I’M BACK with a New Box! Top Knot Tribe Box Summer 2019

Hey you guys! What’s up and welcome back. I took some time off because honestly I was a little drained from how many giveaways and socialization I was doing. I am VERY introverted…although I try to push my social boundaries because YOLO….and sometimes it can be VERY draining. But I am back and I am excited to share a new box with you guys. I haven’t seen many unboxings or reviews so I am excited to share what’s inside.

This is the Top Knot Tribe Box which I found on CrateJoy and is a seasonal box which starts at $45. I love seasonal boxes because they are usually jam packed full of goodies and sometimes getting things monthly can be overwhelming. I also uploaded the actual unboxing on my YouTube channel if you want to check that out as well!

Let’s dive into these goodies!!! Also, thank you guys so much for coming back. It truly means so so much to me.

I absolutely love the way this box looks…it might also be the reason I chose this box. This box promises home items. jewelry, beauty, and more. They also partner with businesses owned by women which I think is great BUT I will admit that is not the reason I ordered. I just really like these type of lifestyle boxes.

We have a couple info cards which outline a little bit about why these products were chosen AND a little bit about the women behind each business.

You open the box up and you can see just how full it is!

Item One: Makeup Bag

I think this is such a cute design for a makeup bag (or whatever bag). It is printed on what feels like a woven plastic textured bag which seems easy to clean. Although I list this as a makeup bag, I really love to use these bags for random things like feminine products, or diapers, or whatever else I can find. I definitely love the summer beach print on this bag. It makes me wish I lived near a sunny beach!

Item Two: Soap or Jewelry Tray

I absolutely love having these around the house. I am the worst about taking off my earrings or rings and just putting them down. I also love that this matches the cute bag listed above – there is nothing that gets you in the summer mood more than beach vibes!

Item Three: Raspberry Lime Shower Frosting

I have never heard of ‘shower frosting’ but it sounds freaking fabulous.

I love the way it looks with the little flecks of color throughout. It kind of makes me think of a fruity smoothie! When I used this, it was SO FLUFFY! I absolutely loved the texture – fluffy with little exfoliation beads. It was such a great texture to use in the shower…and if I am honest, I feel like it would have been great to eat too….BUT back to the shower, it made my skin feel nice and hydrated with a pleasant exfoliation texture too. I was not a huge fan of the scent but if there was a different scent, I would absolutely buy this again.

Item Four: Wooden Sign

It says that this is included in the box as a gift you can give to your mother. Since my mother lives across the country, I am afraid that the shipping cost would be more than the sign is worth BUT I love that they included something like this to gift to someone. As someone who gets a lot of subscription boxes, it can feel like you are overindulging in spoiling yourself so it is nice to give back sometimes.

Item Five: Rustic Sign

I absolutely love these types of signs – wood with canvas is right up my alley. I think the quote on there is great to have around the house because let’s be real, sometimes life can get in the way of seeing the big picture or having an optimistic outlook. This will look great in my house!

Item Six: Top Five Sticky Notes

I am very much someone who writes notes all over the house. I have planners and notes on my phone and all kinds of things to remind me of what I was thinking. My parents were always making lists of things they wanted to achieve for the day because they loved to check them off as completed…I have of course picked up this habit because I feel like the only way I can feel like I have done anything is actually seeing it marked off my list. This is a super cute addition and something I will get a lot of use out of.

Item Seven: Daily Journal

At first, I wasn’t too excited about it. I like journals but I feel like I forget to use them. After I opened this up though, I was SO EXCITED!

When you open this, it has quotes to start off your day and has lists to help you focus on what you want to get out of each day. So many times I find myself getting caught up in silly things that in the big picture won’t matter. This will help me start off each day on a positive note. There are various ‘acts of kindness’ placed in the book as well which I think is a great addition.

Here is a back summary in case you are interested too!

Item Eight and Nine: Soap Bar and Chapstick

I am so excited about this soap bar. If you have read any of my other bath product reviews, you’ll see that I get a lot of soap bars. I love that this one is scented like a margarita (and let me tell you that it DOES smell like a nice salted marg) and I love that this has gentle exfoliation in it. It is coming into fake tan season for me so I need my skin nice and exfoliated. I am not using this right now since I have like a million bars of soap open, but when I do use this, I will absolutely let y’all know how it is!

The chapstick is absolutely fantastic! It has a silky texture that makes your lips feel so hydrated and protected. I love that the ingredients aren’t anything I can’t pronounce or haven’t seen before and it has a fabulous peppermint taste – reminiscent of Burt’s Bees. I definitely will use this whole thing…..if the soap is amazing too, I will definitely purchase from this shop again!

I love how they put business cards in the box too. There have been multiple times where I have tried to find a shop on Etsy and had some difficulty so this will be great to use if I want to re-purchase anything.


Overall, I think this is a great box! I wish there was retail prices listed but I love each product. Each item is something I can use for my well-being and making my house a happy space. I think I will go ahead and get another box because some of the other pictures they have from past boxes look lovely!

What do you guys think? Think it’s worth $50? I would absolutely love to hear from you guys.

Thanks so much for coming back and reading with me. I hope you guys have a lovely day – til next time!