The Best Seasonal Subscription for Spring 2019

I literally cannot wait to review this for you guys. I am not saying this lightly when I say that this is the BEST seasonal box I have opened this Spring…..I actually think it might be the best box in general so far.

This is the Margot Elena Discovery Box and is a $49.99 seasonal subscription that promises over $200 in products that come from different lines in Margot Elena’s collection.

I did stumble through an unboxing to give a little bit more scale of the products, so if you want to try to sit through it (and see my adorable baby) then please feel free to check it out!

Let’s open her up!

The box is so beautiful! It’s floral and feminine and excuses class! Makes me feel boujee just looking at it.

Inside is just as gorgeous! The mix between the floral booklet and the pink tissue paper just screams spring to me. I am so excited to see what’s inside.

On top, we have this beautiful booklet that will detail all the products in our beautiful box. I seriously just want to frame this artwork because it’s so lovely!

There is also this cute little note as well! I think it’s a nice touch for the box.

Look at all that beauty! Do y’all feel the spring florals exuding from this box?!?!?! The packaging is DIVINE.

Item One: This Moment Perfumed Shower Gel |Lollia| – $22

This shower gel makes the most dense, fluffy bubbly lather that you can imagine. It envelopes you in a fresh bouquet of newly budding flowers. I can’t pinpoint the exact floral notes in here but it lists water lily and sun blossom…..whatever those are! Besides that, I have to say this is one of the more pleasant floral showering items I have used recently. I am excited this is such a large size because you can definitely get a lot of uses from this.

Item Two: Carrot & Neroli Shea Butter Handcreme |The Cottage Greenhouse| – $24

This hand cream is really thick and creamy. There isn’t a ton of scent (which I actually prefer) and it leaves your skin feeling hydrated without greasiness. The thing I love most is the size! This picture doesn’t do it justice, so make sure to check out the video if you want to see how much you get. I will most likely end up using this on my hands and arms since there is so much product.

Item Three: Rose Water Bon Bon Lip Balm |Tokyomilk| – $10

This is such a cute little lip balm. I have said it a million times and I will say it again, anything with gold and white is my top packing choice. The outer box for this is stunning and makes me want to add this to my collection of hoarded boxes. The lip balm is lightweight and lightly hydrating. I do have to admit that I prefer something I can really layer on my lips, but I think you might be able to build it up or apply it more frequently if you’re like me. If not, you might actually really enjoy how lightweight this is.

Item Four: Orange Blossom & Honey Face Mask |The Cottage Greenhouse| – $30

This mask is simply adorable – from the outer packaging to the little container, I am so in love. The mask is creamy and has a little abrasiveness from blueberry seeds which leave your skin feeling so clean and refreshed. The ingredients list pomegranate, ginseng, orange peel but what I really notice is the sweet scent of honey. I am a huge fan of this mask so far and it looks like you can get at least 3-4 applications from it!

Item Five: This Moment Relaxing Eye Pillow |Lollia| – $38

You guys. How can I even begin to tell you how luxurious this is?! The scent of lavender is so relaxing and calming that I actually might just die and go to heaven using this. I LOVE that you can add your own lavender or other herbs to this because it is a zipper satchel. The outer packing is just gorgeous and says ‘This moment is all there is” freaking insightful and inspiring is that?

Item Six: Honey & The Moon Travel Candle |Tokyomilk|- $12

This is a decent sized candle with one wick. The scent isn’t strong (maybe because it’s a honey scented candle) which makes me sad, but sometimes it’s nice to have a room lightly scented. I don’t really have much to say besides I wish the scent was stronger BUT I am always happy to get a candle in a subscription box. If y’all know of any good candle subscription boxes comment down below!

Item Seven: Perfumed Bath Oil |Library of Flowers| – $24

Holy cow – this is amazing! I have to admit, I had no idea what the hell a bath oil was. I was literally expecting an oil….which I guess was stupid because this has bubbles in it and I don’t think oils do. ANYWAYS, this is actually a super luxurious bubble bath. The scent is SO freaking good! It’s like the first part of spring when flowers start to bloom and you’re surrounded by that sweet, intoxicating scent of fresh floral aromatics. The bubbles from this are the nice, dense bubbles that last throughout your whole bath. The scent also had some staying power which I will always appreciate since I take long baths!

Item Eight: Hand-Lettered Greeting Card with Gold Foil |Margot Elena| – $5

This is seriously such a beautiful card! I love to write my parents regular old snail mail and include an old fashioned printed picture of my baby boy, so this is right up my alley. It is actually cheaper than normal Hallmark cards you can buy at the store….probably because it doesn’t have a standard little blurb and you can write your own. I love that this is something included in this box because it makes it feel a little more elegant and classy – like this is a box that an actual adult would buy.

Item Nine: Perfumed Shower Gel |Library of Flowers|- $12

I’m not sure why this is so much smaller than the other shower gel…that does actually kind of bother me since the description of the box promises full sized products and there is a larger size on the website. The scent of this is really pleasant though – it’s a nice cozy vanilla that’s not too overpowering. I am not sure that the scent fits into the box of other scents, but I love vanilla so I’m not mad about it!

Item Ten: Perfumed Body Scrub |Library of Flowers| – $12

Even though this is from the same Library of Flowers collection, this has a much more floral scent than the shower gel did. This is such a nice body scrub – abrasive but not too aggressive. Again, I wish this was an actual full size, but I love that this is a floral exfoliant rather than just a chemical-smelling exfoliant.

Item Eleven: This Moment Fine Foot Soak |Lollia| – $8

I can’t say I have used this but I am definitely looking forward to it. I feel like a lot of subscription boxes neglect your feet…..even though you use them every single day and they take a beating! It’s a decent size and smells lovely. This is a great addition to the box and I appreciate that it is from the new collection.

Item Twelve: Hand-Lettered Print with Gold Foil |Margot Elena| – $22

This is a larger print go the card that you can display in a frame or something similar in your house. I imagine there might be other uses for this, but those are the ones that came to mind for me. I love that they included this in the box because the card was so beautiful. The little saying on it is beautiful too so I might make this part of my spa bathroom theme or add it to my beauty room (one day when I decide to not be lazy and make one).

Here is the final picture of everything that is in the box. The final price added up to $219 which is a great value for the box (you pay $49.99). I am not exaggerating when I say that I am seriously considering making this my only seasonal subscription next year because I can see myself using every single item. In thinking about a lot of the boxes I have received so far and the ones that I have subscribed to annually, I literally don’t think I have used every single item or fallen in love with every single item – so this is a huge deal that I am in love with everything.

Let me tell you how I enjoyed my box!

First, I found a Jasmine bath bomb that I’d been saving and let the tub fill up with warm water. While that was going on, I poured some of the bath oil in, creating the most aromatic blossoming (and bubbling) of floral scents you could imagine. The fragrance was delicate and sweet, almost like a peony, but it really created the most serene, calming atmosphere in my bathroom. As I was letting the tub fill, I put on the mask from this box which had the sweetest notes of honey and slight zing of citrus. The best part of this mask was that it has a gentle abrasiveness to it, so you get the benefit of exfoliation as well. I lowered myself into the picturesque bubble bath and grabbed my new book (The Great Alone). While I let myself slip into the story, my stress and anxiety really relaxed away. The bubbles and aroma carried throughout the bath – which was extended due to me not wanting to put down my book. Before getting out, I freshened up using the body exfoliant and vanilla shower gel. Both were scented so dainty and feminine, and the body scrub had a mild blend of exfoliation components.

I don’t know what it was about this experience that made me flash back to my childhood and my grandmother. Maybe it was the fresh scent of a variety of flowers, or the fact that I felt completely surrounded in stress-free bliss, but every moment and every item really fed my soul and made me miss home. I feel like this is what I’ve been searching for in all the boxes. Something that would truly give me the sense of luxury and self help I’ve been desperately needing and looking for.

I think what makes this box seem so great for me is that it feels elevated and mature. I have gotten a lot of stuff I feel like appeals to me right now, in this moment, but this box is something I can and will enjoy throughout my moods, or life changes, or whatever phases I might find myself in. I feel like that might be weird to say or think about, but really, all my other boxes seem like fad products that are constantly going in and out of style. I know I am an old soul and maybe that’s why this has made me so so happy, but I found a true escape from reality that I’ve been needing.

I truly urge you to try this box out if this is something you’re into or something you might need in your life too!

Thanks for reading! Til next time!

2 thoughts on “The Best Seasonal Subscription for Spring 2019

  1. Hunida says:

    Wow!! I want to try everything!!

    I used to have a problem with hoarding cute packaging & boxes, too, lol. I actually just threw all mine out because they were taking up space for no reason but they are so hard to throw away sometimes!

    So cool that there are blueberry seeds in that face mask, the eye pillow def seems luxurious, & I agree that sub boxes seem to neglect our feet!

    It really is a big deal to be happy with every single item! Yay!!


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