Erika Jayne x Too Faced

Erika Jayne is seriously one of my favorite celebrities. Maybe it’s because we share the same first name (k’s and all) or maybe it’s because she has said her regular persona (Erika Girardi) is more introverted than her stage persona (Erika Jayne) but I’m such a fan. I really feel like we are connected. So, naturally I had to buy her makeup line. Specifically though, I really wanted her Pretty Me$$ eyeshadow palette.

Let’s. Dive. In.

I love the fact that everything is so shiny AND that there is a warning label. If you know anything about Erika Jayne, then you know she has no filter. I can only imagine what the names of the different eyeshadow shades will be. I know for sure though that it will be fabulous! She’s seriously so glamorous and these shades will reflect that.

Side note – this was so hard to take a picture of. The gold reflects everything but Erika Jayne obviously would expect nothing less. The colors are flawless. Every shade is speaking to me and I want to create a look that mixes everything. I. LOVE. IT.

Let’s take a closer look!

I had to try to find a way to take a pic that would show the color and also not reflect my phone taking the picture. Can you see the shimmer though? I’m so excited!!! The mattes are also so beautiful.

Let’s try some swatches.

This is the first row of shades. They aren’t super pigmented in the picture but in person they are very nice. They went on smoothly and seem like they will blend nicely.

This is the second row of shades and I absolutely love these colors. I also did not realize my arm hair would be so apparent.

Last row of shades, oh my goodness. That chunky pressed glitter is to die for. Every look I will ever do will have that glitter.

Let me see if I can put a look together from her little info pamphlet.

I am not makeup artist so I definitely appreciate that they give you a little blurb on how to put a couple looks together. Granted, nothing I ever do will look like this BUT it won’t stop me from trying. I am going to use the shades outlined in the second picture because I love the combination. The shades are: Lap of Luxury (in the crease), So Rodeo (lid and lower lash line), Worth Its Weight (lid), F*ck Frugal (outer corner and lower lash line).

Ok, so it doesn’t look like the picture and I didn’t want to be heavy-handed in the colors because that’s not my style, but I LOVE THIS. I feel like the shades blended so well and the glitter is everything. I am looking forward to using this and creating so many looks. Hopefully, I can channel my inner Erika Jayne spirit animal and look half as glam as she does.


Also, I think I might check out her book. Maybe it’ll give me the knowledge I need to create an Erika empire.

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