TheraBox Review and an Embarrassing Moment

I ordered a new box for my blog (shocker) – TheraBox. This is a monthly subscription box that costs $34.99 and promises over $100 in value. I haven’t seen many people unbox this so I am not sure what to expect, but on the website it packs ‘wellness goodies’ to make you feel better about yourself and life in general.

Lord knows I could use that! Let’s open her up.

I love the colors of this box right off the bat! Very floral and spring-ish.

It comes with this lovely little info booklet about the products and other information that is actually really interesting! It also looks like the theme for this box is bloom – how fitting for the beginning of Spring. The first page shows an editor’s note, information on how to get a bonus gift in your next box (leaving review on Facebook, emailing company with your information), how to win a free box, and the rewards you get for referring people.

First Item: Healthy Journey’s Therabox Meditation Bundle (3 Sets) – $34.98

This is listed as “this month’s happiness boosting activity” which is a great self care item to include. It has 3 different sets within the bundle:

For this month’s theme, Bloom, we partnered with Health Journeys and assembled a Therabox Bundle with 3 sets of our favorite meditations and self-hypnosis audios, all with a focus on growth and change to help you bloom into your highest self.

I think this is so amazing that this is included and I can really see myself using this. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety, I struggle very much with how to calm myself. I have been using the Calm App (which you should check out) because there was a 2 month free trial in the Be Kind Box by Ellen which has been invaluable in my self-care journey thus far. This will be a great addition to helping me get through my day-to-day!

I only took a picture of this to show you how adorable it is that they are trying to spread the happiness with every little thing in this box!

Second Item: Avry Beauty Gel-Ohhh Lavender Jelly Spa – $5.95

Caring for our feet has never been this east and satisfying! Experience aromatherapy, heat therapy and ultimate moisturization in the most fun way possible and soak up the Lavender Gel-Ohhh from Avry Beauty! This cruelty-free and paragon-free product is the ultimate indulgence for complete relaxation when it’s time to wind down and turns your water into jelly form!

I am really excited to see a foot product. I really feel like feet are neglected in subscription boxes which is a shame because they go through so much! I guess I really never noticed how awful your feet can become until I moved to the desert and then got pregnant. Like I literally suffered from painful, dry, cracked, swollen feet for 9 months and it was miserable. After I moved to Alaska, I did a foot mask (which is disgustingly satisfying) and have vowed to take care of my feet ever since. This will definitely help me achieve that! I think I might look into buying an actual foot bath though.

Third Item: NCLA Beauty Take it Off Nail Lacquer Remover Sheets – $19

You’ll dare to go bare with this soy-based remover sheet that strengthens as it strips! NCLA’s Take It Off Nail Lacquer Remover Sheets comes with 10 soy-based nail lacquer remover sheets, enough to remove 10 manicures.

I am actually one of the only females I know who don’t paint or otherwise maintain their nails. I think it might be due to the fact I worked in the food industry for a while and wasn’t allowed to have painted nails. Prior to that, I was at the nail salon religiously. This actually makes me want to try to be a little more active in stepping up my nail game and I love that this is nail polish remover in a sheet and not just the typical bottle…..because I am SO bad about leaving the lid off and then spilling nail polish remover everywhere. Maybe this will help me not be a slob.

Fourth Item: The Happy Shoppe Kawii Foldable Note Pad – $5

Release your inner child with these adorable schedule notepads! Featuring spring colors and our favorite furry friends, this desktop swag will delight everyone it comes across.

This is listed as a scheduling notepad which aims to replace typical notepads with a more fun version. I can’t say this is really my style so I am not sure how to review it….I like cats and I like writing things down but this is just not me at all. I appreciate getting something I can throw into my purse or diaper bag but I wouldn’t choose this for myself.

Fifth Item: Taupe Coat Wasabi Nail Polish – $10.99

What’s a spa day without some new decor for your nails? Taupe Coat is a boutique nail polish brand that creates clean, non-toxic nail polish for bold women. Vegan and 10-chemical free, it does not contain the most common carcinogens traditionally found in nail polish, like formaldehyde or parabens.

I think this is really cute to include in the box. I love the color even if it isn’t something I would typically reach for. Like I said earlier in the post, I don’t really paint my nails…but now I might!

Sixth Item: The Farmer’s Touch All Natural Foot Cream – $20

Inspired by a Farmer’s quest to pamper and soother her tired and dry feet after a long farm day’s work, The Farmer’s Touch All Natural Foot Cream was born. Each bath is organic, and made fresh, by hand…even the cocoa butter!

Again, I think foot products are a great addition to the box. I haven’t used this yet because I haven’t had time and I want to use the foot bath product and then use this in order to really get the full spa experience. I am really excited to use it though!

Seventh Item: Organicare Bath and Body Unicorn Body Butter – $11.99

Featuring raw and organic ingredients, this multi-colored, whipped body butter (also smells so delicious, yum!) restores dullness to reveal skin that quite literally gleams and sparkles.

Meh. I have such mixed feelings about this product. I love the way it looks – it instantly brightened my mood! I mean look at it! It looks like the most delicious whipped icing in the world. I also love the scent is so sugary and reminds me of cake. Now, the thing I don’t like is the formula of the ‘butter’ itself. When I imagine a ‘body butter’, I imagine thick and creamy lotion. This is not that.

If you are familiar with using coconut oil type products (maybe all oil based products?) then you’ll understand when I say that this melts in your hand before you apply. This melted beautifully BUT when I went to apply it to my skin, it didn’t really have the movement that I was expecting. It kind of just stayed where it was at so I felt like I ended up using a lot. I really didn’t like that at all – I need something that feels like I’m really slathering it on myself. Throughout the day, however, it did retain moisture which is great. I’m not a fan of this personally but if you like these type products, I would definitely recommend either trying this box or checking out the Etsy shop!

Eight Item: Herbal Transdermal Cell Re-Mineralizing Mud Mask – $20

All natural made with elements of the earth, this gold-infused Cell Re-Mineralizing Mud Mask is a treat for any skin in the need of some TLC!

I got really excited when I saw the word gold-infused. Like all you need to do is throw some gold in a product and I’m down to try it. This is a decent size pot for a clay mask and I think I can get quite a few uses out of it. It does have the citrus flavonoids which they warn may make your skin red for some time after using the mask and mine was certainly red. It didn’t last very long (thankfully) but I don’t really know how I feel about this product. Usually I’m pretty polarized one way or another if I like something or not, especially when it comes to skincare, but this one was a middle ground. I think I would use it if I’ve run out of everything or I’m feeling bored with other products, but I don’t think I would purchase this again.

Ninth Item: Veise Beauty Dream Serum – $38

Free from all questionable shenanigans, this serum illuminates the skin whilst protecting against free radicals in the environment. Originally developed to improve the appearance of hyper pigmentation and scarring, Dream Serum ended up being a magic elixir that gives you the Glow of a Goddess!

I am actually working through a facial serum right now so I am not going to say one way or another if I like this or not….it has crossed my mind to use this on my postpartum stretch marks because they are a nightmare and I hate them. So. I might let y’all know how that goes.

Alright, so there is the TheraBox. I feel like I have mixed feelings about this box. I don’t think it’s for me but I don’t think it is a bad box if you’re into these type of products.

Overall, the value added up to $165.91 which is amazing if you’d purchase these products in your everyday life. They give you facial skin care, body skincare, organization, foot care, and nail care. That is everything you could hope for in a self-care box. The thing for me is that these just aren’t things I would pick out for myself or find myself being particularly drawn to. I guess I am a little too neutral or old-at-heart for this box. I am happy I got to experience though! Now I won’t have FOMO when I see the ads.

In other news, I had an awkward moment today…….let me show you why.

I literally about died. Like the first thing that popped into my mind was:


The answer is: no. I guess they just ran out of boxes and thought it would be funny to make me hate myself.

These are just the bonus items I got for signing up! I will dive into these with the actual Birchbox Unboxing! Here’s a pic though!

As always, thanks for reading! Til next time!

4 thoughts on “TheraBox Review and an Embarrassing Moment

  1. notcreative says:

    I prefer thicker body butters, too. For spring and summer, I like the thinner ones as long as they really moisturize. That unicorn body butter is everything. If it does retain moisture, please let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Erika L. says:

      Yes, this definitely has moisturizing power that stays throughout the day. I must have accidentally deleted my blurb about using the product (so I updated 😂). It’s definitely coconut oil based but I don’t really feel like it spreads well. I’m not a fan of that type of product personally, but I think if you are, it’s definitely worth a try!! I am obsessed with the way it looks – I just wish it was buttery 😂 my southern soul needs a thick layer of butter on everything


  2. Hunida says:

    Oh I love the box design & theme. The notepad thing is so cute, I am a sucker for cutesy stuff like that lol. Those nail remover wipes seem so handy & the polish is such a pretty color! The body butter looks so fun but, I wouldn’t like the oiliness either. The variety & value of this box was great but, it is definitely catered to a certain kind of taste.
    ALSO, my first Birchbox awhile ago came in the Man box, too. I was also freaking out but I think it’s because the extras. 😂


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