A HUGE Mystery Box

Alright you guys I have to admit something – I LOVE TO BUY THINGS (as if you couldn’t have already guessed). I have done a review of Bombay & Cedar before and I actually like them for the most part. As with any box, some things aren’t going to be for everyone and I am totally cool with that BUT I saw they were having a mystery box sale and I had to have it!!

I ended up cancelling my subscription with them just because I wanted to move some money around and get some new things. That being said, I purchased their LARGEST mystery box to make up for my sadness of cancelling. This was $74.95 and promised $250 worth of goodies.

Like with my Glamour Jewelry Box, I am going to go ahead and unbox this so y’all can see what’s up!

Let’s dive in!

This box is full of so many goodies!!! Can y’all believe this?!

Item One: Kelvin Tools Everyday Multi-Tool – $19.99

So. I can’t say that this is at the top of my list for anything I would want BUT it is practical. Surprisingly, there have been numerous times where I have needed a hammer or level or screw driver. This is where this little tool thing comes into play! This has like a million screwdriver attachment heads inside of a flip open area, a hammer head, a level, and a flashlight. It’s everything you need in one tool. I guess that’s cool, right? **DUD**

Item Two: Doc Spartan Man Scrub – $14.99

Well I’m not a man, so…..I’m not going to try this out 😂 **DUD**

Item Three: Ello Devon 20oz Glass Tumbler – $12.99

I love water bottles. This one is different than others I have because it’s a glass combo with a straw! That’s a cool feature. It seems high quality and is very pretty!

Item Four: Marrakesh Kahm Smoothing Treatment – $20.99

This is actually something I got in a previous box from Bombay and Cedar so I’m not too thrilled to see it again. That being said, it’s a nice hair treatment. It’s light weight and lightly scented. It also seems to have a decent effect on my frizz so that’s nice too. Since it’s a repeat of something I’ve gotten before, I’m going to consider this a **DUD**

Item Five: True Clutch True2Go Handle – $4.98

This is cool I guess – I can’t say I have anything like it. I’m always clipping stuff to my diaper bag and I think I have a nice water bottle that’ll fit this……if I didn’t have a diaper bag, I’m not sure this would be useful though.

Item Six: O.R.G. Oxygen Cleanser (Deluxe Travel Size) – $5.00

This is actually a great cleanser. I got a full size from a mystery bundle from FabFitFun and I love it. The little bubbles this makes really feels like it’s cleaning your face.

It’s so tiny! I’ve got a big face so this is like one and done.

Item Seven: Herb and Orchard Ready-Made Water Infusion – $8.99

This is a cute idea for flavoring water. I have to say I don’t actually like to drink flavored water so this is wasted on me, but if you’re the type that does then this would be a nice thing to get I guess! Lemon and mint sounds very refreshing.

Item Eight: Clayer Muscle & Joint Pain Relief – $15.99

This thing throws me for a loop! I guess it’s like a clay mask for your sore muscles. It’s a cool concept I supposed but I don’t know how clay would benefit you more than something like a gel. Maybe it refreshed your skin too? *DUD*

Item Nine: Beanfields Pico De Gallo Bean Chips – $3.19

I hate beans. Like no part of this sounds appealing to me and the thought of eating this makes me have serious flash backs to how sick bean scent would make me when I was pregnant. **DUD**

Item Ten: Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous by Esther Blum – $17.45

Another repeat for me. This book is super informational if you want natural remedies for things like bone health, sinus infections, lady issues. I don’t mind getting this at all but I don’t need two copies. **DUD**

Item Eleven: The Legend of Me by Alexis Lampley – $4.00

You guys. Why would anyone want this? I’ll be honest, my past is not something I want to write down in pages for Lord knows who to read (I’m adopted from white trash people in Tennessee) but like even if I didn’t have that whole back story, why the hell would I want this? I’m not ten. I might keep it as like a cute keepsake to fill out for my kiddo but when he’s older he probably will be like ‘mom, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?’. **DUD**

Item Twelve: Essential Oils Storage Bag – $unknown

This is actually cute and super practical. I have gained a cute little stash of essential oils from Target (cue the essential oil brand snobs who judge for not having the nice ones) and I literally have been throwing then into random places. Now I will have a cute little organizer!

See! It’s super cute!

Item Thirteen: Kitsch Palm Print Microfiber Hair Towel – $23.00

This actually works really well. It’s easy to use and surprisingly absorbent! This will hands down be my new hair towel. The only thing that I find a little strange is the color – it looks pretty with the palms but the background looks like it was washed with a red piece of clothing and the dye bled. But no one is going to see me using it anyways so no biggie.

Item Fourteen: LM Organics No. 12 Oatmeal Colloidal Bath Soak – $24.00

Lord. You guys. Don’t use this unless you have: A) a decent sized tea bag or something similar -OR- B) Drain-o. No joke. This clogs up your tub for real. Maybe I’m stupid for just throwing it in the tub (that’s a real possibility) but this took me two value sized jugs of Drain-o. **DUD**

Items Fifteen and Sixteen: They Have No Prices Listed…

MY FAVORITE THING!! I seriously wish Bombay and Cedar just had an essential oil subscription! These smell so fresh and uplifting. The comfort has lavender notes while the cleanse has lemony notes. Definitely my two favorite scents right there!

Item Seventeen: Elly Preston Necklace – $This is Getting Annoying but I found it Here for $10

This is a long ass necklace. It’s kind of a bronze finish with pretty purple stones and a feather detail. It looks nice and sturdy and pretty simple.

Item Eighteen: I have no idea what the hell this is – $?????

Y’all. I don’t even know how to review this because I’m so lost. I tried to look it up but what do you even type in?!?! It’s a scoop….I think…for Lord knows what. So. Yeah. **DUD**

Item Nineteen: Airomé Medium Diffuser – $35 (maybe)

I love this too! This diffuser has such beautiful lights and 2 modes for the mists which is cool because I don’t have one like that. It’s super simple to operate and comes with its own little plastic measuring cup to pour water in!

Item Twenty: Blingsting First Aid Clutch – $24.99

Now this is something I will definitely use. It’s such a pretty take on a first-aid kit. I want to buy a million of these and always be fashionable. It has a pretty rose gold metallic case and a good amount of supplies in there! Love it!

So there is the final lineup! Out of 20 items, 9 things were duds in my opinion – either because I already have it or I have no use for it. Determining the value of this box is difficult for two main reasons: I couldn’t find the price and there was no supplemental info to tell me. What I could find added up to about $246 which doesn’t include like 5 products or so SO technically the value is there….. but it’s not the best unboxing I’ve ever had.

Anyways, we will keep seeing what else I can find for things to review! Thanks for reading 💙

Til next time!

3 thoughts on “A HUGE Mystery Box

  1. Hunida says:

    How weird they included a “man” scrub. I’m sure it’ll work the same for you but, still lol. I love the water bottle! It almost looks the one I just bought. 🙂

    The Oxygen Cleanser sounds nice but wow, that is a small sample! I’m also not a fan of flavored water. 😛 & even though I don’t have any essentail oils, I want that storage bag!

    That’s insane that the bath tea clogged your drains so bad! You are supposed to put them in a specific bath tea bag though lol! They def should’ve included one in the box!

    Did you ever find out what the heck item 18 is?? Is it a cuticle pusher, maybe?! 😂

    This was fun to see but I’d be so upset with all the repeats. Especially since you paid so much!


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