Penny + Grace – Affordable and Amazing

I don’t know how I found this subscription BUT I am so happy I did. I used this to replace Glamour Jewelry Box because I wasn’t too happy with the overall quality of the last box I got. This is actually more affordable than that box, coming in at $19.98 for three items. You can also choose which type of metal you want: gold, silver, and rose gold OR do a random selection (which is what I did).

It comes in this great outer bag which I love because it makes organization and storage so much easier! It doesn’t look like there is an info card so we are going to wing it.

For some reason, it looks like I got 4 items this month!! I love how the others come in their own individual bag – it makes it so much easier to store.

I hate that I didn’t even notice that tiny little speck of whatever on the bag. Typical

Item One: Passport Necklace

This is SUCH a cute little passport necklace. I love that this has such detail despite being small. The quality is definitely there and it is sooooo beautiful!

Item Two: Airplane Necklace with Mini Bling Details

Next, we have a second stunning necklace. I love that there seems to be a ‘travel’ theme. In this picture, you can also see the little tag at the clasping area of the necklace which has a P+G emblem. I love this little detail and it is on all of their pieces.

Item Three: Compass Bracelet

This also has amazing detail despite being small. It also features an adjustable chain to fit multiple wrist sizes!

Item Four: Bar Bracelet with Bling Detail

This is also similar to the previous bracelet! Just so stunning!

Let me show you the final lineup!

You can see the little emblem tags in this pic as well! Overall, I am STUNNED by the quality of each item and that you get this beautiful set for $20. I also love that there is a theme amongst all of the pieces. Like I said before, you can also choose the metal that you want AND it is so easy to change your choice. I am excited to see what comes next!!

Thanks for reading! Til next time!

So Glamorous and Shiny- Glamour Jewelry Box

This is my second month getting Glamour Jewelry Box sent to me and last month was a home run! I love that you get 3 pieces of jewelry to keep and if you want to check it out, ABBADABBS YouTube channel has great reviews and a promo code ABBY10 for 10% off your purchase.

Let’s dive in! I am going to try something different and unbox this so you can get a real feel for the items instead of just the pictures.

What a beautiful face!

The box is so beautiful with the watercolor background and the white/gold combination. I am not going to lie to you though, this was a pic from last month because my box was beat to hell and back. Seriously, it came taped and looked like it might open itself. No worries though, shipping to Alaska is a difficult and trying affair. Let’s hope the jewelry makes up for it!

My poor little info card is beat up as well, but I love how they have a little bit more of a breakdown on the prices and value. Last month they did not so it is nice to see a little change.

It also comes in this cute little suede feeling light pink drawstring bag.

Let’s see the pieces!!!!

First Item: Classic Silver Earrings – $23

These gorgeous earrings are bound to get compliments. We love this pair for work, the weekend, and everything in between.

These are such a cute design and shape. They have a brushed finish which is a nice change from just typical shiny silver. I can’t say that I own anything like this shape so this will be a great collection to my jewelry collection!

Second Item: Silver Cuff Bracelet – $31

This modern classic cuff provides a subtle and minimal look while giving a touch of flair.

This is right up my alley! I love anything with little rhinestone/diamond accents to them – they add shimmer and shine that really reflects my inner glamorous self. This is such a cute, unique cuff and will look great with dressy clothes or casual clothes. The only issue I have with this is that it is really lightweight, almost like plastic. The cuff itself is really beautiful so I don’t mind, but I am not 100% ever going to pay $31 for this. It pains my heart to admit it, but it feels very cheap even if it’s beautiful.

Third Item: Silver Necklace – $25

This necklace pairs perfectly with a deep v-neck camisole or a casual tee shirt.

This is such a cute layered necklace. I love the contrast of shapes between the interlaced rings and the slightly curved bar. I do have to say the chain is not my favorite though – something about the loops of the actual chain are a little too big and the thinness of the chain makes this thing tangle so easily. I think if I take care to make sure it’s not tangling while I wear it, it will be ok but it will definitely need a little extra attention. Again, this doesn’t really feel like it is a quality piece. I don’t know why but the bright silver paired with the large loops in the chain just screams ‘cheaper quality’ to me.

So here is the final lineup with all 3 pieces! I love how everything compliments each item and you can wear them together or individually. I don’t typically wear silver toned items, but I do like to add a little variety to my collection. I feel like this wasn’t quite the homerun like last month was…this month seemed cheap to me which is unfortunate. I mean you pay over $30 for this so I expect pretty good quality.

I did end up cancelling this because it’s not a huge favorite of mine. I am going to try out a different jewelry subscription and see how it works out and if I will come back to this one.

Til next time!