Glamour Jewelry Box

This is a new subscription I noticed on ABBADABBS YouTube channel. She actually has a referral code ‘ABBY10’ to get 10% off your first box I believe.

I loved it so much that I had to subscribe! This box is a little over $30 a month and you get 3 pieces of jewelry valued at over $70.

I’m always afraid to try anything jewelry related because I like super gaudy stuff AND I’m afraid to get anything that’s too cheap looking. But, here goes nothing!

Let’s dive in!

The box is very pretty! I love the watercolor look and it’s also very simple. I get excited about anything gold and feminine looking!

This is the little blurb they have sent with the box. I wish it had a little something about the products or prices BUT what I am excited about is the fact they want me to sparkle! Every single day of my life, even if I look like the grim reaper, I always make sure to have a little sparkle to make myself feel better……

Let’s see the first item!

First item is a cute gold necklace with little rhinestone detail. It’s definitely a necklace you can layer- this would be a shorter length that would pair nicely with a more chunky, long necklace. The chain is a little more thin than I prefer but I still really like its simplicity!

Second item is a lovely little rhinestone bracelet. It has an adjustable chain which is super nice because my wrists are pretty small. I love the bling detail of this bracelet and feel like it goes very well with the necklace.

Third and final item. This is a lovely pair of earrings! I have to say, I normally wouldn’t pick something out like this – normally I go for BIG rhinestone earrings that blind everyone- BUT I like these. They are simple yet catch your attention. The finish isn’t overly shiny yellow gold which I appreciate. They have more of a brushed, toned down finish.

So there is the final lineup. Overall, I think they are all beautiful on their own or together. Each compliments the other in simplicity but also their own unique features which make them stand out. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of each item which was my biggest concern about a jewelry subscription.

What do you guys think? Think it’s worth the money or keeping another month?

Til next time!

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