I’m Off the Waitlist! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – April 2019

I am so excited to share this with you guys! I have been waiting months to get off the waitlist for the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and now a million people and myself can finally show you what’s in the box!

Let’s dive in!

I forgot to take a picture of the box BUT there it is with my lovely face

Here we have a lovely fold out booklet which has a ton of info on the products which I absolutely adore.

First Item: Paris Hilton Skincare Pro DNA Dual Action Cleansing Gel – $29

This cleansing gel is infused with exfoliating caviar lime and pineapple-derived enzymes to brighten skin, cucumber to depute, and white tea extract to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help repair sun damage.

Did y’all know Paris Hilton was still around? I didn’t. I am glad to see this lovely looking bottle in my box though! The size is so great and I love getting skincare anything in a box. This item alone meets the price you pay for the box so that is a great start. I have a few face washes open right now so I am not going to tell you how this is yet – keep an eye out for the review in a Social Saturday update!

Second Item: Goldfadden MD Bright Eyes – $55

This eye cream gets straight to the root of your under-eye issues (because there’s only so much concealer can hide). Formulated with rice bran extract, soy peptide, organic red tea and arnica, it helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

I am loving the value and items in this box so far! Skincare and eye care?!?! My freaking dream come true. Plus, this is catering to those pesky dark circles which always stay under my eyes. Again, I have a few eye creams I am trying out but I will update as soon as I can. I am so so so excited though!

Third Item: Laura Sanchez Moods Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette – $35

This all-in-one palette is loaded with matte and metallic shades of cheek and eye colors – an option of any mood you’re in.

I am absolutely in love with this palette! It has some colors that are definitely outside of my comfort zone but they are gorgeous! You should check out my video to see the swatches because this picture does not give it justice. They blend so beautifully and are pigmented just enough to not be too crazy. I am shocked this is such an affordable palette!

Fourth Item: Benefit Cosmetics High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter – $22

When your brows need a lift, look no further than this creamy highlighter brow pencil. The matte, linen-pink shade pops on and accentuates your arches for brighter, lifted, younger-looking eyes.

I wasn’t expecting this to be a pencil for some reason. It is very creamy though.

This honestly isn’t something that I would use on my eyebrow highlight BUT I do think it will be great on the waterline. I know that adding white to the waterline is beaming an “in” thing and since I am so hip and cool, I will definitely be doing that with this pencil. Plus, the cap for this is just stunning!

Fifth Item:ITCosmeticsHeavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush – $48

You don’t need an entire drawer of makeup brushes when you have one that does it all. Not only does this brush give makeup products an airbrushed finish, blurring away the appearance of fine lines and pores, it also applies skincare like a dream.

Holy hell this is an expensive brush. It is so expensive that I feel like I wanted to use it to apply my expensive skincare products……but I actually didn’t enjoy it. So. In a future update, I will let y’all know if this actually has any blurring abilities with makeup because it sure as hell better with that price. Hell, it better paint a whole new damn face as far as I am concerned.

Final Thoughts

So here is the final lineup! The final value came out to be $189 which is amazing since they say the value is guaranteed to be at least $120 (if I’m correct). I am so so so so happy with this box and I love each and every product. If it keeps being like this, I will probably end up cutting out BoxyCharm and only having this one next year!!

As always, thank y’all so so much for reading! Remember I have an active giveaway on both my Youtube and Instagram so check those out!

Til next time!

Ipsy vs Ipsy – March 2019

So, here we are again with my love/hate relationship with Ipsy. As I have stated in a previous post, I subscribe to TWO different Ipsy bags so that way I can try out a little more product. I actually got this idea from Alexandria Ryan’s YouTube channel (which you should totally check out here).

One profile is regular (blue eyes, brown hair, natural makeup) and the other is the adventurous other persona I have filled out (colored hair, violet eyes, loves colorful makeup). I have not been able to complete a post about the difference between the two bags because 1) they come SO late and 2) sometimes there is nothing interesting to share. But screw it, we are doing the damn thing the way I meant it, so here we go!

It’s an Ipsy versus Ipsy showdown.

First, let me go ahead and show you the bag- this will be the same for both of them. I absolutely love that this little saying is on the bag and the metallic bronze is very pretty too. Good job Ipsy!

Also, the main part of the Ipsy info card will be the same, so let me show you down below.

Now on to the first bag which is my regular profile (brown hair, blue eyes, comfy with makeup, nothing adventurous and cool with non makeup products). This arrived 3/20/19…that’s 8 days BEFORE my other bag and still super late in the month.

Here is the lineup of the products:

Ok, here we go!

First Item: Lord & Berry Velluto Eye Pencil in Supreme Green

This Milan-based makeup brand is known for high-quality, on-trend products – like this bendable, olive green eyeliner. It’s so rich in pigment and lasts all day, saving you valuable time on touch-ups.

Ugh. Why on earth Ipsy would think I wanted GREEN eyeliner is beyond me. I had to double check my preferences because I literally would never put any other color than brown or bronze. I guess luckily (?) enough for me, this isn’t really that green at all. Really, to me it looked more black than anything and I really didn’t see a green tint to it at all. The formula is nice enough and it went on nicely. I am just really not impressed by this though. I prefer a self sharpening eyeliner and this was nothing extraordinary.

I will swatch this at the end of the descriptions of the items in this first bag.

Second Item: Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

Tarte’s committed to creating products that are cruelty-free and made with good-for-you ingredients. This inky, black formula features a flexible brush that coats even your teeniest lashes. Jojoba and carnauba wax strengthen and protect your lashes, and help prevent flaking.

I love Tarte. Seriously, this just brings a smile to my face because I know I am getting to sample another product from a brand I love. This is the cutest little mascara and the wand was easy to use. Let me show you how this did on my lashes (excuse my naked, out of control face – I didn’t want to put on makeup today damnit).

God, my natural face is a wreck and I look cross-eyed…ANYWAYS!

On the left is the mascara and on the right is my sad, naked eye lashes (I only put this on the top lashes). There is some really good lengthening and volume added with this mascara from just one coat. I love that I can get this kind of result without using too much product and that there was no clumping. I definitely think I will be looking into purchasing this as a full size in the future. Right now, I use another Tarte mascara.

Third Item: FoxyBae Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner

This brand is all about empowering individuals to be their best (and most unique) selves. We’ve got extra hearts for this biotin-infused treatment that detangles, moisturizes, tames frizz, and helps hair grow long and strong – aka apply and let your hair be healed.

This was kind of meh to me. I guess I can appreciate that this isn’t too scented but what I can smell is nice enough. It kind of has a coconut scent (I think?) and smells fresh. I didn’t notice any real change in my hair using it – no change in texture or softness, no change in frizz control. I wouldn’t say this is a complete dud because at least I got to try it but I won’t be purchasing a full size.

Fourth Item: First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

This 2-in1 formula is a nutrient-rich moisturizer that hydrates skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores, and prepping your skin for makeup. The secret? A blend of superfood, good-for-you ingredients like coconut water, quinoa protein, and minerals.

I really don’t have much to say about this….it feels nice enough and is hydrating but it didn’t really do anything special for my skin. I’m cool with getting primer or skincare in bags but this is just meh.

Fifth Item: REALHER I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick

This brand’s mission is to inspire women to love themselves and each product comes with a written reminder to celebrate your individuality. This matter, bright red shade was created with athlete Misty Diaz and is long-lasting, highly-pigmented, and is nourishing for your lips.

Ipsy just has me all wrong with this shade. This is another thing I had to double check because I really prefer pink tones or something more neutral. Don’t get me wrong, a beautiful, bold red lip has its place and time…..but it is rarely on my face. That being said, this formula is magical. There is so much pigment, it applies so smoothly, it dries like a dream and does not make my lips feel tacky or unnatural. I actually really enjoy this – I just wish it was a shade I would go for. Who knows, maybe one day I will feel sassy and bold.

So, here are the swatches of the liquid lip and the eyeliner. The lipstick is still wet in this pic because I am too lazy to wait. I really just wanted to show the color.

Let’s dive into the second bag! I’m not going to show the bag or the card because it’s basically the same. The products are much more interesting to see!

First Item: Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

This brand was founded by sisters who share a passion for using rare Australian ingredients in skincare. Made with light pink (!) Australian clay, this mask tightens pores, nixes excess oils, and leaves your skin feeling *so* smooth.

I actually really love this mask. If I am not using a sheet mask, then I prefer clay masks. This one really is light pink – even when you wash it off. It left my skin smooth, had this amazing tightening effect, AND I think it may have helped reduce the size of my pores. I am actually interested in trying this again!

Second Item: Estate Cosmetics Dew Me Baked Highlighter in Pearl

Animal lovers, this one’s for you – all of this brand’s formulas are completely cruelty-free. This velvety highlighter has a light pink, pearly finish that’s totally buildable, so you can take your look from a low key lit-from-within sheen to next-level glow.

This is SUCH a pretty highlighter! It is a little more subtle that I usually prefer, but I kinda dig that it is light a more natural glow. I will leave a swatch down below. I think the packaging is super cute too – it reminds me of Legally Blonde for some reason.

Third Item: IBY Beauty Eyeshadow in Headliner

This velvety powder shadow is a staple in our kit for creating a cut crease or using a transition shade for a smoky eye. What’s more, the formula is vegan, free of talc, mineral oil, and paragons, and is infused with rosehip oil to protect the delicate skin of your lids.

This is such a beautiful color. I know it sounds weird to say, but it reminds me of like a deep bruise color (swatch below because I am not crazy) but it is still so shimmery and pigmented. It was super easy to build even though there was great pigment with the first swipe of shade. It blends like a dream and will be a great addition to my makeup collection.

Fourth Item: Royal & Langnickel Mōda Pro Precision Angle Brush

Royal & Langnickel’s brush line MŌDA is known for its stylish, on-trend brushes with waterproof, silk-textured handles. This one’s just the right size for applying highlighter and contour products where you need them. BONUS: This brush is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

When I saw this in the bag, I was nervous it would be another cheap brush that I would hate. I can’t speak to if this is a great brush BUT the handle is nice and long and heavier than I was expecting. I am actually really excited to try this out. I usually like more natural bristles but even though these are synthetic, they are nice and densely packed.

Fourth Item: Lord & Berry Velluto Eye Pencil in Supreme Green (REPEAT)

This Milan-based makeup brand is known for high-quality, on-trend products – like this bendable, olive green eyeliner. It’s so rich in pigment and lasts all day, saving you valuable time on touch-ups.

So, this is a repeat from the other bag. I am not really a fan and damn this thing is beat up but whatever. Green actually matches this profile more…even if it actually looks black.

Let me go ahead and throw in some swatches!

So here they are! Top is the eyeshadow, then highlighter, then green (?) eyeliner.

I am actually more of a fan of the adventurous profile which seems to match my makeup preferences more than my actual profile. Hopefully, they will upgrade my regular profile to the freaking Glam Bag Plus because that’s what I really want.

Anyways, I hope y’all liked this little Ipsy versus Ipsy. I am happy there was only one repeat item. One month, I literally got the exact same items for both. How that worked out, I have no idea but whatever.

Thanks for reading you guys!!! It makes me happy when I see y’alls comments and likes. I literally talk to a 5 month old all day so this is a nice way to interact.

Til next time!

They BARELY Met the Deadline

So, from my first post, I mentioned that I signed up for Ipsy but was having a really difficult time getting an idea of when I would get it shipped. I ended up getting it so SO late and I was unsure if I wanted to continue with the subscription. As life goes, I saw a post about emailing for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and decided to keep with it because I need it in my life. I emailed customer service and now have been added to the waitlist, thus resulting in my still receiving the subscription this month.

In order to fill my sadness and impatience revolving around the fact it takes literally forever to get anything to Alaska, I signed up for the Allure Beauty Box as well……..at the beginning of February……and being the overly dramatic, impatient brat that I am, I cancelled my subscription because I don’t need to wait around for beauty samples all month.

THEY BARELY GOT IT TO ME. Like both of them. Why is this my life.

Ok, dramatic rant over. Let’s open them up!

First, we will do the Allure Beauty Box because it’s bigger and I like having more to open.

So, this comes in this cheap plastic bag which I can use for nothing (the side is split) and it does not seem eco-friendly at all. That sucks because it is going straight to the recycle bin for me. Anyways, item time!

So, it looks like there are 8 items and a $25 gift card to a jewelry company. I will have to check it out but I don’t really count it as an item because those always seem so gimmicky to me. I hate to admit it but I love this box so far. Darn it. I literally just cancelled.

First Product!

First Item: Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask – $7 (Full Size)

Mamonde’s sheet masks come in seven varieties (you’ll get one in your box), and each is infused with nourishing botanical extracts and moisturizing hyaluronic acid and glycerin…

-Sarah Kinonen, Digital Skin Editor

This sheet mask was amazing on my skin. I love how overflowing with product the mask was, plus it made my face feel so moisturized and rejuvenated. I love sheet masks but this is one of my favorites I have tried on so far. I could put this on my face every single day.

Second and Third Item: Mally Eyeshadow Stick (top) – $25, Mally Liquid Lipstick (bottom) – $21….both are full size

The Mally Eyeshadow Stick is an extra I received for signing up and it came in the shade Burnished Bronze. I have to say that I love it – the shade, the texture, the smoothness, the ability to blend. This is a shade that I can see myself using in my everyday makeup regimen to add depth to my crease.

The Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick isn’t really something that I would go to. The shade isn’t really for me because my lip color is naturally deep so this just makes me look like I have goopy lipgloss over my lips. I have to say that the consistency was nice and not tacky so if it was a different shade, I might end up using it. It is described in the booklet as:

This liquid lipstick by makeup artist Mally Roncal is rich and creamy and glossy – it covers lips in luxe, shiny color. It looks more like a highly pigmented gloss than a traditional lipstick, which means you don’t have to be as precise when you put it on.

– E.S.


Fourth Item: Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser – $21 for 5.92 oz

I get nervous trying out facial cleansers because my skin can be crazy….especially in the cold, dry Alaska weather. This, however, has a way to make my face feel clean while not drying it out. It might be the oil to foam formula, but I actually really liked this.

Fifth Item: The BrowGal Instatint Tinted Brow Gel – $22 for 0.1 oz

I don’t tend to put gel on my eyebrows since I am not sure how to use it without making my eyebrows look unnatural, but this wasn’t too gel-y or too much product. I am glad it came in a shade that I can use and will have to play around with this to see if it is something I can use more than just reviewing this for my blog.

Sixth Item: Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara – $26 for 0.35 oz (Full Size)

I actually really like this mascara. One of the things my lashes suffer from is the fact they are so short and sad. I mean my husband and infant son have better eyelashes than me. Isn’t that so depressing. This was a nice formula and I appreciate it was full sized.

Seventh Item: Moda Metallics Triad Eye Brush – $4.99 (Full Size)

I really like getting brushes because I am usually too lazy to clean them on a regular basis. This brush is nice enough I guess – it definitely appeals to my desire to have shiny objects in my makeup kit arsenal. The bristles seem decently packed and is angled so it can be used for a multitude of eyeshadow techniques. I will be glad to add this to the rotation.

Eighth Item: Modelco Metallic Eyeshadow Trio in Mykonos – $15 (Full Size)

I love the colors in this little trio. They are definitely in the realm of colors I to to gravitate towards. The bottom burgundy color is just to die for in my opinion. It looks so rich in the packaging. I am going to use this all in no time!

So, let me go ahead and show you some swatches from the products. I really have to say that I love everything I swatched except for the lip shade.

So, from the top is the eyebrow gel, followed by the three eyeshadow shades, then the eyeshadow stick, lastly the liquid lipstick. The eyeshadows actually are pretty pigmented which is amazing because I love the colors so much.

You can get a sense for the shimmer of the eyeshadows and the gloss of the liquid lipstick. Overall, I really love this box. It is seriously so much for the $10 that I spent…….so I emailed customer service and asked if I could sign up again. Because I might have been a tad overbearing, they gave a promo for 4 months for $10 each month instead of the $15 it normally is.

I really think that if you’re into beauty samples with occasional full sized products, then you should sign up for this!

If you’d like to sign up, I have a link that will give you 2 free Sunday Riley Products (travel size Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment and Ceramic Slip Cleanser)

Referral Link

Let’s compare this to my other $10 subscription – Ipsy.

Already, I obviously like this bag so much more than the Allure bag. This one isn’t broken and is way more practical than the other bag…..I use them in my diaper bags to hold random things. This is my life now.

So, obviously there are way less products. It looks like the only full sized thing is the eyeshadow brush….but it’s Luxie so that might be the only redeeming thing for me here.

Let’s open her up!

First Item: Kensie Life Beat Eau de Parfum

The smell of this is AMAZING. It is so feminine and floral that I need to have this every single day. I really might try to buy this in a full size because it is exactly the type of scent that I tend to purchase. I like that this isn’t makeup – the variety is nice because sometimes I can get too many makeup samples.

Second Item: Luxie Beauty Precision Blending Eye Brush 243

I love Luxie brushes. I buy them any time I see a sale…..and I might have bought 3 sets on FabFitFun because they were SO cheap. Call me obsessed but they are pretty much the only brushes that I use regularly.

Third Item: Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

This mascara was meh for me. I had to use it more than twice to get any results and that is WAY too much effort for my daily routine. I also don’t really dig how small this is. I mean it wasn’t the worst I have ever used and it did make my lashes a little better than I expected but I could have done with another lip product or something.

Fourth Item: TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Eyeshadow in Take it for Granite

I have to say this isn’t really a color that I would pick for myself normally since it has a purple tint to it and I am not bold enough to wear purple, but I am hoping it is sheer enough to just add some sparkle.

Last item!

Fifth Item: Ciaté London Glow-to Highlighter in Moondust

I already love the shimmer from this highlighter. I am always on the lookout for a blinding, shimmery, beautiful highlight. I need my cheekbones and brow bone to blind people any time I move. Plus, I think the packaging is pretty so that’s nice.

This shows the swatches for the highlight on top and the eyeshadow on bottom…..plus the line from the eyeshadow stick in the Allure Box that I really struggled to remove. I really love the shimmer of both.

So, there it is. People have been unboxing both of this LONG before I received mine but I am really happy with both of them. Minus the liquid lipstick, they are all products that I can and will use. I have to say I am REALLY impressed with the Allure Beauty Box and cannot wait to see the next four months. Ipsy is kind of meh to me because I could do without all of the items BUT I need to stay with the subscription in order to get the Glam Bag Plus.

If you’d like to sign up for Ipsy and get on the wait list for the Glam Bag Plus with me, feel free to use my referral code:

Referral Link

This also gives me 250 points towards items if you join!

Hopefully soon I will have some really fun BIG boxes to review which include FabFitFun, CauseBox, Box of Style, Ellen Be Kind Box, GlobeIn, Bombay and Cedar. Plus, I have Boxycharm still on the way.

Til next time!

Ipsy *JAN 2019*

OK, this is super late and trust me I know that there are so many reviews and spoilers for the Ipsy bag for January 2019. But y’all. I STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN MINE. I thought this blog would kick off with the review of my bag. I mean it makes sense that I would start my blog with the subscription I first purchased. BUT. IT. IS. NOT. HERE. Each day I walk myself through the snow and ice (I live in Alaska) and every day there is no beautiful glimmering bag lighting up my mailbox. To say I am frustrated is an understatement.

Let me give you an update about my subscriptions though!

Ipsy: I have reached out to customer service for Ipsy who has assured me that my bag will be here soon. Also, since I am annoyed and reached out a couple weeks in a row, they said they have put another bag in the mail in case mine got lost. Great. Now I’m waiting for two bags. So far I am not impressed.

FabFitFun: I won’t lie to you guys. I definitely got the Winter Editor’s Box and it was SUBLIME. I was thinking about adding it to the blog but everyone and their momma has already reviewed this box. I want to at least have something fresh. So, as of today, my FFF box review will be the Spring box. Today I purchased add-ons which include Luxie Brush Set ($29!!!!!!!!), some Spongellé sponges (OH MY GOSH I LOVE THESE), and a couple mystery bundles. I wanted to see what the value is versus the purchase price of $29. I am hoping there are some good items in there and I did not waste my money. I have also seen some spoilers for the spring box and I cannot wait to put my choices in there.

Boxycharm: I am excited to review the February 2019 box! The January box was very impressive, so I cannot wait to see what I will have coming up.

Causebox: This might actually be my favorite box so far. Like I said previously, I was going to kick off everything with Ipsy, but alas, no Ipsy so far. I have literally used every item in the box I got. If you have not read the reviews, you should! Spring 2019 will be my first review for this box and I have to admit I have not seen any indication of what might be in this box so I am very in the dark and anxious to see what might come in.

Popsugar Must Have: This is another one I will get in Spring 2019. I have seen one spoiler in this box that shows a duffle bag. Since I am a stay at home mom I cannot imagine I will get much use out of this, but hey, maybe I will save it for a gift or something. I hope this box will be worth the money because it’s $75 per quarter……have I lost my mind?!?!?

Book of the Month: I got my January box, but again, everything has come so late. I don’t know if it’s just because I live in Alaska or what, but the delay really puts a damper on my reading schedule. But in my box I ordered, Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo and I received a free book as a promo which was Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. I haven’t read these yet, as I had to make up time and order other books, but I’m not too sure if I will keep this. The February books did not appeal to me so I ended up skipping a month. Which brings me to my next purchase, did you know Amazon has a book club type deal? If not, it is called Amazon First Reads and there are two formats for the books: Kindle and hardcover. The Kindle books are free each month for Prime Members and the hardcover books are about $10. They select like 5 books of different genres and you can choose from those, but unlike BOTM, it does not lock you into a monthly subscription so you aren’t obligated to skip or cancel or anything like that. I ordered Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah for February

Box of Style: This actually proves I have lost my damn mind. This box is $99 per quarter………….but it promises over $400 in items. The first box I will receive is the Select Edition. I have seen spoilers but I have to admit there are not many reviews on the box so I am excited to be one of the few on that review front. It looks like a really high end box. I will make sure to review that as soon as it comes in. I ordered it over the weekend and found a promo code to get the cost down to $75.

So, that I think wraps it up! I will review everything I mentioned and hopefully kick this blog off. Since none of my reviews are sponsored and I don’t know too much about high end products or what to expect, my reviews are completely unbiased. Also, I will update if I subscribe to anything else, although I am going to run out of money here soon 🙂

If anyone wants any promo codes or referral codes for boxes, let me know! They usually give discounts but I don’t want to be obnoxious and post them everywhere.

Til next time!

Also, feel free to see why I started this blog in the first place! The First Blog!