BeautyFIX Review- Feb 2019

In my aim to do more for myself in 2019, I really want to focus more on skin care. Pregnancy WRECKED my face to say the least, so I want to hopefully get back to my previous face glory. I was on the fence about this box since it is around $25 and you mostly get samples BUT here goes nothing. Let’s see what’s in here!

When you open the box, there is the very pretty info sheet about the products. This month theme states:

Self-love is the Best Love

This February, flowers and chocolate just aren’t gonna do it. Show your number one (you!) just how much you love her gifts of beauty, comfort and wellness. Take a few minutes each day to relax, indulge and take care of yourself.

I could not agree more! Which is why I have done all of this. But on to the items.

It looks like there are some interesting things in here with brands I have used before and brands I have not heard of. I am excited to see how everything works and hopefully I can find some go-to products that will help me get back to feeling better about my skin!

Let’s see what the first product is!

First Item: Ora Lip Plumping Roller – $28

I am very skeptical about anything that has micro-needles because I am a clean freak and I am not quite sure how to clean this. But it is described as:

Roll your way to plumper, smoother lips. Pro tip: Light pressure is all you need (it’s not supposed to hurt).

Y’all. Look at these things! They want you to roll this over your lips to supposedly “plump” them.

Let me go ahead and say that I see NO difference. Like at all. I didn’t even feel the slightest hint that this was doing anything. I used this for a few days and I see no difference. I am not sure how this is supposed to do anything but it doesn’t work for me. I feel like I should keep trying it because I am a partial hoarder and don’t want to throw stuff away but I think this is a dud.

Whatever, let’s see what’s next!

Second Item: Lancer Skincare Studio Filter Pore Perfecting Primer – $58

So, this looks more promising and it is FULL SIZE! I always love a good primer but holy heck, I don’t know that I would ever pay that much for a primer. It is described as:

Give your skin that new-romance glow – no awkward first kisses or reservations required.

This formula is really orange but it didn’t leave my face orange at all. It made my skin feel really nice and hydrated but I can’t say it is my favorite primer. Don’t get me wrong, this is nice but it’s $58. I mean it’s nice to get in this box because it is full size but this gal is not running to the store to buy another tube.

Third Item: COSRX One Step Original Clear Pad – $20 for 72 count

Too much chocolate? Stressed about Valentine’s Day? Your skin might thank you with a surprise breakout. Here’s your secret weapon.

I don’t really use toners, so I am not sure what to look for in this item. It felt really nice on the skin, a kind of tingle that felt refreshing like I am really cleaning my skin well. It’s a good thing that this a one step process since the back is in a different language, but I appreciate exposure to a brand I would normally not buy. I can’t say I would seek this product out, but it was nice and refreshing on my skin.

Fourth Item: Smith & Cult B-Line Eye Pen – $26

When you look good, you feel good. Swipe on this fast-drying, ultra-fine liner and watch your confidence soar.

I am not really a huge user of liquid eyeliner. Matter of fact, I have a couple I have lying in my makeup drawers waiting to be used because I am not too keen on using them for anything besides a bold winged line. Although I am not too well versed on liquid eyeliner, I wasn’t very impressed with the way this went into every little line when I swatched it. Let me show you:

It seem to bleed quite a bit. As someone who doesn’t use this type of eyeliner very much, the last thing I need is my eyeliner running everywhere. It did seem to have a nice fine point that can draw any width line you want (although my swatches are awful – that’s just me). It did come off really easily so that’s a plus. I will probably be passing this on to someone else though.


Fifth Item: R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Crème – $16 for this size…

You deserve at least a few great hair days this month. We’ve got ya covered with this multitasking styling product.

I think it’s ridiculous that this TRAVEL SIZE is $16. Like. What. But it does smell fabulous! It was nice and thick which I prefer in a leave-in conditioner and it made my hair smell great. I can’t notice anything as far as shine (that might be because my hair is already shiny) but it did make it feel really nice and soft. I actually really like this, but I can’t see myself spending that kind of money on such a small amount because I have really long hair.

Sixth Item: Verso Hydration Serum – $95 for 1 fl oz

Show your skin some extra love and attention amid the cold, dry winter weather with this nourishing serum.

I have to say that I actually really love this serum. It smells super clean and nice, plus it made my skin feel very moisturized. It was a light serum and absorbed really quickly (maybe that’s just my skin) but I actually like it a lot more than my current serum. I can’t say that I would pay the price tag for the full size unless this makes my skin super radiant and beautiful, but I am willing to keep giving this a shot. Really, I just like the smell!

Seventh Item: MD Solar Sciences Daily Eye Repair Emulsion – $50 for 0.5 oz

Your monthly challenge: Tell yourself, “Eye love you” every single day.

I can’t say that I love this….at all. I usually prefer an eye CREAM but I thought hey, let’s see what’s up. First off, this stung my under eye. And not like a tingle where you think something magical is happening, but like stings where you think you might be allergic to the stuff. I did only use this once but I couldn’t tell any difference and I don’t want to keep putting something that stings so close to my eye.

I was really disappointed this wasn’t for me because I really need something for under my eyes. I feel like that is a unicorn product for me right now and that is super unfortunate. This product also boasts to be able to use on sensitive skin and all skin types, so I am not sure what’s up with me BUT this is a no go. I will stick to my creams.

So, here is the final lineup (minus the toner pads). There is actually a good amount of stuff in this box so I am happy about that. Overall, I don’t know that this box was an outstanding hit for me but I got to use some products I wouldn’t buy normally. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not BUT it is what it is. The thing I liked most was the most expensive product (of course… aka the hydrating skin serum) but I don’t think I will be purchasing this any time soon. The good thing is that a little goes a long way….otherwise, the rest of this didn’t really do it for me.

I feel REALLY conflicted about purchasing another month since there was only one tiny product that I like. Sure, I am getting to try a $95 product in a sample size, but nothing really screams to me. I might wait and see if there are any reviews or spoilers before I purchase another month. I am kinda disappointed since other months look like they have been pretty darn good. I like that there is the chance of getting full size products though so that might be worth $25 right there. Who knows.

Til next time!

6 thoughts on “BeautyFIX Review- Feb 2019

  1. Hunida says:

    Oh wow! $25 is kind of hefty for non-full-sized items!! That lip roller is so interesting… but def gimmicky. Too bad it doesn’t really show off any results. I have that R+Co hair creme, too! It really is lovely. I didn’t notice any shine either but my hair has become softer & smoother, for sure. Such a bummer about the MDSolarSciences product, I received a moisturizer sample by that brand & thought it was quite nice. Interested to see what this box gives out next month! Have you decided if you’ll be getting it again??


    • erikadee13 says:

      I totally agree about the price! It hurts my heart to not get full sized items. Granted, I know skincare can be more costly but darn I hate little samples. But I haven’t 100% made up my mind on renewing. I’ve seen some spoilers of two full sized products so I’m leaning towards yes BUT I also signed up for a new subscription so I might need to slow my roll 😂 thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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