FabFitFun Summer 2019 Add-Ons and Mystery Bundles!

I am very much the type of person that buys crap ton of stuff when my mood isn’t so great…..enter FabFitFun add-on sale. I think the combination of wanting new skincare products and feeling kind of crappy led me to my INSANE purchase that I will be sharing today.

I actually think the add-ons and the edit sales are my favorite thing about FabFitFub. I do love their boxes a ton but the access to these sales makes it even more worth my while. As an annual subscriber, I also get early access to the products which is super handy because a lot of them sell out……but actually, if you didn’t know, you can just favorite and item that you want that may have sold out and then check your ‘favorites’ section because more often than not, the item restocks. Sometimes I spend a lot of time refreshing my favorites page if I REALLY want a particular item.

In this case, I bought all of the mystery bundles that FFF had to offer because this was the first time I had seen them offer curated bundles. Normally, it’s just a bundle and you have LITERALLY no idea what is coming in them. This time, they offered 4: Fashionista, Beauty Guru, Fitness Fanatic, Jet Setter. I also got a normal one just for comparison.

Let’s dive in! Check out my unboxing video if you’d like some extra first impression commentary.

Let me first show you some of the items that I got that were not the mystery bundles. These were items I just had to have….because YOLO.

Freaking stunning oversized aviators by Quay. I love the color of these and I think they are the perfect addition to my summer!

The best body scrub and bath bombs I have ever used! Seriously, if I could have purchased more I absolutely would have BUT you can only buy 3 of any item.

Mystery Bundle for the Jet Setter

  1. Snuggie Travel Blanket/Pillow:
    • I absolutely love that this is included in this bundle. I am traveling soon and I often wish I had a pillow BUT I am too cheap to buy one itself. Now I have a double whammy pillow/blanket combo.
  2. JetSet & Go Travel Pouch:
    • This is such a cute summery print. Since my little man will be accompanying me, I will certainly have a bunch of crap to tote around and this will be a great way to organize.
  3. Ahava Body Lotion (3):
    • My skin definitely gets super dry and I love that there is a set of 3 in this bundle. This makes transporting my lotion simple and I think this might even be a good size to carry on the plane!

I think overall this is a great little travel bundle. Everything seems ‘in style/current’ and I think it fits in the curation really well. I will get use out of each product.

Mystery Bundle for the Beauty Guru

  1. Mother Dirt Cleanser for Face and Body:
    • I am started to get overwhelmed with washes! I normally wouldn’t reach for something that can be used on my face AND body so I will probably just use this for my body – my face tends to be pretty sensitive. I am definitely excited this is included but it might be a bit before I use it!
  2. Ahava Mineral Mud Mask:
    • This is such a weird mud mask. When you put it on, it has an iridescent green color to it which is out of the norm for a mud mask. It was nice enough on my skin but I didn’t notice any real difference that it is supposed to accomplish, specifically brightness or hydration. It didn’t dry out my skin but I didn’t really notice it did anything to my face.
  3. Marrakesh Argan Oil:
    • Again, this is something that I have somehow began piling up. I have seen this used as hair oils but since my hair is easily weighed down, I definitely wont be using this for that. It says it can be used for body/face so that might be a nice addition for some boosted hydration..although I don’t usually use oils on either!

Overall, I think this is a good box for a beauty guru. I hope that each product will be good for my sensitive skin but in general, if you want to try out some skincare products, this might be a decent bundle. I wish it included makeup BUT skincare is important too.

Mystery Bundle for the Fitness Fanatic

  1. Skinvolve Body Cream:
    • I guess this is ‘fitness’ because it has the word karate in it. It boasts caffeine for extra energy and toning. It is always nice to have some extra skin hydration after a nice shower after you’ve had a good workout.
  2. Athleisure Clothes Wash:
    • This states that it handles odors in clothes. Again, I guess this is good after a nice ol sweaty workout.
  3. Easy Soothing Facial Mist:
    • Ugh. This is just frustrating. A skin mist is not what I think of when I think of fitness. It sounds nice but I don’t know how this will boost my fitness game.

I’ll be real. I think this bundle sucks. I have gotten a random mystery bundle that was more geared towards FITNESS than this – it included resistance bands, roll on muscle oil for sore muscles, and a tote I think. This has nothing that screams fitness to me. What do y’all think?

Mystery Bundle for the Fashionista

  1. Summer & Rose Earrings:
    • These are cute gold dangle earrings which I think I can pair with almost anything in my wardrobe….the only thing I don’t like about them is that they have some weird color discoloration on the flat circular coin part of the earring. I’m not sure what metal they are actually made of BUT they are cute regardless.
  2. Scarf:
    • I am annoyed this is included. One thing I wish FFF did is stayed current with the seasons. Like I have so many freaking scarves and this is so thick that I definitely can’t use it until fall or winter. It’s good but it’s nothing special.
  3. Sunglasses:
    • These are freaking hideous on my face. I hate the shape…but they seem like nice enough quality. I just won’t wear them. Ever.

I hate this bundle and I don’t think it is very fashion forward. I don’t really have anything good to say about it unfortunately.


These are the items that I also purchased outside of the mystery bundles. I am absolutely in love with the tanning products – they have such a natural looking tan coloration and the foam formula is great when I applied it with the mit that came with each. I highly recommend. The Kate Somerville cleanser is amazing of course! And I have never had anything from Beauty Blender before so this will be great to use!

Final Thoughts

Here is a pic of the final lineup. You might notice that there is an unwrapped mystery bundle…..because it was a repeat of my last mystery bundle haul. I feel like it was a fun experience to see the curated bundles but honestly, I don’t think they were anything special. I much prefer the things I purchased aside from that.

I think the add-on sales and edit sales are definitely worth having the FabFitFun subscription in general. The discounts are always amazing and there are amazing brands on there every freaking time. It always gets me in trouble.

Did you guys get anything? Are you interested in a FabFitFun subscription? I have a referral link ($10 off) AND I have 5 starter boxes which are always freaking amazing – all you do is pay for the shipping and then you can cancel if you don’t want the actual subscription (the shipping is like $5 and gives you about $75 in products I believe). Just let me know down below!

As always, thanks so so much for reading! I truly appreciate it. Til next time!

A HUGE Mystery Box

Alright you guys I have to admit something – I LOVE TO BUY THINGS (as if you couldn’t have already guessed). I have done a review of Bombay & Cedar before and I actually like them for the most part. As with any box, some things aren’t going to be for everyone and I am totally cool with that BUT I saw they were having a mystery box sale and I had to have it!!

I ended up cancelling my subscription with them just because I wanted to move some money around and get some new things. That being said, I purchased their LARGEST mystery box to make up for my sadness of cancelling. This was $74.95 and promised $250 worth of goodies.

Like with my Glamour Jewelry Box, I am going to go ahead and unbox this so y’all can see what’s up!

Let’s dive in!

This box is full of so many goodies!!! Can y’all believe this?!

Item One: Kelvin Tools Everyday Multi-Tool – $19.99

So. I can’t say that this is at the top of my list for anything I would want BUT it is practical. Surprisingly, there have been numerous times where I have needed a hammer or level or screw driver. This is where this little tool thing comes into play! This has like a million screwdriver attachment heads inside of a flip open area, a hammer head, a level, and a flashlight. It’s everything you need in one tool. I guess that’s cool, right? **DUD**

Item Two: Doc Spartan Man Scrub – $14.99

Well I’m not a man, so…..I’m not going to try this out 😂 **DUD**

Item Three: Ello Devon 20oz Glass Tumbler – $12.99

I love water bottles. This one is different than others I have because it’s a glass combo with a straw! That’s a cool feature. It seems high quality and is very pretty!

Item Four: Marrakesh Kahm Smoothing Treatment – $20.99

This is actually something I got in a previous box from Bombay and Cedar so I’m not too thrilled to see it again. That being said, it’s a nice hair treatment. It’s light weight and lightly scented. It also seems to have a decent effect on my frizz so that’s nice too. Since it’s a repeat of something I’ve gotten before, I’m going to consider this a **DUD**

Item Five: True Clutch True2Go Handle – $4.98

This is cool I guess – I can’t say I have anything like it. I’m always clipping stuff to my diaper bag and I think I have a nice water bottle that’ll fit this……if I didn’t have a diaper bag, I’m not sure this would be useful though.

Item Six: O.R.G. Oxygen Cleanser (Deluxe Travel Size) – $5.00

This is actually a great cleanser. I got a full size from a mystery bundle from FabFitFun and I love it. The little bubbles this makes really feels like it’s cleaning your face.

It’s so tiny! I’ve got a big face so this is like one and done.

Item Seven: Herb and Orchard Ready-Made Water Infusion – $8.99

This is a cute idea for flavoring water. I have to say I don’t actually like to drink flavored water so this is wasted on me, but if you’re the type that does then this would be a nice thing to get I guess! Lemon and mint sounds very refreshing.

Item Eight: Clayer Muscle & Joint Pain Relief – $15.99

This thing throws me for a loop! I guess it’s like a clay mask for your sore muscles. It’s a cool concept I supposed but I don’t know how clay would benefit you more than something like a gel. Maybe it refreshed your skin too? *DUD*

Item Nine: Beanfields Pico De Gallo Bean Chips – $3.19

I hate beans. Like no part of this sounds appealing to me and the thought of eating this makes me have serious flash backs to how sick bean scent would make me when I was pregnant. **DUD**

Item Ten: Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous by Esther Blum – $17.45

Another repeat for me. This book is super informational if you want natural remedies for things like bone health, sinus infections, lady issues. I don’t mind getting this at all but I don’t need two copies. **DUD**

Item Eleven: The Legend of Me by Alexis Lampley – $4.00

You guys. Why would anyone want this? I’ll be honest, my past is not something I want to write down in pages for Lord knows who to read (I’m adopted from white trash people in Tennessee) but like even if I didn’t have that whole back story, why the hell would I want this? I’m not ten. I might keep it as like a cute keepsake to fill out for my kiddo but when he’s older he probably will be like ‘mom, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?’. **DUD**

Item Twelve: Essential Oils Storage Bag – $unknown

This is actually cute and super practical. I have gained a cute little stash of essential oils from Target (cue the essential oil brand snobs who judge for not having the nice ones) and I literally have been throwing then into random places. Now I will have a cute little organizer!

See! It’s super cute!

Item Thirteen: Kitsch Palm Print Microfiber Hair Towel – $23.00

This actually works really well. It’s easy to use and surprisingly absorbent! This will hands down be my new hair towel. The only thing that I find a little strange is the color – it looks pretty with the palms but the background looks like it was washed with a red piece of clothing and the dye bled. But no one is going to see me using it anyways so no biggie.

Item Fourteen: LM Organics No. 12 Oatmeal Colloidal Bath Soak – $24.00

Lord. You guys. Don’t use this unless you have: A) a decent sized tea bag or something similar -OR- B) Drain-o. No joke. This clogs up your tub for real. Maybe I’m stupid for just throwing it in the tub (that’s a real possibility) but this took me two value sized jugs of Drain-o. **DUD**

Items Fifteen and Sixteen: They Have No Prices Listed…

MY FAVORITE THING!! I seriously wish Bombay and Cedar just had an essential oil subscription! These smell so fresh and uplifting. The comfort has lavender notes while the cleanse has lemony notes. Definitely my two favorite scents right there!

Item Seventeen: Elly Preston Necklace – $This is Getting Annoying but I found it Here for $10

This is a long ass necklace. It’s kind of a bronze finish with pretty purple stones and a feather detail. It looks nice and sturdy and pretty simple.

Item Eighteen: I have no idea what the hell this is – $?????

Y’all. I don’t even know how to review this because I’m so lost. I tried to look it up but what do you even type in?!?! It’s a scoop….I think…for Lord knows what. So. Yeah. **DUD**

Item Nineteen: Airomé Medium Diffuser – $35 (maybe)

I love this too! This diffuser has such beautiful lights and 2 modes for the mists which is cool because I don’t have one like that. It’s super simple to operate and comes with its own little plastic measuring cup to pour water in!

Item Twenty: Blingsting First Aid Clutch – $24.99

Now this is something I will definitely use. It’s such a pretty take on a first-aid kit. I want to buy a million of these and always be fashionable. It has a pretty rose gold metallic case and a good amount of supplies in there! Love it!

So there is the final lineup! Out of 20 items, 9 things were duds in my opinion – either because I already have it or I have no use for it. Determining the value of this box is difficult for two main reasons: I couldn’t find the price and there was no supplemental info to tell me. What I could find added up to about $246 which doesn’t include like 5 products or so SO technically the value is there….. but it’s not the best unboxing I’ve ever had.

Anyways, we will keep seeing what else I can find for things to review! Thanks for reading 💙

Til next time!

FabFitFun PLUS Mystery Boxes

I may have gotten carried away buying things lately….. specifically, I saw the add-ons that FabFitFun was having and I lost it. I saw so many good deals and I had literally no self-control. It’s embarrassing how much stuff I’ve purchased. Let me just show you how my box came!

This is a big ass box y’all. Like it’s FULL of stuff. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of stuff I put in my cart to checkout but ended up not purchasing. It was seriously an all day, every day thing. I may have a problem.

First though, I want to show yall the actual box for Spring 2019. I was so excited about this box and how much customization there was. Since I am an annual member, I got a few more options of what I wanted to choose but let’s be real here, I ended up selecting some of the other options as add-ons.

The color of this box and print is so festive! I just love it. When I lived in New Mexico for a bit, I hated the desert……..but seeing desert elements on this box makes me remember that while I hated the desert, I was always in love with the cacti and surprising amount of flowers that could survive there.

Let’s open it up!

This is the magazine and info booklet all in one. I love that they have this as part of their box – is makes it feel just more than descriptions about the items. It’s really more of a lifestyle AND information reference.

There’s so much stuff!! I’m happy that every little section of this box is full of things I can use! I really feel like I’m getting the most bang for my money.

First Item: Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion – $19

You guys. This smells AMAZING! This seriously might be my favorite lotion right now. It’s so thick and creamy, plus the smell is like citrus-y and refreshing. This made my skin feel so velvety, smooth with the sensation of nice supple hydrated skin when you touch it. Oh my gosh. I seriously might need to check this brand out more.

Second Item: Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye Gel – $42

I’m glad I got eye care stuff because I desperately need it. My dark circles are no joke. This has kind of a deep, blood orange tint to it which really helps with the color correction for my dark circles – I could almost immediately tell a difference. It absorbed nicely but did make my under eye area look cakey and weird after putting makeup on. I might have to just use this at night or play around with it more, but overall I’m actually really impressed with this!

Third Item: Ouai Leave-In Conditioner – $26

I have been running out of my other leave in conditioner spray so I am happy that this was in my box! Again, the smell is so incredible I had to physically stop myself from spraying too much in my hair. I’ve never used this brand before but I’ve heard it’s one of the better brands for haircare. It made my hair feel silky smooth and didn’t weigh it down or add any noticeable oily texture. I very much enjoy this and will be using it every day no doubt!

Fourth Item: Daily Concepts Detox Brush – $18

I have mixed feelings about this. On the front, it says to use dry…..y’all. When I used this dry I seriously was contemplated why the hell anyone would use this dry. It felt like taking sandpaper against my poor skin. Like I know it’s supposed to exfoliate – there’s no question this absolute does that – but I am certainly never using this again on my dry skin!

Fifth Item: S’well Sip Water Bottle – $20

I love water bottles!! This is such a cute design. There’s really not much to say about this because it’s your typical stainless steel bottle BUT it’s super cute!

Sixth Item: Deux Lux Demi Backpack – $75

This was a bit more thin and flimsy that I was anticipating. I like that it’s lightweight because sometimes I want to carry a bag that isn’t too bulky but the straps definitely don’t seem sturdy enough for much weight. I love the color combination and that it’s canvas and not just the new ‘vegan leather’ fad that every subscription box is into right now.

Seventh Item: Relax Champagne and Charcoal Scrub – $35

So I love bath products and exfoliating scrubs. This one smells divine and will be a great addition to my shower/skincare routine. I haven’t used it yet but I’m very excited to!

Eighth Item: Quay Australia Sunglasses – $60

I love aviators!!! They are pretty much the only type of sunglasses that I wear. These seem such good quality!! I usually go for brown sunglasses but I’m really happy these are a little outside of my comfort zone. The frames are nice and sturdy but not too thick to wear they look ridiculous. They feel super comfy on my face as well. I love them!!!

Overall, I love this box. I really feel like I get a huge return on what I pay for the box. The total came out to $295, almost $100 above what the box promises. Every item is something I can see myself using on a routine basis. I honestly can’t say which product I’m most excited about but I think it’s between the sunglasses, conditioner, body lotion, and eye gel. That’s a pretty good thing if you can’t decide which item you like the most.

If you’re interested in signing up for FabFitFun to see what kinds of goodies you can get, feel free to use my referral link to get $10 off your first box!

But let’s dive into the extra goodies I’ve purchased separate from the box!

Let me start off with a product that was “free” if you spent $15 or more in add-ons.

Have you ever had your armpits sting? I don’t know what the hell was in this that made my armpits feel like they were being bitten by a million tiny creatures but holy hell this was awful!! I’m glad this was a free product because I absolutely hated it. Like seriously, I must have had some weird reaction to something because no joke, it was the strangest stinging pain I’ve ever felt in my armpit before. That’s a weird place to experience pain so I will be tossing this….

On to my other (actual) purchases!

If you have read any of my other posts, I talk about how I have serious dark circles under my eyes. Maybe it’s a result of having a new baby but I’m telling you, I look wrecked. I haven’t heard of this brand or read any reviews of this BUT it said it’s supposed to help lessen dark circles. The packing is gorgeous (if not totally unnecessary)!

This is one of the things I was super excited to see listed for a discount. I love Spongellé sponges so much! I wanted to use these for Christmas gifts or possibly for myself. I haven’t decided yet! I tried to check my invoice for what I actually paid for each item, but I want to say I got almost a 50% discount.

I purchased this additionally to add to my box because I go hiking A LOT. We just got stationed in Alaska a few months ago and already I’ve started bucket lists of hikes to go on. This will help have a cute little picnic when we are out!

If you read my Bombay and Cedar post, I mentioned that I dabble with essential oils mostly to freshen my house. I love that this diffuser is so pretty and has color changing lights SO I added it for $10 to my box. What can I say. It was a steal!

This was another steal through FFF. I love luxie brushes and I definitely wanted to get a set for someone for Christmas and to just have another for me if I ever wanted to use it. These were $29 each………I was in shock. I was going to buy 3 because I thought it was such an amazing deal but it sold out too fast!

Let me go ahead and show you the mystery bundles I got! I got two just to see what the different items might be. I purchased these for $29 each and I believe they promise over $100 in value. Let’s see!

First Item: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refining Cream – approx. $60

I couldn’t really find much info about this online. I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or what. I was excited about this because I unfortunately suffer from larger pores near my nose.

This cream has a very strong scent to it – maybe tea tree oil. I put this on at night after cleaning my face with Mamonde Cleanser (from my Allure Beauty Box) and my Sunday Riley Serum (from my TestTube). I really think this cream might be best during the day because I might use it with the No Poreblem Primer I got from my Boxycharm – that way I might have super small pores. From what I can tell though, it did decrease my pore size a bit. I wonder if you use it more long term if it will have a significant effect.

A little of this cream goes a long way which is nice, but I love that this product is full size and I can use a lot if I feel so inclined! I have actually never used this brand before but Ive read good things about it.

Second Item: Klorane Lab Nutri-Reparative Mask with Desert Date- $26

This hair mask is so lovely. I have no idea what a desert date is but let me tell you, if that’s what is making this smell SO good then I’m a fan. This mask made my hair feel really nice after I got out of the shower – it was like silky smooth meets luxurious shine and I’m not exaggerating at all. I paired this with the leave in conditioner spray in the box and my hair was divine.

Third Item: Makeup Drop Micro – $20

I hate silicone applicators. It feels like it wipes around product instead of blending it nicely in. Who the hell would pay $20 for this is beyond me but I thought why not, let’s give this stupid little thing a try. Let me go ahead and tell you…….

I still hate it.

Fourth Item: My Tagalongs 3 Resistance Bands – $18

Listen, I’ve been trying to get myself into shape. Like the real shape where you go back to your high school weight and look beautiful and sporty. Granted that was a decade ago and Lord knows it’ll probably take me that long to get back there BUT I was pleasantly surprised to see this in my bundle. I wasn’t going to waltz my ass into a store and look at these resistance bands like I’d even know what I was doing, so I’m happy someone discreetly sent them to me and I can feel obligated to use them. Thanks FFF. Looking out for my inner skinny girl. You’re the real MVP here.

Total of Mystery Bundle: $124

Let’s see the second one!

First Item: Isaac Mizrahi Poncho – $questionable

Y’all. I’m a little annoyed at this product. First off, who wears a poncho in the spring. Second, I saw this advertised on FFF site for $19 even though the say the original retail price is $60……so……like I’m counting this as $19. I’m still really not happy this item is not spring-ish or related in any way. Whatever. That’s part of the mystery.

Does anyone else struggle with knowing how to style ponchos? I literally just end up using them as a shawl type deal when I’m on the couch or feeding the baby. I’m not anywhere near stylish enough to pull this off in public BUT I love to have them at home. This one is comfy and thicker than the other ones I have (maybe reminiscent of a wool type fabric, although I don’t think it is). It’s not my favorite color combination, so I feel like this product is a miss for me. Who knows. Maybe I’ll turn into a fashionista overnight and learn how the hell to wear a poncho.

Second Item: thisworks Perfect Body Muscle Therapy- $33

Like I just mentioned, I’m trying to get this mom-bod back into shape so I’m going to need this. I got a great rollerball in my Bombay and Cedar box but this one smells better in my option. They both work great though!

Third Item: Generation Clay Charcoal Clay Mask – approx. $40

I don’t feel like this was anything special. It was a nice consistency, felt ok on my skin BUT it wasn’t any different than a mask I could pick up for a lot less. So. I don’t have much more to say unfortunately.

The total value for the second mystery bundle is $92….which is less than they promise.

So there it is. The mystery bundles were interesting and gave me a chance to try out new products for a relatively low investment. Mystery bundle one was way better in my opinion but that’s the chance you take when you gamble. I’m just so happy overall with the small fortune I’ve spent. I know it’s a lot to read but I appreciate so much if you took the time to experience this with me!

Til next time!