, I really never worry about SPF. I used to tan a lot………like every day……and caring about SPF was never something I worried about since I wanted to be tan at any cost. As I have gotten older, I have stopped tanning and have started worrying more about what the sun is doing to my skin. I don’t want to be 50 looking 100. I think this will be a great addition to my skincare routine although I have seen a lot of products with SPF in them that I already have in my daily routine. I am happy this was included in the summer box as the sun has definitely come out in full force now!

Item Five: Danielle Nicole Macrame Handbag – $100

Crochet is a huge trend for summer. The wooden handles on this lined style are beyond chic and we added a cross-body strap for versatility.

This bag is freaking gorgeous and I am so excited that this is included in this box. At first, I was bummed out thinking that this was just a handbag but thankfully there is the cross-body strap. With the strap, it makes it such a beautiful, wearable bag for me. It has quickly become y favorite bag in my collection and I feel like I might buy more from this collection if they have more of this style!


This is the final lineup of the box! The total value calculated for the box comes to $426 which is over the promised value of the box. I feel a little cheated because of that stupid (beautiful) towel. Like, you take away from the box when you include an item that has such high retail value. The crochet/macrame bag makes up for my disappointment with the towel because I am already using it so so much! I love the earrings and they are definitely going to be a fun addition to my collection. The eyebrow setting product was surprisingly pleasant and I am excited to use the SPF. Overall, I feel like this is a good box but I just cant justify the price tag on the box (or the towel) because I could have picked these items up for cheaper elsewhere.

What do you guys think? Is it worth the $99 price tag every 3 months? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading (as always) and I have some exciting boxes coming up! Til next time!

Did You Know Sunday Riley Has A Subscription Box?!

I’m not sure how I heard about these but I did….and they are expensive!!! They have a one time purchase ($95) and a recurring quarterly subscription ($85.10). I opted for the one time purchase and I think I had a discount…although I honestly don’t remember. As of this post, this box is still available for purchase if you like what’s inside!

The theme for this box is Love. I haven’t seen many people unbox this so lets dive in! I’m excited!!!

The box is gorgeous and BIG! This will definitely go into my collection of boxes.

Inside is just as gorgeous and filled with all kinds of interesting looking goodies.

This is a decent little booklet that feels amazing. I may or may not have spent some time just petting the booklet…….it’s a quality booklet y’all. I am also going to include any promo codes they listed because YOLO.

Here is a little blurb about this box. Like I said, the theme is LOVE – specifically self-love.

If you guys want to see the size of items relative to my lovely face and surroundings, make sure to check out my video!

First Item: Oribe Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment – $48

Instant relief. This lightweight and fast-absorbing leave-on treatment removes dandruff flakes awhile cooling mint and calming chamomile soothe and balance the scalp.

I think this is a really interesting product to include in the box and I am really excited about it! I haven’t tried it out as of yet because I am nervous, but I will make sure to review in a weekly update so you guy can find out. I am worried it might weigh my hair down too much – I try to avoid putting anything on my roots.

Second Item: Lipstick Queen Method in the Madness Lipstick – $25

Swirls of ultra-luxe creamy hues combine into one bold lip color of its own.

First off, I love this packaging so much! It’s so fun and I wish I could take a quality picture of the actual lipstick because it has the most gorgeous swirls in it (check out my video to see).

Let me swatch it for you:

This formula is so creamy and smooth. It glides on like a dream and the color is SO beautifully pigmented. I am really excited to wear this for everyone to see…plus, I love the swirls.

Third Item: Rifle Paper Co. 2019 Juliet Rose Pocket Agenda – $14

This pocket agenda proves great things can come in pretty, petite packages. The pages inside offer four views: monthly, weekly, daily, and a section for notes.

I love planners. Ever since the dawn of my time, I have written down exactly what I need to/want to do for the day. This is so beautiful and floral which is definitely my style. I love that I can throw this in a purse or diaper bag and tote it around with me easily.

Fourth Item: Corpus Natural Deodorant – $22 (promo code: SUNDAY5 for $5 off your purchase)

Long-lasting formula with naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts.

I was so nervous about this product after my FabFitFun Fail with the natural deodorant they sent. This one is SO MUCH BETTER! The formula is much better quality in my opinion. It spreads so easily and gives the feeling of actual coverage. I have to admit, I am a sweaty person but this has some good staying power and made me feel like my perspiration was being controlled. The scent is pleasant but isn’t overly abundant. I don’t mind that but usually the only way I know if anything is working is if I can smell it….that being said, I put it on during a pretty low-key day and I don’t know what I would trust it if I was doing anything physical.

Fifth Item: The Perfect V VV Cream Gentle Exfoliator – $34 (20% off with sundayriley)

It is pure, indulgent pampering for your “V” that is pH-balances, dermatologist and gynecologist tested without parabens or SLS and fragrance-free.

I didn’t know this was a thing that people would seek out and holy hell, it’s freaking $34….. I am annoyed that it is branded in the way that it is and that the directions explicitly state that it is for the ‘v’. Like. You’re limiting yourself SO much by marketing that way. Anyone who shaves anything needs to exfoliate that area.

That being said, I used this on my legs to see what it would be like. The concept of an exfoliating cream as opposed to an exfoliating wash is strange to me. Sure enough, this product is weird. It has small, fine textured granules which is pleasant enough…but they don’t go away. It doesn’t say to wash them off. If you were using this in your nether-regions then you’d be going about your day with gritty bits. Who wants that. It’s like rolling around on a sandy beach and not rinsing off.

Sixth Item: The Perfect V VV Beauty Sheet – $2/sheet (20% off with sundayriley)

I guess this is a fancy cleansing wipe (LOL at the fact the called it a beauty sheet). They didn’t actually send anything so I can’t review it which might be nice considering we may have gotten a little too personal in here. Again, why they would market towards just females is beyond me – we all need cleanliness.

Seventh Item: Maison Du Soir Robe – $100 (20% off with MDSSUNDAY)

The design of this robe is exclusively created for Sunday Riley. Maison Du Stir is a contemporary sleep and loungewear line dedicated to bridge the divide between daywear and sleepwear.

Holy cow, this is an expensive ass robe. I swear on my life I bought an exact replica of this from Target for $20. It is surprisingly thin and sheer……….and it’s a robe the I would never pay $100 for. So.

Next, we have a cute little bubble wrap plastic bag I had to take a picture of!

Two products are in here!!

Eighth Item: Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum – $45

This hydrating antioxidant formula instantly polishes, protects, and illuminates the skin, while phytosterols help to reduce the look of redness and skin sensitivity.

Ok, this is weird to me. I looked on their website because I was like ‘this is not full-size…..but that can’t be because why in the ever loving world would they not put a full-size of their own product in their own box?!?!’……

You guys. This isn’t full size. Like my TestTube Beauty had a full-size serum but this actual Sunday Riley box doesn’t. That’s actually annoying because this is why I bought this box. Regardless, I am really excited to use this. I love Sunday Riley products and I haven’t tried this one yet. The retinoid I am using by them (from my TestTube Beauty box) is amazing so far. After I finish up that one, I will get to using this one!

Ninth Item: Sunday Riley CEO Glow Face Oil – $40

Beauty-infused carrier oils boost the delivery of this cutting-edge Vitamin C cocktail while the highest concentration of antioxidants protect, balance, and soothe.

Ok, this is so frustrating. Again, this is NOT full-size. Why did they do this?!?!?! This is so annoying!!!!!! With that being said, it’s freaking amazing. I learned that you use oils after everything in your skincare routine and let me tell you, I feel like this is a game changer. It absorbed to a nice, manageable amount on my face but it stepped my hydration game up so much without leaving me feeling greasy or too oily. It is also SO lightweight and the smell reminds me of a really fancy olive oil….which sounds weird in my mind as I am typing this up but I really like fancy, expensive olive oil.

Tenth Item: Maude Vibe – $45 (15% off with Sunday15)

The Vibe was created to simplify sex. Tired of seeing outdates, over-assorted and gendered approach to a human experience?

I believe sexual health is just as important as mental health and physical health. I appreciate that they included something geared more towards sexual health in this box for the theme of ‘love’. I also think this particular vibe can be used anywhere on the body, for any gender. The silicone is so soft and I appreciate that this isn’t a typical vibe shape – it is more tasteful and artistic. The pouch is super cute and I love that it is rechargeable! Plus, there is a travel lock which seems handy. Also to note, you can use this while charging.

As far as vibrations go, it has 3 settings that drastically increase in strength. The vibration isn’t too buzzy which is a really nice feature! The vibration is almost exclusively concentrated in the upper third of the vibe which is unfortunate because it seems to pinpoint the vibration meaning that more delicate, sensitive areas might experience too much of a stimulation overload. However, if you are using this over less sensitive area like shoulder blades or things of that nature, this really would help you get to a specific spot.

Final Thoughts

Here is the final lineup! Overall, I really think this box is great. I love the variety of items in here and the value is definitely there. I do have some issues though.

  1. Why the hell did they not include their own products as full-sized?
  2. Who in the hell would pay $100 for that robe? Put the money into the other products. Sheesh.
  3. Why would they send a paper that represents a product and not the actual product?
  4. I really have a problem with the fact that this is just so female centered. Yes, I am sure that most subscribers are female. Yes, every product can be used with any gender. The issue is that there are two products that are specially geared toward women – specially the ‘v’ for which the products are actually tastelessly named. That’s just such a stupid marketing strategy since the world seems to be moving in a more gender neutral way. I am not trying to be political or anything, but I do think that they should have made this box that appeals to any gender because skincare, self-love, and embracing your own sexuality should be all-inclusive. Also, that exfoliant is just freaking weird.

I’d love to know what you guys think! Am I over-analyzing this too much? I probably am. Maybe it was the fact they didn’t put their own products full-sized and it made me cranky.

As always, thank you so so much for reading! Til next time!

I Have the Worst Luck – Glossybox March 2019

There is something about living in Alaska that makes you get everything super late. Take for instance my March 2019….I may have signed up for this super late but it just came today (April 10). I hope you guys haven’t seen too many of these, but if you have, you still might enjoy me being awkward – that’s a treat in itself if you ask me!

Let me go ahead and get into this!

First off, this box is everything. It is so nice and sturdy and I feel like I cannot throw this away. I am going to use this for anything and everything I can cram into it.

The inside is very pretty as well!

There is this random wine card in the box that I won’t be using so whoever wants to use it – go for it!

First Item: Nuria Rescue Rebalancing Cleanser – $26

Designed to relieve and rebalance acne-prone skin, this multi-tasking cleanser uses the gentle astringency of Mandarin Orange extract. Rice water, which is rich in vitamin B and C, is used to promote daily skin firmness. Its the perfect every day, acne or no acne saver that properly maintains and cleanses the skin.

This is a nice, big facial cleaner. There is nothing more exciting than full size products! The wash itself is nice enough – it has a nice bubbly effect on my skin and got rid of the excess oil and makeup. I didn’t notice much of a scent which is great since I cannot stand most scented facial products. I noticed a little bit of drying after using this but I loaded up my face with serum and moisturizer.

Second Item: Manna Kadar Beauty Bloom Volumizing Mascara – $29

A cutting-edge wand captures mascara between each individual groove of the ultra-dense fiber bristles of the Manna Kadar Bloom mascara to give you the fullest, sexiest lashes imaginable.

Holy cow, this packaging is GORGEOUS! I can’t say that I have seen anything shaped like this. The wand is also a strange shape (check out my video to see) so I am not sure how I feel about that.

I was going to add a picture in here but holy hell, my eyebrows are out of control and the dark circles under my eyes are in full force. ANYWAYS, this definitely added some length to my lashes. This didn’t really give me any real volume which is disappointing because I can spend a lot less at Target and get a lot more. The wand is weird as well – let me show you the picture from their site!

Isn’t that strange looking?! It is like a balding little mascara wand BUT it definitely gets to my lashes really well.

Third Item: DWTN PARIS Eau De Teint Highlighter – $25

This lightly powdered cream highlighter offers a texture for easy application and lustrous finish. Extracted benefits from botanicals like the white horehound plats help protect against pollution and the harmful effects of light from scenes. A highlight should always be healthy.

Here is a swatch:

It has a nice bronze shimmer. I just don’t know how I feel about liquid highlight. It definitely brings out my little hand hairs…..which makes me feel like it might bring out the peach fuzz on my face. Don’t worry, I didn’t notice that happening! But, this is not a blinding highlighter by any means. It almost blends into my skin and just barely sparkles. I prefer something much more bold.

Fourth Item: Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask (Sample Size) – $14 (according to the brochure)

Female founded brand Briogeo, brought to you by Nancy Twine, introduces an ingredient conscious brand for all your hair needs. Included in its haircare line is their leave-in hair repair mask that strengthens and conditions. Safe to use for all types o treated hair, it uses a unique micro-encapsulated formula of organ oil which helps restore the hair cuticle. The end result is consistent and manageable hair made with ingredients that are vegan, clean, and cruelty-free.

I. LOVE. THIS. PRODUCT. Like seriously. The smell, the way it makes my hair feel, hell even the packaging. I want to use this in my hair every single day for the rest of forever. It has almost an herbal smell which I am obsessed with. I feel like I want to tell people to smell my hair because I want everyone to experience it. Also, it makes my hair even more silky than I ever imagined it could be. Doesn’t that sound lovely??

Fifth Item: Yensa Tone Up Primer Essential Glow (Sample size) – $15 (according to the brochure) while the full size of 30ml is $35

By infusing super powered-ingredients, this lightweight primer helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It has a satin sheen finish that gives the skin a radiant look and feel. While minimizing the appearance of pores, it also evens skin texture for a flawless appearance.

This is more creamy than most of my other primers – like a lotion. It makes my skin feel smooth and I feel like I noticed some color correction in areas where my face was a little red. I didn’t notice any real change in my pores (I’m starting to give up hope) but it makes a nice enough canvas for adding on my makeup.

Final Thoughts

Here is the final lineup. It looks like there was 3 full sized products and 2 travel sized products. The total value of the box is $109.

If you compare this to BoxyCharm which is the same price and promises over $100 in value as well, then it’s a little frustrating to get some sample products. If you want a mix of skincare, haircare, makeup then this would offset that because BoxyCharm is mostly makeup. I guess it’s a little like comparing apples to oranges, but if we are strictly speaking the size of items for the price, then there should be all full size products.

That being said, I still really love this box. I signed up for a 3 month subscription so I am excited to see what the next months hold. I personally don’t 100% mind that there is a mix of full size and larger samples in this box BUT it might annoy me depending on the quality of the upcoming boxes.

As always, thanks for reading. Til next time!

I May Have Gone Crazy

So I had this weird TREAT YOSELF moment where I bought everything in Sephora I have been wanting. After I received everything, I realized I must have been in a huge skin care mood because I bought a lot of skincare. I also purchase two palettes I needed in my life.

This is my buyer’s remorse therapy.

Let’s dive in!

Dr. Jart Rubber Mask

I bought this for no other reason than it looked weird as hell. I can’t say I have ever used a rubber mask before but it sounds intriguing. I am going to save this one for a bit because it requires 30-45 minutes and I rarely have that kind of time. I did want y’all to see it’s packaging though since it is what made me purchase it. You actually have two components to the mask – the rubber mask and then the little pot of product you put on your face and put the mask on top. It got great reviews and I am excited to see if I look like a baby after this with my new youthful, rejuvenated skin.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

I loved this when it came in the jan 2019 Boxycharm I believe. It makes your skin feel so refreshed and moisturized. The smell is divine and instantly improves the feel of your skin. They are just so expensive! I bought a 4-pack since I love them so much and cannot wait to use them….although I will be devastated when they are gone.

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

This is simply divine. The most shocking part about this is that you use such small amount of product and it covers your entire face – literally you use a pearl size amount of the product. This seriously has so much hydration that you legit get the most beautiful dewy effect you can dream of. I am in love with everything about this product from the packaging, the insert that comes on this really beautiful paper, to the way it makes my skin feel. The only thing is that this is a very expensive cream…but that’s just Tatcha. I really feel like you are getting what you pay for in this.

I mean look at this cute little gold spatula you get to use to put the product on. Isn’t that motivation enough to buy this?!

Clinique Moisture Surge

I actually got a sample of this from Sephora Play and really loved it. I guess it was a bad idea since I literally just purchased the Tatcha cream, but hey, I can have really nice skin now. The thing I love about this is that it almost feels silicone based which makes your skin feel velvety smooth. I can 100000% say that it really does make your skin feel super hydrated for a decent amount of time. I can’t vouch for 72 hours because I wash my face/do my skincare routine twice a day, but I loved it enough to buy a full size product at full price. That’s saying something.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich

I bought this because I had said a million times that I suffer from severe dark circles. The reviews on Sephora said that it helped other people with their dark circles so hopefully it’ll help mine too!

SK-II Sheet Mask

I’ve heard this brand is a great skincare brand, but I have never tried anything from them and now is my chance. This is SOAKED in product and smells delightful. Is there anything more relaxing than putting a soaking wet sheet mask on your face knowing you’re about to look beautiful? No. There is nothing better. This mask is heaven. It might tie with my Tatcha ones. I actually think I noticed a little bit of a tightening effect from this too which I actually enjoy – give me a nice face lift in a mask and I will be eternally grateful. Everyone should try this mask out! The quality cannot be stated enough in this blog. You seriously just need to put one on your face!

GlamGlow Lace Sheet Mask

Again, I purchased this because I liked how it looked. Is there anything more glamorous than your face being covered in lace? Maybe your face being covered in gold. Anyways, this has hyaluronic acid, green tea, and caffeine. That sounds like a lovely combination for my face – Lord knows I can use an extra boost of caffeine from any source.

This mask is a little annoying for a sheet mask. It comes in two separate parts – an upper eye mask and a lower mouth mask. The lower part kept sliding down my face as I wore it unless I was lying down…..which prevents me from watching Grey’s Anatomy. It was very saturated with product, smells very nice and fresh (I think it might be the green tea). This made my skin feel hydrated but not energized like they claim. Am I mad about it? No. Is this a game changer for me? No, but I am happy to try it out. I just don’t dig the two separate parts.

Next we will get into some makeup I purchased!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

I have been watching this ever since I saw the ads for the launch. I really just wanted this for the blue shade but when I opened and swatched, I fell in love with every shade! No joke, it’s stunning.

I love the texture out the outer packing. I always have such an internal struggle about if I want to keep the box it came in as well, but I have to be an adult and get over it.

Here is the top row from left to right. Can you believe the pigment in these swatches?!?! I AM OBSESSED!

Bottom row from left to right. I still cannot believe the pigment in the matte shades as well.

Let me see if I can throw together a look for y’all!

I really wanted to use the blue shade in this palette but I didn’t want it to be too extravagant! I looked up a tutorial on YouTube and found Makeup by Serena Cleary. OH MY GOD SHES AMAZING!!!

I used the shades: palm (crease), coastline (crease and lid), sails (inner corner), yacht (center of lid), seychelles (bottom lash line).

Ok, this looks nothing like her look BUT I tried! I suck at makeup anyways. I could have probably used more pigment in the lower lashes but I didn’t want it to be too in your face with color. This is a very day to day look I would wear!

And now, on to my next insane purchase.

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

I have been looking at this palette for quite a while. I love nude shades and the shimmer shades I have seen swatched in this are to die for. Let’s open her up!

Is there anything more glamorous than this packaging? Maybe my face after I put every shade on it.

You guys. The protector is beautiful too!

Can we all just soak this in for a second? I think I might be in love. This might be me in a palette. Classy, glitzy but not too crazy, neutral but glamourous. This is me.

Let’s swatch these!

Here is the top row from left to right. I did two views of this so you can see the dimension and depth of these shades.

Again, the top row with full light.

Middle row from left to right in full light.

Middle row from left to right in more shaded lighting.

Bottom row from left to right in full light. The top shade is actually a concealer (aptly named ‘Concealed’) which is a nice touch to add into palette.

Bottom row from left to right in more shaded lighting.

Let me see if I can throw something on my eyes for y’all.

I think it’s pretty enough and there are so many options for looks in this palette. The pigments are so beautiful and blend like a dream.

And here are the samples I chose for my purchase. I redeemed a lot of points because YOLO.

These are some strong scented things! The Aerin perfume sample is amazingly floral…but I also felt like an old woman wearing it. The Biossance smells like an old ash tray….

So, there it is. My very large (expensive) purchase from Sephora. I don’t know what got into me. I should have probably thought about the amount of facial creams and eye creams I have, but whatever, I need to look beautiful forever.