Ulta Beauty Makeup Review: 3 Palettes and Lacquered Lids

So lately I’ve been waiting for my subscription boxes to get all the way to Alaska (eye roll) and I’ve decided that I needed some new eyeshadow palettes. Normally, I’d go to the well known brands I’ve come to love BUT I thought I’d mix it up and just go with Ulta’s palettes and see what was up. I saw there was a sale of buying two Ulta items and getting two free. That’s a bargain, right?!

You guys. I messed up.

Normally I have good success ordering online. I read the reviews and I try a lot of different stuff, so I’ve been around the online purchasing block a few times. This was a game changer. I ordered three palettes and a set of eyeshadow glosses. I was 1 for 4. That’s awful. Let’s get into the palettes.

The palette is pretty standard. It has nice magnetic close and decent sized eyeshadow pans. Top row is shimmery and bottom row is matte. I tried my very best to capture the true colors of the individual eyeshadows, but I hope you can tell that the shimmery ones barely have any shimmer. I wasn’t looking for ground up diamond fairy dust here. I was looking for something with a little more glam than a matte. That was my first disappoinment. Let me go ahead and swatch these for y’all so you can see:

I think my niece’s makeup has more pigment and glam than this. I could cry.

Y’all. I tried concealer to prime. I tried some Mac Fix+. It would take SO much product to build the type of color or shimmer I’m looking for. They are splotchy and streaky – I really had you rub my finger in them to get this much color to even show. It’s not even worth trying to put on my face. I hate them.

On to the eyeshadow glosses.

I actually really enjoyed these. The formula is really creamy and super blendable. It’s easy to put too much product on since it’s very pigmented and can be used by itself. When I purchased them, I thought it was going to be a little more sheer which would enhance my base eyeshadow color but this is definitely a standalone product. Here’s some swatches:

The colors are really nice and neutral. They are also jam packed with a metallic sheen which I love! I’m excited to put a look together with these and see what I can create. This is the only thing I was happy with in my purchase.

So what do you guys think? I feel like there must be a way to salvage this. I know $20 is a good price but dang I could buy better makeup for less at a lot of stores. Hopefully, my subscription boxes will be better investments!

Til next time

Also, feel free to see why I started this blog in the first place! The First Blog!

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