Tatcha Mini Haul – Worth It?

I don’t know what made me like Tatcha so much – I feel like I may have gotten a couple samples of random things in the past. Today I wanted to give a glimpse into the selection and variety of items they have to offer and if it is worth the money. They have a ‘create your own set’ that I thought would be fun to dive into. Keep in mind that skincare usually takes a while to see real benefits BUT I can give you first impressions because these are expensive items!

I unboxed these items so you can get a sense of scale and how amazing the packaging is – you really can’t always convey that in a picture.

Plus, I like to talk to my computer.

Let’s dive in!

First off, the fact that this is their sealing sticker/tape is amazing. Like I always point out, I am a sucker for great packaging. This detail just makes it feel more luxurious than a regular package.

This is the first glimpse into the box and holy heck I might cry because it’s so beautiful!!!!

Y’all, this is the packing slip cover. High. Class.

And a hand-written note?!?! I love a personal touch like this.

First Item: Luminous Deep Hydration Eye Mask

A hydrating sheet mask for the eye area enriched with the nourishing powers of Okinawa red algae and peony extract.

The inside is just as beautiful. There are two sizes available on their site (one includes 4 masks) but I thought this might be a fun thing to try out.

This eye mask ($12) is so different than the other eye masks I have tried out. It is more of a gel mask that has two pieces of paper which you remove before applying. The shape is also unique! Let me show you a picture of my lovely face!

The rest of my face was too scary to share

This left my under-eye area feel nice and hydrated. I would absolutely love to try this more longterm to see how much of a difference this will have on my under-eyes because I was simply marvelous after one use.

Second Item: Pure Signature Camellia Soap

This nourishing body bar is made of pure, cold-pressed Camellia Oil, the heart of Tatcha’s iconic Cleansing Oil.

This soap definitely has more of an oily texture than other soap bars I have used and I have to say I absolutely dig it. It has this really great oaty smell to it as well which just makes me feel like I am coating my skin in some great. beneficial lathery goodness. I definitely feel like I would purchase this soap on a regular basis if I could afford to ball out like that. Definitely a great little splurge item ($15) that makes you feel like you’re really treating yourself to some luxury.

Next, we will get into the part where you can create your own sample pack.

This is the travel bag that comes with it and it is freaking stunning!

The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside and this will be great to travel with. It seems like my whole skincare routine is expanding as I find new products so I love that I can have a designated little case for it.

On to the items!

Third Item: The Silk Canvas Primer

Velvety priming balm of pressed silk smooths and makes makeup last longer while keeping it out of skin, helping to prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

I am going to really try this out and give it its due testing timeframe since it is such highly acclaimed primer SO I will do that in a weekly update. I am very excited to try it out though!

Fourth Item: Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

This 2-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser of Camellia Oil gently melts away impurities, even waterproof makeup, leaving behind pure, silky soft skin.

If you have read some so of my other posts, you might have read that I am absolutely in love with the Mamonde Oil-to-Foam cleanser so naturally when I saw this was an oil cleanser, I felt obligated to check it out. This one doesn’t have any scent that I could really pick up which is neither a plus or a minus for more – mostly just an observation. This, however, is ONLY an oil so there is no real foaming action when you add water. I think it’s a great cleanser and really did the job BUT when you compare this ($48) to Mamonde ($21), I have to say I can’t notice any real reason to purchase something double the price.

Fifth Item: The Rice Polish Gentle

A water-activated exfoliant of nourishing Japanese Rice Bran that transforms to a creamy foam for smooth, polished skin with a healthy glow.

I think I made a mistake in choosing the ‘gentle’ version of this product. I really love exfoliants and on the site it advertises this as an exfoliating enzyme product. Maybe it’s just my ignorance but usually I equate exfoliation with some type of abrasive or more chemical quality and there was none in this that I could feel. I didn’t really notice any exfoliation or any real difference in anything using this product. The full-size comes in at $65 and after using this sample, I am not sure what benefit there is with this especially at that price point.

Sixth Item: Gold Camellia Beauty Oil

A multi-tasking beauty oil with 23-karat gold for face, hair and body that adds instant nourishment and radiance to your skincare and makeup routine.

I wanted to like this so much more than I did. Maybe it’s because I have been using the Sunday Riley Facial Oil (which is my first facial oil I’ve used) but I really didn’t enjoy this product. I put it on like I have been doing with the other oil and it took ALL NIGHT and then some to absorb into my face – honestly, it never actually fully absorbed. This product is $95 which is more than double of the Sunday Riley oil. This is also much thinner than the other and made my skin feel no different – the SR one at least made my skin feel nice and hydrated and took care of some dry patches I had. I know that skincare takes a while to see benefits but really what normal person can drop $95 in hopes that this works for them. I don’t think I’m being too critical in analyzing this from a sample (which is still $33…..$7 less than a fill-size SR).

Seventh Item: Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

A silky, fine mist moisturizer that can be used under or over makeup for dewy glowing skin anytime, anywhere.

I ‘dew’ have to say that I love this facial mist. It has the same herbal scent as the dewy face masks (which I adore). This instantly makes your skin look dewy and beautiful but it is also so lightweight that it doesn’t muddy up makeup. I love this product and can definitely see myself spending the $48 for the full size because I think it is such a lovely product. Plus I love the smell damnit.

The site also offers 3 complimentary samples which is great!

Sample One: The Essence

A resurfacing softener of 98.7% pure anti-aging Japanese superfoods that makes all skincare work better.

I have read that this is another highly acclaimed product from Tatcha and i have to admit I have no idea what the heck an essence actually is. This says plumping and skin softening which sounds luxurious….but I imagine that it takes a decent amount of time in a dedicated skincare routine to achieve those effects. I also read in most k-beauty skincare routines that an essence is a very important part of the routine and is used before any other skincare products like serums, oils, etc. I can’t say that I noticed any immediate benefits BUT I am intrigued so much that I am going to look into adding an essence to my routine.

Sample Two: Violet-C Radiance Mask

A creamy anti-aging mask, packed with Japanese beautyberry, 2 types of Vitamin C and AHAs from 7 fruits, that unveils softer, glowing skin.

I absolutely love this face mask! It says that it illuminates your skin and I really, truly feel like my skin had this ‘shine from within’ look to it after using this mask. I will definitely be looking into saving up for the big ol $68 splurge on this. Plus, it has this great purple coloring to it which I think is just lovely.

Sample Three: The Deep Cleanse

A daily gel cleanser with natural fruit exfoliant that deeply but gently lifts impurities and unclogs pores, while leaving skin soft and hydrated.

I was surprised at how much I loved this little sample. I really wish I had made this a bigger sample size because it was so lovely! It has little abrasive beads which I just adored. I really felt like this helped get rid of some dead skin cells AND really helped clean up my more oily zones without drying out the rest of my skin too much. I loved this!

Final Thoughts

So here is the final lineup of my mini haul!

Everything is so gorgeous!! Overall, I feel like this was a great way to try out some of the products I have been dying to try. I love that they have this option because there are so many times where I want to try a more high-end product than something at Target. I can’t say I really understand the price points of some of these products because I honestly couldn’t tell a difference from these samples, but that might be because there needs to be a longer testing period. I adore the case that the samples come with and I can feel boujee when I put my poor person skincare items in there. I do love the other items I purchased outside of the samples – the soap and eye masks – and if I had the budget for a routine purchase of them, I certainly would.

Tatcha is such a luxurious brand to me, from the packaging to the items themselves, and I am very happy I tried everything out. I hope this was informative for you guys and I would love to know if you have had a similar experience with higher end items not living up to the hype OR if you think that these items really are worth the price tag.

Thank you all so so much!!!! Til next time!

Ipsy vs Ipsy – March 2019

So, here we are again with my love/hate relationship with Ipsy. As I have stated in a previous post, I subscribe to TWO different Ipsy bags so that way I can try out a little more product. I actually got this idea from Alexandria Ryan’s YouTube channel (which you should totally check out here).

One profile is regular (blue eyes, brown hair, natural makeup) and the other is the adventurous other persona I have filled out (colored hair, violet eyes, loves colorful makeup). I have not been able to complete a post about the difference between the two bags because 1) they come SO late and 2) sometimes there is nothing interesting to share. But screw it, we are doing the damn thing the way I meant it, so here we go!

It’s an Ipsy versus Ipsy showdown.

First, let me go ahead and show you the bag- this will be the same for both of them. I absolutely love that this little saying is on the bag and the metallic bronze is very pretty too. Good job Ipsy!

Also, the main part of the Ipsy info card will be the same, so let me show you down below.

Now on to the first bag which is my regular profile (brown hair, blue eyes, comfy with makeup, nothing adventurous and cool with non makeup products). This arrived 3/20/19…that’s 8 days BEFORE my other bag and still super late in the month.

Here is the lineup of the products:

Ok, here we go!

First Item: Lord & Berry Velluto Eye Pencil in Supreme Green

This Milan-based makeup brand is known for high-quality, on-trend products – like this bendable, olive green eyeliner. It’s so rich in pigment and lasts all day, saving you valuable time on touch-ups.

Ugh. Why on earth Ipsy would think I wanted GREEN eyeliner is beyond me. I had to double check my preferences because I literally would never put any other color than brown or bronze. I guess luckily (?) enough for me, this isn’t really that green at all. Really, to me it looked more black than anything and I really didn’t see a green tint to it at all. The formula is nice enough and it went on nicely. I am just really not impressed by this though. I prefer a self sharpening eyeliner and this was nothing extraordinary.

I will swatch this at the end of the descriptions of the items in this first bag.

Second Item: Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

Tarte’s committed to creating products that are cruelty-free and made with good-for-you ingredients. This inky, black formula features a flexible brush that coats even your teeniest lashes. Jojoba and carnauba wax strengthen and protect your lashes, and help prevent flaking.

I love Tarte. Seriously, this just brings a smile to my face because I know I am getting to sample another product from a brand I love. This is the cutest little mascara and the wand was easy to use. Let me show you how this did on my lashes (excuse my naked, out of control face – I didn’t want to put on makeup today damnit).

God, my natural face is a wreck and I look cross-eyed…ANYWAYS!

On the left is the mascara and on the right is my sad, naked eye lashes (I only put this on the top lashes). There is some really good lengthening and volume added with this mascara from just one coat. I love that I can get this kind of result without using too much product and that there was no clumping. I definitely think I will be looking into purchasing this as a full size in the future. Right now, I use another Tarte mascara.

Third Item: FoxyBae Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner

This brand is all about empowering individuals to be their best (and most unique) selves. We’ve got extra hearts for this biotin-infused treatment that detangles, moisturizes, tames frizz, and helps hair grow long and strong – aka apply and let your hair be healed.

This was kind of meh to me. I guess I can appreciate that this isn’t too scented but what I can smell is nice enough. It kind of has a coconut scent (I think?) and smells fresh. I didn’t notice any real change in my hair using it – no change in texture or softness, no change in frizz control. I wouldn’t say this is a complete dud because at least I got to try it but I won’t be purchasing a full size.

Fourth Item: First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

This 2-in1 formula is a nutrient-rich moisturizer that hydrates skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores, and prepping your skin for makeup. The secret? A blend of superfood, good-for-you ingredients like coconut water, quinoa protein, and minerals.

I really don’t have much to say about this….it feels nice enough and is hydrating but it didn’t really do anything special for my skin. I’m cool with getting primer or skincare in bags but this is just meh.

Fifth Item: REALHER I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick

This brand’s mission is to inspire women to love themselves and each product comes with a written reminder to celebrate your individuality. This matter, bright red shade was created with athlete Misty Diaz and is long-lasting, highly-pigmented, and is nourishing for your lips.

Ipsy just has me all wrong with this shade. This is another thing I had to double check because I really prefer pink tones or something more neutral. Don’t get me wrong, a beautiful, bold red lip has its place and time…..but it is rarely on my face. That being said, this formula is magical. There is so much pigment, it applies so smoothly, it dries like a dream and does not make my lips feel tacky or unnatural. I actually really enjoy this – I just wish it was a shade I would go for. Who knows, maybe one day I will feel sassy and bold.

So, here are the swatches of the liquid lip and the eyeliner. The lipstick is still wet in this pic because I am too lazy to wait. I really just wanted to show the color.

Let’s dive into the second bag! I’m not going to show the bag or the card because it’s basically the same. The products are much more interesting to see!

First Item: Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

This brand was founded by sisters who share a passion for using rare Australian ingredients in skincare. Made with light pink (!) Australian clay, this mask tightens pores, nixes excess oils, and leaves your skin feeling *so* smooth.

I actually really love this mask. If I am not using a sheet mask, then I prefer clay masks. This one really is light pink – even when you wash it off. It left my skin smooth, had this amazing tightening effect, AND I think it may have helped reduce the size of my pores. I am actually interested in trying this again!

Second Item: Estate Cosmetics Dew Me Baked Highlighter in Pearl

Animal lovers, this one’s for you – all of this brand’s formulas are completely cruelty-free. This velvety highlighter has a light pink, pearly finish that’s totally buildable, so you can take your look from a low key lit-from-within sheen to next-level glow.

This is SUCH a pretty highlighter! It is a little more subtle that I usually prefer, but I kinda dig that it is light a more natural glow. I will leave a swatch down below. I think the packaging is super cute too – it reminds me of Legally Blonde for some reason.

Third Item: IBY Beauty Eyeshadow in Headliner

This velvety powder shadow is a staple in our kit for creating a cut crease or using a transition shade for a smoky eye. What’s more, the formula is vegan, free of talc, mineral oil, and paragons, and is infused with rosehip oil to protect the delicate skin of your lids.

This is such a beautiful color. I know it sounds weird to say, but it reminds me of like a deep bruise color (swatch below because I am not crazy) but it is still so shimmery and pigmented. It was super easy to build even though there was great pigment with the first swipe of shade. It blends like a dream and will be a great addition to my makeup collection.

Fourth Item: Royal & Langnickel Mōda Pro Precision Angle Brush

Royal & Langnickel’s brush line MŌDA is known for its stylish, on-trend brushes with waterproof, silk-textured handles. This one’s just the right size for applying highlighter and contour products where you need them. BONUS: This brush is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

When I saw this in the bag, I was nervous it would be another cheap brush that I would hate. I can’t speak to if this is a great brush BUT the handle is nice and long and heavier than I was expecting. I am actually really excited to try this out. I usually like more natural bristles but even though these are synthetic, they are nice and densely packed.

Fourth Item: Lord & Berry Velluto Eye Pencil in Supreme Green (REPEAT)

This Milan-based makeup brand is known for high-quality, on-trend products – like this bendable, olive green eyeliner. It’s so rich in pigment and lasts all day, saving you valuable time on touch-ups.

So, this is a repeat from the other bag. I am not really a fan and damn this thing is beat up but whatever. Green actually matches this profile more…even if it actually looks black.

Let me go ahead and throw in some swatches!

So here they are! Top is the eyeshadow, then highlighter, then green (?) eyeliner.

I am actually more of a fan of the adventurous profile which seems to match my makeup preferences more than my actual profile. Hopefully, they will upgrade my regular profile to the freaking Glam Bag Plus because that’s what I really want.

Anyways, I hope y’all liked this little Ipsy versus Ipsy. I am happy there was only one repeat item. One month, I literally got the exact same items for both. How that worked out, I have no idea but whatever.

Thanks for reading you guys!!! It makes me happy when I see y’alls comments and likes. I literally talk to a 5 month old all day so this is a nice way to interact.

Til next time!

I May Have Gone Crazy

So I had this weird TREAT YOSELF moment where I bought everything in Sephora I have been wanting. After I received everything, I realized I must have been in a huge skin care mood because I bought a lot of skincare. I also purchase two palettes I needed in my life.

This is my buyer’s remorse therapy.

Let’s dive in!

Dr. Jart Rubber Mask

I bought this for no other reason than it looked weird as hell. I can’t say I have ever used a rubber mask before but it sounds intriguing. I am going to save this one for a bit because it requires 30-45 minutes and I rarely have that kind of time. I did want y’all to see it’s packaging though since it is what made me purchase it. You actually have two components to the mask – the rubber mask and then the little pot of product you put on your face and put the mask on top. It got great reviews and I am excited to see if I look like a baby after this with my new youthful, rejuvenated skin.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

I loved this when it came in the jan 2019 Boxycharm I believe. It makes your skin feel so refreshed and moisturized. The smell is divine and instantly improves the feel of your skin. They are just so expensive! I bought a 4-pack since I love them so much and cannot wait to use them….although I will be devastated when they are gone.

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

This is simply divine. The most shocking part about this is that you use such small amount of product and it covers your entire face – literally you use a pearl size amount of the product. This seriously has so much hydration that you legit get the most beautiful dewy effect you can dream of. I am in love with everything about this product from the packaging, the insert that comes on this really beautiful paper, to the way it makes my skin feel. The only thing is that this is a very expensive cream…but that’s just Tatcha. I really feel like you are getting what you pay for in this.

I mean look at this cute little gold spatula you get to use to put the product on. Isn’t that motivation enough to buy this?!

Clinique Moisture Surge

I actually got a sample of this from Sephora Play and really loved it. I guess it was a bad idea since I literally just purchased the Tatcha cream, but hey, I can have really nice skin now. The thing I love about this is that it almost feels silicone based which makes your skin feel velvety smooth. I can 100000% say that it really does make your skin feel super hydrated for a decent amount of time. I can’t vouch for 72 hours because I wash my face/do my skincare routine twice a day, but I loved it enough to buy a full size product at full price. That’s saying something.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich

I bought this because I had said a million times that I suffer from severe dark circles. The reviews on Sephora said that it helped other people with their dark circles so hopefully it’ll help mine too!

SK-II Sheet Mask

I’ve heard this brand is a great skincare brand, but I have never tried anything from them and now is my chance. This is SOAKED in product and smells delightful. Is there anything more relaxing than putting a soaking wet sheet mask on your face knowing you’re about to look beautiful? No. There is nothing better. This mask is heaven. It might tie with my Tatcha ones. I actually think I noticed a little bit of a tightening effect from this too which I actually enjoy – give me a nice face lift in a mask and I will be eternally grateful. Everyone should try this mask out! The quality cannot be stated enough in this blog. You seriously just need to put one on your face!

GlamGlow Lace Sheet Mask

Again, I purchased this because I liked how it looked. Is there anything more glamorous than your face being covered in lace? Maybe your face being covered in gold. Anyways, this has hyaluronic acid, green tea, and caffeine. That sounds like a lovely combination for my face – Lord knows I can use an extra boost of caffeine from any source.

This mask is a little annoying for a sheet mask. It comes in two separate parts – an upper eye mask and a lower mouth mask. The lower part kept sliding down my face as I wore it unless I was lying down…..which prevents me from watching Grey’s Anatomy. It was very saturated with product, smells very nice and fresh (I think it might be the green tea). This made my skin feel hydrated but not energized like they claim. Am I mad about it? No. Is this a game changer for me? No, but I am happy to try it out. I just don’t dig the two separate parts.

Next we will get into some makeup I purchased!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

I have been watching this ever since I saw the ads for the launch. I really just wanted this for the blue shade but when I opened and swatched, I fell in love with every shade! No joke, it’s stunning.

I love the texture out the outer packing. I always have such an internal struggle about if I want to keep the box it came in as well, but I have to be an adult and get over it.

Here is the top row from left to right. Can you believe the pigment in these swatches?!?! I AM OBSESSED!

Bottom row from left to right. I still cannot believe the pigment in the matte shades as well.

Let me see if I can throw together a look for y’all!

I really wanted to use the blue shade in this palette but I didn’t want it to be too extravagant! I looked up a tutorial on YouTube and found Makeup by Serena Cleary. OH MY GOD SHES AMAZING!!!

I used the shades: palm (crease), coastline (crease and lid), sails (inner corner), yacht (center of lid), seychelles (bottom lash line).

Ok, this looks nothing like her look BUT I tried! I suck at makeup anyways. I could have probably used more pigment in the lower lashes but I didn’t want it to be too in your face with color. This is a very day to day look I would wear!

And now, on to my next insane purchase.

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

I have been looking at this palette for quite a while. I love nude shades and the shimmer shades I have seen swatched in this are to die for. Let’s open her up!

Is there anything more glamorous than this packaging? Maybe my face after I put every shade on it.

You guys. The protector is beautiful too!

Can we all just soak this in for a second? I think I might be in love. This might be me in a palette. Classy, glitzy but not too crazy, neutral but glamourous. This is me.

Let’s swatch these!

Here is the top row from left to right. I did two views of this so you can see the dimension and depth of these shades.

Again, the top row with full light.

Middle row from left to right in full light.

Middle row from left to right in more shaded lighting.

Bottom row from left to right in full light. The top shade is actually a concealer (aptly named ‘Concealed’) which is a nice touch to add into palette.

Bottom row from left to right in more shaded lighting.

Let me see if I can throw something on my eyes for y’all.

I think it’s pretty enough and there are so many options for looks in this palette. The pigments are so beautiful and blend like a dream.

And here are the samples I chose for my purchase. I redeemed a lot of points because YOLO.

These are some strong scented things! The Aerin perfume sample is amazingly floral…but I also felt like an old woman wearing it. The Biossance smells like an old ash tray….

So, there it is. My very large (expensive) purchase from Sephora. I don’t know what got into me. I should have probably thought about the amount of facial creams and eye creams I have, but whatever, I need to look beautiful forever.

Boxycharm Almost Lost My Business

Listen. I am not a person who gets mad easily. In fact, I am not a person who would ever say anything negative to a company or a customer service representative or anything like that…….but seriously, Boxycharm really messed up this month. I am not sure what happened, but they had some type of shipping catastrophe which delayed shipment. There was also an email that went out that said some customers had a mix up with which shades of face palette the customers would receive.

I held off emailing because I didn’t really care it would be late….I mean I live in Alaska after all so everything comes late. But, after some back and forth, my box arrived today. Their customer service is really crap – they just give generic responses which annoys the crap out of me, even though I understand with the volume of customers they get, they have to have a standard response. But come on, I pay for an annual subscription PLUS the extra upgrade every 3 months, I think that deserves a little bit more than a generic response if they are at fault for some kind of delay. They sure don’t delay taking your money.

Anyways, enough of a rant – let’s open this up!

This box is very large! I can’t wait for all the goodies.

Here is our theme/info card looking all springy and lovely.

This tells you a little blurb on each product as well as the retail value.

Here we go

First Item: BoxyCharm Traincase – $20

Just another perk of being a charmer. This exclusive BoxyCharm Cosmetics case is not only extremely chic, but very spacious and perfect for the Charmer who has to take their glam on the go.

I love the size of this bag and how they branded it. I can never have enough makeup bags and I use them for more than just makeup. This one, however, will be a makeup bag for sure just because of how big this thing is! I can fit a bunch of stuff in here for when I travel. Later on in the post, I will show you just how much stuff this bag can fit from this Boxy Luxe box.

Second Item: Iconic Eyebrow Cushion – $40

Give your brows the wow they deserve with Iconic’s Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion. The innovative two-shade liquid brow compact allows for fuller-looking brows with half the effort. The highly pigmented liquid formula glides on effortlessly, while the angled brush makes for precise application each time.

This product actually really intimidates me to be honest. When you try to get some of it on the brush, it seems so saturated. This is probably a little more dark than I would reach for but it actually applies like a dream. I am not sure why you would want two tones in one pot but I appreciate that I get to try this. I think if I wanted to go for a more exaggerated, sculpted look, this would be perfect. I lean more towards a natural filled eyebrow look so I think I will stick to my super cheap eyebrow pencil.

Third Item: Lilly Lashes Exclusive Faux Mink Gaia Lashes – $24.99

Add volume, length and drama to your lashes with your new, Limited Edition Faux Mink Gaia pair of Lilly Lashes. The winged style, cruelty free lashes are durable enough to give you up to 20 wears.

I hate lashes..like I cannot understand how to apply them. I guess I like that they included this in the box because I wouldn’t go out and buy this for myself because I suck at applying them. These are very full and dramatic – they look like cartoon eyelashes when I tried to put them on. I think I will end up using them 20 times trying to figure out what the hell I am doing.

Fourth Item: IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream – $48

Developed with plastic surgeons, Confidence in a Cream is your new #1 anti-aging moisturizer! Perfect for all skin types, even most sensitive, this quick-absorbing super cream immerses your skin in moisture, restores visible radiance, reduces look of pores, discoloration, lines and wrinkles and improves the look of firmness. You’ll see powerful results instantly and more dramatic results over time.

I have been wanting to try this cream for a long time. I am not sure why I haven’t purchased it BUT now I don’t have to because BoxyCharm read my mind. This applies like a dream and made my skin feel instantly softer. I can’t speak to seeing any real difference in the look of pores or discoloration since I only used it once, but I am interested to see if there is actually a long term change. I used this as part of my regular skincare before putting on makeup and it really did help my ‘radiance’ as far as I could tell. Maybe that’s just my new found confidence speaking, but this is truly very lovely.

Fifth Item: Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask – $34

Containing a blend of skin loving acai, goji berry, blueberry, lychee, mangosteen and green tea leaf extracts, the Wander Beauty Lift Off Mask instantly purifies and replenishes dull skin. Excess oil and impurities are drawn out and absorbed by kaolin clay, minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. This rose gold, skin saving, peel off mask dries quickly and effortlessly, revealing a smoother, clearer and brighter complexion.

I’m not really sure what peel off masks are supposed to accomplish because I literally never see any results. This mask looked cool enough with the shimmery aspect BUT I really don’t think it does anything for my skin. I guess it held true to drying quickly but it didn’t do much else.

Sixth Item: Adesse New York Cuticle Oil – $18

So, BoxyCharm definitely did not have this item listed on the info card I was sent….they had a tough month. I looked up the price and read the blurb but basically it’s oil you put on your nails and cuticles to soften them. I have a ton of trouble with my cuticles hating me and trying to detach from my body so this is a nice surprise. I saw some other people got nail polish and on my card it does actually list a cuticle oil BUT it’s not the same brand that I got. I guess with the shipping issues maybe they had packing issues too. I wonder if there was a mutiny.

This applied nicely and absorbed pretty quickly (I think it’s because my cuticles were planning a mutiny of their own). I’ve only used it a day as of writing this but this isn’t something I think is a dud or waste of product. I actually think this might be a great solution to me having the worst cuticles in the world. Now people won’t have to judge me when I put chapstick on my cuticles because they will already be well maintained thanks to BoxyCharm…..despite the strange lack of information with a product not listed on their sheet.

Seventh Item: Moda Brushes Powder and Soft Glow Kit – $29.99

Your new Moda 2-Piece Powder and Soft Glow kit is the ultimate dynamic duo. The two brushes were designed to give your desired look. The elegant rose gold tapered handles and two-toned synthetic brush hair make this brush set the perfect addition to your brush collection.

These brushes are really very pretty. They have a shorter handle than I am used to but I’m not mad about it. I think the pricing is a little absurd for two brushes that don’t seem to be high high quality, but they are nice enough. The bristles in the highlighter brush are a little less dense than I prefer, but it got the job done. The powder brush is actually pretty great and I don’t mind the density. The brush hairs are very soft and pick up the product easily so I know I will get some good use out of these….I’d just never pay $30 for them.

Eighth Item: Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love – $24

A moisturizing, 8-hour long wearing silky satin lip color infused with the next generation of hyaluronic acid.

This color is a little more orange than I usually reach for but holy crap, the formula is amazing. It is so smooth and silky. I want this to be on my lips every day for the rest of forever. Even though the shade isn’t what I’d pick for myself, it is still very pretty. I will do a try on and leave the pic at the bottom to see what y’all think!

Ninth Item: COVERFX Perfector Face Palette – $45

Six must-have complexion essentials in one travel-friendly palette. The talc-free formula provides seamless blending and flawless application. Sculpt with contour, blush it up and illuminate with two shimmering highlighters. Find your perfect finish with the brightener and finishing powder for a glowing, multidimensional look anywhere and everywhere you go.

I love this palette but dang $45?!?! I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is beautiful but holy heck that’s some moolah for 6 shades. I love that this is all in one case so when I go somewhere, I don’t have to lug each individual item…Lord knows I’d end up forgetting one anyways. The highlights are a little more colored than I prefer – usually I go for a tone more similar to the brightener..the contour is a little lighter than I prefer as well…and the blush is way more pink than I wear. That being said, once I applied these, I was able to tone the blush down, build the contour a little more up, and the highlights were beautiful. I think it is a great palette and I am tempted to look into what else they offer.

Tenth Item: MORPHE 15 Shade Artistry Palette – $16

Indulge in infinite eye looks. This mirrored palette features 15 crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented shades, so you can mix, match and blend the rules.

The shades are really gorgeous. I love that there are more purple tones in here than I normally lean towards but there are also the brown/bronze tones I prefer as well. I think I will really have to feel ambitious to use the purple tones BUT I like to have the option to jump out of my comfort zone when I feel like it. The shades blend really well and are easy to build for more color. I can’t say they are the most pigmented shades in the world but they get the job done. I also like that this is an affordable palette with a lot of shades to offer. There are so many times where I am dropping anywhere from $40-$70 on eyeshadow palettes but I like that if I want something more affordable, there is a great quality option out there.

Here is the top row from left to right. The shimmer is very pretty – almost like a subtle glimmer.

Middle row from left to right. That last shade is heaven.

Bottom row from left to right. I think it may just be the lighting but these are actually a little more purple than they are in the picture.

This is the swatching of the Cover FX palette! The first three are the top row and the bottom three are the lower row. I am obsessed with the shimmer in the top row and the blush is so pretty! You can’t really see the finishing powder in here, but it’s between the contour and blush – you can see the slightest glimmer from it.

Here is the swatching for the eyebrow cushion and the lipstick. I really love the shade of the lipstick despite it being a little more orange than I prefer…maybe I just really love the formula! I am also very excited to see how the eyebrow cushion will work as well.

Instead of lining up every product, I wanted to shove them all in the bag and see how everything fit. There is still so much room for other things and I will undoubtedly use this when I travel. I love this whole box so so much and will use everything in it! Even though the customer service was a little too generic for me, I feel like this box actually same sooner than it has the last 3 months.

Here is a look I created using only the products from this box minus foundation and mascara (ignore my mom bun and lack of tasteful clothing). Usually, I prefer a darker contour bronzer BUT I don’t think this looks bad at all. Actually, if I had done a more simple eye look, this would be great for everyday wear. The eyebrow cushion is a great product and you can really easily control just how you want your eyebrows to look. I love that this box basically gave me everything for many looks in the future.

Here is a close up of the eye look I created with the palette and eye brow product.

So there it is! Again, minus the crap customer service and alleged delays in shipping, I LOVE THIS BOX! I will definitely be subscribed to this for a long time if they keep this up…I just hope I never have to deal with customer service again because I hate generic responses.

The value is right at $300 which is nice considering I paid around $50 for the box. The quality and variety is definitely there if you’re into makeup and getting some products that may not be exactly what you’d reach for but still are beautiful.

If you would like to join me and the other BoxyCharm lovers out there and get yourself one of these marvelous Boxy Luxe Boxes, feel free to follow my referral link. They also stated that there is going to be an exclusive skincare box which I will definitely be picking up – it will only be available to subscribers from what I can tell and I am so excited!

Til next time!

Erika Jayne x Too Faced

Erika Jayne is seriously one of my favorite celebrities. Maybe it’s because we share the same first name (k’s and all) or maybe it’s because she has said her regular persona (Erika Girardi) is more introverted than her stage persona (Erika Jayne) but I’m such a fan. I really feel like we are connected. So, naturally I had to buy her makeup line. Specifically though, I really wanted her Pretty Me$$ eyeshadow palette.

Let’s. Dive. In.

I love the fact that everything is so shiny AND that there is a warning label. If you know anything about Erika Jayne, then you know she has no filter. I can only imagine what the names of the different eyeshadow shades will be. I know for sure though that it will be fabulous! She’s seriously so glamorous and these shades will reflect that.

Side note – this was so hard to take a picture of. The gold reflects everything but Erika Jayne obviously would expect nothing less. The colors are flawless. Every shade is speaking to me and I want to create a look that mixes everything. I. LOVE. IT.

Let’s take a closer look!

I had to try to find a way to take a pic that would show the color and also not reflect my phone taking the picture. Can you see the shimmer though? I’m so excited!!! The mattes are also so beautiful.

Let’s try some swatches.

This is the first row of shades. They aren’t super pigmented in the picture but in person they are very nice. They went on smoothly and seem like they will blend nicely.

This is the second row of shades and I absolutely love these colors. I also did not realize my arm hair would be so apparent.

Last row of shades, oh my goodness. That chunky pressed glitter is to die for. Every look I will ever do will have that glitter.

Let me see if I can put a look together from her little info pamphlet.

I am not makeup artist so I definitely appreciate that they give you a little blurb on how to put a couple looks together. Granted, nothing I ever do will look like this BUT it won’t stop me from trying. I am going to use the shades outlined in the second picture because I love the combination. The shades are: Lap of Luxury (in the crease), So Rodeo (lid and lower lash line), Worth Its Weight (lid), F*ck Frugal (outer corner and lower lash line).

Ok, so it doesn’t look like the picture and I didn’t want to be heavy-handed in the colors because that’s not my style, but I LOVE THIS. I feel like the shades blended so well and the glitter is everything. I am looking forward to using this and creating so many looks. Hopefully, I can channel my inner Erika Jayne spirit animal and look half as glam as she does.


Also, I think I might check out her book. Maybe it’ll give me the knowledge I need to create an Erika empire.