About Me

Hello readers and welcome to my page! I thought this could be a space where I could share my honest thoughts and opinions about some of the things I subscribe to and other things I buy. I am a beauty product lover and avid reader. Let me tell you a little more about me!

  • My name is Erika Lathrop – it’s surprising how many people have difficulty pronouncing my last name!
  • I’m 27 years old. It’s really starting to show.
  • I am an Air Force wife so that has moved me from small town Tennessee > small town New Mexico > larger but isolated Alaska.
  • I hardly know anything about makeup or skincare and I mostly throw stuff on my face and hope it looks ok
  • I have a son who was born in October 2018 and we stay at home all day and open random products I have purchased.
  • I studied biology and graduated with a Bachelor’s of the Arts in Biology…..not that it has done me any good.
  • You can learn about why I started this blog here.

So, please enjoy yourself and feel free to ask me anything! I love sharing anything I’ve learned and love to chit chat in general. Thanks for reading!

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