Ipsy *JAN 2019*

OK, this is super late and trust me I know that there are so many reviews and spoilers for the Ipsy bag for January 2019. But y’all. I STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN MINE. I thought this blog would kick off with the review of my bag. I mean it makes sense that I would start my blog with the subscription I first purchased. BUT. IT. IS. NOT. HERE. Each day I walk myself through the snow and ice (I live in Alaska) and every day there is no beautiful glimmering bag lighting up my mailbox. To say I am frustrated is an understatement.

Let me give you an update about my subscriptions though!

Ipsy: I have reached out to customer service for Ipsy who has assured me that my bag will be here soon. Also, since I am annoyed and reached out a couple weeks in a row, they said they have put another bag in the mail in case mine got lost. Great. Now I’m waiting for two bags. So far I am not impressed.

FabFitFun: I won’t lie to you guys. I definitely got the Winter Editor’s Box and it was SUBLIME. I was thinking about adding it to the blog but everyone and their momma has already reviewed this box. I want to at least have something fresh. So, as of today, my FFF box review will be the Spring box. Today I purchased add-ons which include Luxie Brush Set ($29!!!!!!!!), some Spongellé sponges (OH MY GOSH I LOVE THESE), and a couple mystery bundles. I wanted to see what the value is versus the purchase price of $29. I am hoping there are some good items in there and I did not waste my money. I have also seen some spoilers for the spring box and I cannot wait to put my choices in there.

Boxycharm: I am excited to review the February 2019 box! The January box was very impressive, so I cannot wait to see what I will have coming up.

Causebox: This might actually be my favorite box so far. Like I said previously, I was going to kick off everything with Ipsy, but alas, no Ipsy so far. I have literally used every item in the box I got. If you have not read the reviews, you should! Spring 2019 will be my first review for this box and I have to admit I have not seen any indication of what might be in this box so I am very in the dark and anxious to see what might come in.

Popsugar Must Have: This is another one I will get in Spring 2019. I have seen one spoiler in this box that shows a duffle bag. Since I am a stay at home mom I cannot imagine I will get much use out of this, but hey, maybe I will save it for a gift or something. I hope this box will be worth the money because it’s $75 per quarter……have I lost my mind?!?!?

Book of the Month: I got my January box, but again, everything has come so late. I don’t know if it’s just because I live in Alaska or what, but the delay really puts a damper on my reading schedule. But in my box I ordered, Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo and I received a free book as a promo which was Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. I haven’t read these yet, as I had to make up time and order other books, but I’m not too sure if I will keep this. The February books did not appeal to me so I ended up skipping a month. Which brings me to my next purchase, did you know Amazon has a book club type deal? If not, it is called Amazon First Reads and there are two formats for the books: Kindle and hardcover. The Kindle books are free each month for Prime Members and the hardcover books are about $10. They select like 5 books of different genres and you can choose from those, but unlike BOTM, it does not lock you into a monthly subscription so you aren’t obligated to skip or cancel or anything like that. I ordered Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah for February

Box of Style: This actually proves I have lost my damn mind. This box is $99 per quarter………….but it promises over $400 in items. The first box I will receive is the Select Edition. I have seen spoilers but I have to admit there are not many reviews on the box so I am excited to be one of the few on that review front. It looks like a really high end box. I will make sure to review that as soon as it comes in. I ordered it over the weekend and found a promo code to get the cost down to $75.

So, that I think wraps it up! I will review everything I mentioned and hopefully kick this blog off. Since none of my reviews are sponsored and I don’t know too much about high end products or what to expect, my reviews are completely unbiased. Also, I will update if I subscribe to anything else, although I am going to run out of money here soon 🙂

If anyone wants any promo codes or referral codes for boxes, let me know! They usually give discounts but I don’t want to be obnoxious and post them everywhere.

Til next time!

Also, feel free to see why I started this blog in the first place! The First Blog!

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