I Didn’t Get A Christmas Gift

Alright, let me start off by clarifying – I didn’t get any gifts this year…..I guess that could be argued. I did have a child, move 3 times in one year, and bought a couple different cars BUT I DIDN’T GET A CHRISTMAS GIFT.

Maybe you’re like me and look forward to getting presents for all the typical holidays like your birthday, Christmas, your anniversary. I know I look forward to seeing what random things people will buy me. I’ll admit it, I’m a tad materialistic. This year, however, no gifts came my way. No junk to place in random places throughout my house. In fact, with all the moving I actually had to get rid of things. Can you imagine my horror? Like, I want to ADD to my collection. SO. I did a thing. I clicked on some ad I saw on Facebook. I bought a subscription to Ipsy…then FabFitFun…then Boxycharm…then Causebox…then Book of the Month…then PopSugar Must Have Box…then a second Ipsy. I’ve done lost my damn mind.

The way I justify spending all this money is simply I did not get a Christmas gift. I have to look out for myself. 2019 #newyearnewme. WHAT HAVE I DONE?

SO, naturally I’ve started 2019 with new resolutions: I am going to be a beauty legend AND I am going to read and write more than I ever have before. This is it y’all. This is my resolution in action. This is where I come to deal with the large amounts of buyer’s remorse and the fact I MAY have not told my husband about the fact I bought annual subscriptions to these services. That being said….I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MY BOXES COME IN!!!

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