Before She Knew Him

I chose this as my March 2019 Book of the Month. I’ve been trying to stay away from the classic genres I like, such as mystery and suspense, but I said screw it, we are doing the damn thing.

Enter Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson.

I chose this book mainly because the title was interesting. I wish I had some more insightful reason for my choices, but I’m a simple person y’all.

Let me go ahead and post the inside covers for you!

As I was reading this, I was almost kicking myself in the ass for picking something so predictable. I was bored with the story probably half of the book…..then shit hit the fan!

Overall, the book was OK. It wasn’t my favorite and I’m not going to be like “OH MY GOSH GO BUY THIS NOW”, but I was an ok read. I finished the book which I wasn’t convinced I was going to be able to do. It did surprise me which is great if you’re looking for something shocking but I don’t think it’ll win any awards. It might make a good movie though.



This is freaking Dexter meets Split. Like no joke, this ended up being SUCH a surprise for me. Like, I did not see a split personality element coming into play for this story.

That being said, I still wasn’t 100% in love with this story. It was a story with hints of sexual assault, domestic abuse, psychologically disturbed aspects that almost seems over played as character background stories. I know that sounds weird to say, but you can almost 100000% predict that there’s going to be a huge in- depth backstory of abuse if the writer is using the perspective of a murderer. I know that it helps understand motives to some extent, but this novel was a little too graphic and dove into the back story too much for my taste.

I appreciate the element of mental health awareness in here – how any history of mental illness pretty much blacklists a person from being a reliable source of information. I think that as a writer, Swanson poses an interesting aspect of what the implications to the story would have been if the main character had been believed the first time she raised suspicions and accusations….but then again we wouldnt have had much of a story to read!

So there we have it. I haven’t given up faith on murder mystery suspense stories, but I also won’t be rushing out to buy another.

Til next time!

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