Bath Blessing Review – Feb 2019

I’ve decided to sign up for a different type of subscription box than I have been reviewing. So, instead of makeup type reviews, this will be a review of Bath Blessing Box – which pretty much explains exactly what type of subscription this is!

I LOVE BATHS. I looked into a lot of different subscriptions that have bath items, but too many of them had beauty or skincare or other things I wasn’t interested in. I wanted something that smelled good and helped me relax while chillin’ in the shower or bathtub. Something that would help me REALLY have ME time.

This is it y’all. I am already SO in love.

Let me share!

The box is already so nice. I can smell so many lovely scents coming from my beautiful box. Specifically, lavender notes which is huge for me right now because I am trying to become more relaxed….it’s kind of my whole goal for 2019. 

Let’s see what’s inside!

When you open the box, these two info cards are on top of this lovely wrapped tissue paper.

Seriously, I wish I could let everyone smell.

Opening this box shows 8 items! When I signed up, there were 3 levels and I really wanted to see what this box was about so I signed up for the highest level which promised 5-8 items, so I am very happy to see it is 8 instead of 5! Let me go ahead and break it down for you.

First Item: Pualani Lilikoi Rose Body Bubbles – $10? Body Bubbles

I tried to find out some info about this product online and I’m not sure if it’s an actual retailer or just a handmade product, but I linked the Etsy page I found which is where I got the price.

The info booklet listed this as:

Delightful body wash and bubble bath combo. Infused with Hawaiian essential oils of hibiscus, coconut, lilikoi, and rose, it is sure to relax you in the bath or in the shower! Made with natural, organic Hawaiian ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

I love the little blurb about it and how it is ethically, sustainably sourced. It makes me feel even more relaxed knowing that! There is definitely a theme of rose scented products in this box (it is for February, after all) and you can certainly smell it in this product. I also love that this has a nice shimmer to it – call me crazy but I love a good SPARKLE!

The product itself is

Ok, on to the next two!

Second and Third Items: Natural Rose Bath Bomb and Patchouli Bath Bomb (both by Bath Blessing) – $??

Sweet roses soap consists of a soft blend of floral notes making this bold and sweet Rose garden aroma a wonderful foaming bath bomb. Delightful essential oils and rose petals add an extra feeling of luxury!

The rose bath bomb is VERY rose scented. It’s one of the first things I smelled opening the box. I used this bomb and it made my whole bathroom and bedroom smell like this for quite a while. I don’t mind rose scented products, but if you’re someone who does, I might suggest adding a note in your order asking for something other than this bath bomb.

I haven’t used the Patchouli Bath Bomb yet, but from what I can tell, it is a little more subtle and herby/earthy than the other. I appreciate the variety and usually tend to lean more towards this type of scent. I am really looking forward to using this!

For our earthy bomb lovers. This rich decadent, earthy addictive aroma of patchouli offers a different robust bath bomb that you will want to indulge for a unique earthy bath.

Next, we have the fourth item which I am VERY excited about!

Fourth Item: Spongellé Freesia Pear – $9  Spongellé

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and nourish your skin with the beloved spongette sized sponge infused with soapy wonder. Scented with Freesia Pear offering a lemony, grapefruit, pear, peony, floral bouquet.

You guys. I love these sponges. I actually think that’s an understatement. I LIVE for these sponges. Any time I see a sale on them, I buy them. They smell so beautifully and I love that they are more abrasive than my typical bath items so I get really good exfoliation from this work the added body wash infusion.

Fifth Item: Foaming Lovespell Bath Milk Salts

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we bring to you for the first time a Bath Blessing exclusive foaming bath salts! This luxurious product is a combination of soothing epsom salts, fizzing bath bombs, and foaming bubble bath. Just a scoop of a few spoonfuls in running bath sure to delight. This large 8 oz jar will bubble up several baths.

I’m not usually a fan of bath salts, but I loved that these foam. I mean you think of bubble baths and you think bubbles and this definitely does that. They scent the water nicely and have nice foam that stayed there the majority of the bath. Like the description states, this is a big jar and you can certainly use this for multiple baths. It’s nice they have included something that can be used more than once!

Sixth Item: Lavender Shower Steamer (Dandelion and Bunnies) – $??

So I didn’t see this listed on the booklet but I did email customer service to see what it was so I could share. Let me go ahead and put the response: 

I just looked up your account and you opted for the “surprise me” option. That is a lavender shower steamer from a company called “Dandelion and Bunnies”. It is an extra item that I put in for new customers who opted for a surprise me option. It’s a wonderful item to be used in the shower you just place it in the corner of the shower in the mist interacts with the steamer and it creates a spa-like environment.

-Bath Blessing Customer Service

Let me go ahead and tell you guys that this shower steamer was lovely. It was so lavender scented and stayed for my whole shower. There is nothing more relaxing to me than being surrounded by lavender. I love that you don’t have to have an actual bathtub to enjoy this. You still feel the luxury of a scented bath but you get to take a shower. Love. It.

Seventh Item: Renaissance Rose All Natural Luxury Soap – $??

Rose lovers vegan, all natural super moisturizing Renaissance Rose bar boasts over five oils and scent of Geranium Rose, Palmarosa, Rose Absolute and Pink Clay. This super moisturizing cleansing bar is safe for all over body and face. The scent is soft and a lovingly reminiscent of a garden stroll or of a vase of freshly cut roses from a loved one.

I like the smell of this soap when it’s not wet. Once I tried to use it, I can’t say I smelled any scent at all. This didn’t bother me but if you want to have fragrance from your soap this won’t give you much. It lathered up nicely and didn’t make my skin feel weird or filmy like some natural soaps can. I can see myself using this every day and possibly ordering more. Plus, I like how it looks which is a nice bonus for me!

Eighth Item: Bath Bouquet Fresh Harvested Lavender Bath Bag (Grounding Light) – $??

Fresh Lavender adds a special scent to your bath or shower. This lovely bath bouquet is better than flowers on Valentine’s Day. Hang this in the shower and let the steam release the aroma to create a heavenly spa like experience. Keep in the shower for as long as the aroma continues. You can hang from the bath faucet or sprinkle fresh Lavender petals in your bath water for a botanical delight.

I keep lavender satchels everywhere in my house. I can’t say I’ve ever kept one in my shower, but I like the idea of it scenting my shower. The satchel already smells heavenly without the added shower steam so I can’t wait to see if this really increases the scent. If not, then I’m happy to tuck it away in a drawer or some corner of my house.

This is a lovely little sheet they added which has things to do each day to share the love or ‘count your blessings’. I love the fact that they added this because I really feel like sometimes I need to slow down and reflect on all the blessings in my life (like all the amazing bath stuff I just bought). 

This is the typical info packet that accompanies most subscription boxes. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t give prices or more info on the retailers so you could purchase more if you really loved a product. 

I’m really into DIY type stuff and this recipe sounds great! I will definitely be trying this out when I get all the ingredients. It sounds very luxurious.

Overall, I’m a HUGE fan of this box so far! Everything is so beautifully scented and packaged. I felt like I was spoiling myself with each product I used and look forward to unboxing more things that help me relax. I really feel that anyone who enjoys this type of product should sign up for this subscription. I like how the products aren’t all mainstream and have a more indie/handmade feel. I wish there was an actual retailer value, but I can get over it.

The customer service is so fantastic and promptly responded to my messages. I did have an issue with the packaging during shipping and some of my products leaked, but the customer service said they would send out a replacement ASAP. There aren’t many things better than great customer service. That makes me want to keep a subscription more than anything else.

I did see a discount code for $10 off which is WIN10. This isn’t a code that gives me any discounts, it was just listed on their main page.

So there it is! Y’all need to go sign up!

Til next time!

4 thoughts on “Bath Blessing Review – Feb 2019

  1. Hunida says:

    What a fun box! I love that the brands are more indie/handmade. 🙂 I’ve only ever tried one of those Spongelles & I, too, enjoyed the abrasviness of it.

    It’s crazy how hard it is to get some good customer service out there so it would totally make me want to stay subscribed since they have it, too.


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