Box of Style – Spring 2019 AND A Special Announcement For My Blog

I have to admit I am not too thrilled to open this box….keep in mind that this cost $99.99 every season so I should be jumping up and down with joy whenever this arrives……but I have seen some spoilers and I am not jumping up and down at all.

This is already significantly smaller than the Select Edition I got previously so I am already worried about that.

Also, I have a little announcement if you want to check it out! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so y’all can follow everything in the future.

Let’s open it up!

As an annual subscriber, I got a little extra gift with my box this season…that being said, I am shocked at how small the ACTUAL box is because the stuff outside of the box is extra.

On to the products.

Here is a little note from Rachel Zoe about the extra that comes from being an annual subscriber – an Amazon Echo Look. I can’t say I am super thrilled about this because I am not really the type to take full length pics BUT it might be fun to take cute pics of me holding my little man or it might make it easier to take little family pictures. Who knows.

The outer box is super nice Amazon packing and y’all know I am a sucker for good packaging!

So, here it is in the box. I am not going to unbox it yet because I am still trying to decide if I want it or not.

Let’s open up the small black package that is an add-on item I purchased.

I love the simplicity of the black tissue paper wrapping. For some reason, it makes me feel like it’s super luxe like shopping at a high end store. I guess for $99.99 that should be expected.

So this is the add-on I purchased for I think like $40 and it normally retails for $65. I honestly can’t remember why I purchased it – maybe it’s because I have tried this brand’s exfoliator and liked it. Who knows. But, this product is

Ok, on to the actual box of products everyone will receive.

So, like I said before, this is a much smaller box than I was anticipating BUT it is so pretty! There is nothing better than white and gold in my opinion.

When you open it up, you get this lovely greeting as well as the info booklet.

Why can’t I be this stylish? Maybe it’s the spit up and mom bun that I always rock.

Lord, this box is so EMPTY!! I mean I paid $100 for this thing. This should be filled from the windows to the walls.

First Item: Tribe Alive Leather Clutch, Exclusive – $78

A sleek black leather pouch is ideal for stashing essentials. I keep mine inside my work bag and then use it as a clutch for appointments, lunches or meetings.

It’s a pretty plain clutch. There is no lining or anything and isn’t overly large or small. It’s just kind of there. I think the simplicity is nice though and I will probably use this at an upcoming wedding. I hate to be that person, but this feels like cheap vegan leather that I hate. The gold accents are pretty but are just kind of meh. Maybe I’m being too critical but I just don’t think it’s anything special. I want something that wows me….this isn’t it…even though I will get use out of it.

Second Item: Skin Gym, Rose Quartz Gua Sha – $32

One step further than a jade roller. this massage tool boosts circulation and fits into your makeup bag. I keep mine on hand for long flights and midday pick-me-ups. It works wonders.

So in the Select Edition, there was a jade roller which was cool. I don’t mind getting a trendy facial tool but two seasons in a row? I feel like there could have been a little something else in here. I like this one more than the jade roller though. This is easy to grip, covers more surface area, and is nice after I put on a facial cream or serum. I guess I don’t mind that this is in the box since this seems more practical than the jade roller, but if they do this again for a third month I might lose it.

Third Item: Edible Beauty, Gold Rush Eye Balm – $65

I can never have too many eye creams, and this is a new favorite I apply morning and night. I love the decadent all-natural ingredients. The gold leaf is a dream come true!

I was actually the most excited about this. I definitely agree with Rachel Zoe that you can never have too many eye creams…especially if you look like you have been fighting sleep since you were born. I don’t know what it is about my face that makes me have these awful dark circles but Lord, I need help.

This is actually a really lovely product. It’s thicker than the other eye cream I am currently using which I appreciate…and there are gold leaf flakes. I mean it doesn’t take much to make me happy, but throw some gold in anything and I feel like a boujee boss bitch. I don’t even care if this never works because I get to spread gold under my eyes and go about myself business. That’s a boss move.

Fourth Item: Michelle Campbell Gold Talon Bracelet Set, Exclusive – $215

Dainty gold bangles can be worn solo or as a pair for an easy daytime look. For evening, layer with other pieces for a luxe take – I always mix metals for extra drama!

These were surprisingly more thin than I was anticipating. They are beautiful no doubt, but dang they are dainty. I feel like they photograph more chunky than they actually are. I love them nonetheless….but can y’all actually imagine paying over $200 for these? I mean they must be proud of their product because I am pretty sure I saw something similar at Target for less than $20.

Let me go ahead and show you them on though!

They are very pretty – I can give them that. I also think they will pair very nicely with other jewelry and even the watch from the last box I got. I like that you can wear them in different ways since they are an open bangle with detailed ends.

Fifth Item: Chan Luu Silk Scarf, Exclusive – $125

Nothing provides more styling options than a printed silk scarf. Tie it around your neck, head, waist, wrist or purse for an instant pop of color – and of course glamour.

I was surprised at how thin/see through this scarf was. It is a nice, large size which is nice and versatile. It is also a lot less silky than I was expecting…I have to say the vegan silk scarf (whatever that is) from Causebox Spring 2019 was a lot more of the texture that I think of when I imagine silk. It’s still a nice product but I would never in my life pay $125 for this.

I have no idea how the hell to style this

So there it is! Everything was kind of meh to me and really overpriced. The total adds up to $515 which is an amazing value if you are into these products and think the prices are actually reflective of the quality.

Below are some of the promo codes they have included if you wanted to order anything from the brands in this box. Feel free to use them!

If you like this box’s value for the price and would like to try out this box and get $15 off, feel free to use my referral link. This will make your first box $85 for at least $400 of products.

Thanks for reading and please follow my YouTube channel for future updates! Til next time!

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