PopSugar Must Have! Spring 2019

This was a HUGE surprise today – I didn’t even know it was on its way here! I almost prefer it that way because then I don’t know really how long it takes to get all the way up here. I was going to share another box that also came in today but I was so annoyed that it was a Feb box that took a month and a half to get here. I just cannot handle that type of timeline.

Let’s go ahead and open this up!

This booklet seems super nice. It has a good card stock feel to it which makes it seem pricey. There’s a good amount of product info in here but there are also other little tidbits in here too so it makes it feel like it’s another little gift in the box.

First Item: Vooray Burner Gym Duffel, Snow Hex Camo – $49.99

The duffel is the multitasker of gym bags – it’s great for workouts, commuting, or weekend trips. The design includes a separate, ventilated shoe pocket as well as a padded front pocket for your smartphone. Magnetic handles keep all your belongings safely together. The adjustable shoulder straps allow you to customize how to wear the bag. Highly functional and yet so easy to use it will motivate you to get out and go.

I am really excited about this! I love that it has its own little shoe compartment and a phone area. It’s the cutest, portable size that I can actually see carrying around instead of carrying around a big behemoth of a gym bag. I’m glad that they sent this the box instead of just beauty or skincare – it really goes more towards an actual lifestyle box and keeps up with a spring vibe!

Second Item: Missio Hair Styling Cream – $26

Once you get your hands on this product, you’ll carry it with you everywhere. For a frizz-free-blow-dry, this cream will allow you to style your hair effortlessly. Use it to smooth, control frizz, and add volume, thermal protection, and shine to your style. The formula includes an antioxidant-rich fruit extract blend with acai, pomegranate, kiwi, mangosteen, and green tea. It’s the perfect bottle to toss in your gym bag for easy styling on the go.

This product is kind of a miss for me. The scent is really light and pretty which I appreciate since I have gotten a lot of very strongly scented hair items lately. However, this didn’t make my hair feel amazing when it started to dry…it actually made it feel chalky and kind of stuck together. Like dirty hair or something. That being said, it didn’t weigh my hair down or anything but I’m used to having my hair be silky smooth and this product did not make that happen. Maybe using some type of heat is what will make this product work? Who knows. But I am not really a fan.

Third Item: Osea Ocean Cleanser – $44

Put a fresh face forward this Spring with an indulgent and effective cleanser. This organic seaweed cleansing gel gently removes surface impurities and excess oils while maintaining a hydrated, healthy-looking complexion. Lime, cypress, and juniper energize skin to wake you up so you’re ready to take on the day.

I feel like such a weird person to mention the bottle for this cleanser but seriously, I’m obsessed with this bottle. It’s so fancy feeling because it has some weight to it and is glass. Like none of my other facial cleansers come in fancy glass bottles! This is a great product though. It removed my makeup, smelling amazing, and didn’t make my skin feel dried out or anything. It felt like the adult version of my Walmart products. Maybe this will be my Holy Grail facial cleanser!

Fourth Item: Kris Nations Opalescent Moon Necklace – $68

This delicate necklace is perfect layering piece, with a touch of personality. Kris Nations wanted to make a special design that’s unique, dreamy, and beautiful. The moon shape represents gentleness, sensitivity, compassion, and connection with others. Whether you opt for gold or silver, this lovely necklace will be your new go-to.

When I saw this as a spoiler I really was not excited about it. I thought it looked cheap and stupid….but I am not lying when I say that this was actually a lot better that it looked (or may even look from my picture). It is so dainty that I am almost afraid of my son pulling it off my neck on accident, but the length of this necklace is seriously perfect to layer. I hits my neck at a pretty short length so I could layer it with some of the newer necklaces I have recently gotten and also throw in other long necklaces if I feel like it. But the daintiness of this also makes it so pretty to wear alone. The super thin chain almost makes it look like the pretty crescent moon is just floating below my neck – it’s seriously so feminine and pretty!

Fifth Item: Anna New York Vola Lucite Clock – $85

This sleek, modern clock seamlessly works with any style of decor. The lucre base looks great in any office, bedroom, or living room. Etched at the bottom of this clock you’ll see “Your Time is Now” – and we truly believe it is! Seize the day and stay on schedule with this sweet gift to yourself.

This is such a random, pretty thing to include in this box. I honestly don’t ever use analog clocks….I usually always have my phone on me so I don’t have the need for a more furniture/accent clock either. I love how simplistic and stylish this is though. I could easily see it on my bedside table or on an organized desk (which I would never have because I am not organized in the slightest). I ended up putting this in my bathroom…which sounds weird I know….but it actually made my already spa-like bathroom seem more sophisticated and upscale. Plus, Lord knows I need to hurry myself up getting ready sometimes so this might help me keep an eye on my hour long makeup routines.

Sixth Item: Manduka 4-Inch Headband – $4

Keep your hair out of your face with this citation headband that our fitness gurus are obsessed with. The no-slip design means it will stay put without any adjusting throughout the day. Consider this your new favorite accessory.

I’ll be the first to admit I cannot pull off a headband like this. I literally put it on my head and immediately want to take it off because I feel like it accentuates my face in a weird, non-flattering way. I am mainly going to be folding this in half and using it during my skincare routine, but I dig that this goes with the gym-ish vibe that is in this box.

Seventh Item: T3 Smooth Paddle Brush – $35

Treat your tresses to the best brush on the market! Nylon bristles and a cushioned paddle brush body join to detangle and smooth your hair, no matter if it’s wet or dry. The nonslip handle makes sure you have better control while you style your locks. You’ll appreciate that the heat-resistant bristles won’t be easily damaged when used with a blow dryer. This design is a total game changer.

This is a fancy ass hairbrush. I don’t really know how if differs from my other brushes but maybe I will throw it in my fancy ass gym bag and have great hair after working out…..said no one ever.

Eighth Item: Truwomen Daydreaming About Donuts Plant Fueled Protein Bar – $2.79

Do you get an adrenaline rush when you see a “Hot Donuts” light in a store window? Good news – you’ll love this protein bar that’s only 200 calories. Made with pure ingredients like cassava, brown rice, and roasted almonds, this bar is ideal for people on the go. It tastes so good, you’ll forget its not a real doughnut.

I feel like I set my expectations too high. I mean can a healthy food, let alone a freaking protein bar, ACTUALLY capture any bit of what a hot, fluffy, sweet pastry tastes like? You know the flavor I’m talking about: the sweet, melt in your mouth sugary, buttery and grease laden taste which is all combined into this beautiful, light golden brown sphere of endorphin releasing, happiness – this little doughnut that you know you shouldn’t even look at because you’re already gaining weight. Did this “day dreaming about doughnuts” make that dream come true?

No. Actually hell no. Did you hear that? HELL. NO. This was awful. The grit. The taste. The TASTE people. Like. Set yourself up for less flavor by calling it gritty dense wanna be pastry flavor gritty protein grit bar. I would rather go without ever eating sweets again than to ever try to eat this protein bar. Call me dramatic but damn this was plain awful. This also advertises as plant fueled. I’d rather eat the plants than try to mask them with this nasty flavor crap they came up with.

I think these are cute additions to the box. I definitely appreciate free toothpaste and the tea is something I will enjoy while I am reading or typing out blog posts!

So, there it is! The total of the box comes to $314.78 (excluding the little freebies). I think this is way exaggerated because who the hell would pay the retail price for that necklace or tiny clock is beyond me. Overall though, I feel like they have a coherent theme and I loved the items. I think that all the items are useable in one fashion or another and none are really duds besides that nasty ass fake doughnut bar. But hey, I got to try something new that I would never purchase for myself.

Down below, I have included pictures of coupon codes that came in the box that I will not be using. Feel free to use them if there is anything that catches your eye! Thanks for reading.

Til next time!