CAUSEBOX Spring 2019

I have to say when I saw the spoilers for this, I was not excited. I was annoyed I purchased an annual subscription because there was nothing exciting from what I could tell. Well, I was wrong. This is actually a lot better than I thought!

Let’s open it up!

This box is very pretty! I love the focus on women and the spring colors.

Is there anything prettier than flowers? No. There’s not.

This booklet is one of my favorite little informational blurbs that comes with sub boxes – there is information about the founders behind these companies which look like mostly women. I love that they include a little background!

There are also coupon codes for any purchases of these products! Feel free to use them if anything tickles your fancy.

I love that they turned the artwork into a sticker for the box. It’s a nice touch for the box that makes it more cohesive.

On to the items!

They also include sweet postcards from the artist who designed the box for the season. This one comes from Alja Horvat.

Spring CAUSEBOX artist, Alja Horvat works out of Ljuljana, Slovenia – where she combines bright colors, textures, and patterns to create her unique and iconic maximalist style. Her work often depicts strong, poised feminine figures in vintage floral attire – and she finds her inspiration in 70s fashion, movies, museums, and most of all, nature.

I think it is amazing they include information about the artist and a little sample of her artwork in a keepsake. I want to frame them for little seasonal artwork around my house!

First Item: Glass Ladder & Co The Megan Portfolio Clutch –

An exclusively-designed and PETA-approved vegan leather portfolio clutch, stylishly designed for work and play.

When I saw this as a spoiler I WAS PISSED! I have a few vegan leather items that seem so cheap and I really don’t see how plastic leather is any better than real leather besides plants are dying instead of animals… naturally I thought I was going to hate this item. But y’all, this is actually so much nicer than it photographs. It is heavier than other vegan leather products I have received which makes me happy. It really feels like great quality and there is a lot of space to get organized. One day, when I get a big girl job, I will be happy to use this. In the meantime, I will think of clever ways to make this a little activity portfolio for when I go back home and have to entertain my kid on a very long ass plane ride.

I do have one disappointment with this though. It is advertised to be able to hold a 13 inch laptop but mine definitely it no where close to fitting one with a case on. I think it will fit without the case but come on – my laptop case is too beautiful to take off. I think I will fit an iPad or something in there. I’ll show you the laptop below –

See, it’s so close!

Item Two: Wyld French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge

A powerful-yet-gentle exfoliating facial sponge made from renewable plant root and French pink clay, baked to perfection like a gentle cookie.

I love that this is an exfoliating sponge for your face. I have a lot for my body but I am also running out of my facial exfoliant. I think this description is hilarious for a sponge, but holy hell now I want whatever a gentle cookie is.

Item Three: Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask

A combination mask and scrub made from bamboo extract, designed to achieve clinical results with natural ingredients.

I can’t say that I have any masks that have bamboo as an ingredient. That being said, I am kind of tired of this type of mask in subscription boxes. I really want like a pack of sheet masks. Throw in some Tatcha and I will die of happiness. I like that this is supposedly brightening though. My face needs brightness. Hell, my life needs brightness. Send me life brightness next please.

Item Four: Cleobella Silky Scarf

An ultra-versatile lightweight spring scarf made from vegan silk, inspired by global designs and female empowerment.

This was another thing I was not happy to see in the spoilers either. I have to admit, I saw there was going to be an actual silk scarf in the Box of Style so now I will have two. Also, I have no idea what the hell vegan silk is but I had no idea what I was going to do with this scarf…..then it got here. This is SO SO pretty! It’s not as silky as I thought it would be (vegan silk texture I guess), but the colors on this are beautiful. I wear a lot of black, grey, subtle colors and this will go beautifully with it. Also, this color looks great in my hair. There are many times where I wear headbands hiking or around the house or something and this is large enough to create a super cute look. It also will look great on my very chic diaper bag as a pop of color.

Item Five: K√°los Mist Congeniality Elixir Toning Mist

Rose Water Hydra-Mist inspired by a generational rosewater recipe and designed to provide a moment of peace and refreshment with every spritz.

Another thing that seems to be overplayed in subscription boxes is facial mists. This is nice – it has a subtle rose sent and feels refreshing BUT it’s a facial mist. It is nothing special and there is unfortunately no other way to put it.

Item Six: Altru Macrame Plant Hanger

The perfect macrame plant hanger to bring a touch of green into your house and support an effort to plant trees in parts of California that were recently ravaged by wildfires.

Now this is a creative thing to put in a subscription box. It seems very vintage but y’all, I love me a good way to display plants. This is so cute and I cannot wait to find a cute planter to put in this. Maybe I will put a bowl in there and stuff it full of cute stuffed animals and stick into my little man’s nursery. Who knows, but I dig it!

Item Seven: Marina de Buchi Luxe Gold Plated Bracelet

A gold-plated bracelet that symbolizes freedom, and supports the effort to abolish human trafficking through charity partner, A21.

This is something else that I wasn’t excited about. I think it’s almost too subtle and dainty but it’ll be nice with some chunkier bracelets. I like the background for the bracelet though so that makes up for its lack of uniqueness.

Item Eight: Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Eye Mask

A 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell sleep mask made from an earth-friendly fabric that also happens to be the softest material we’ve ever felt.

So, I have mentioned it a few times BUT I live in Alaska – that means coming up soon, I will have almost 24 hours of sunlight. I am not sure how the hell people around here deal with that (I’m from TN after all) but I imagine this will be great to have. It seems comfy enough to sleep in but in a few months, this will undergo the ultimate test.

So, there it is! The booklet does not provide prices for the items, but I don’t mind it. I like the collection of everything even though I thought I was going to be very disappointed. I really love the clutch the most I think. I love how classy and elegant it looks! I imagine me walking in looking like a boss bitch holding this OR I imagine me lugging my iPad along and having random small things to entertain my child. It could go either way, but the most important thing is that it gives me variety. The thing I am surprisingly disappointed by is that there are really only 2 things (clutch and hanging basket) that are out of the norm for the subs I have seen. I really need to find a subscription more unique!

Anyways, there might be a couple more bigger seasonal boxes on the way AND at the beginning of April, I get a lovely box of clothes from FabFitFun – a new program they are trying out that is similar to Stitch Fix. I am really excited about it!

Thanks for reading! Til next time!

Into Thin Air

I really debated if I even wanted to write anything about reading this book. It almost feels morally wrong to write or review or even comment about this book because there was SO much loss. How do you even say anything about a story that impacted so many lives beyond comprehension? The more I debated that question, the more I wanted to say something because talking about this story really feels like honoring the memory of those lost and honoring the other people who were impacted who still suffer.

Without any more rambling, this is my reflection of reading Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.

I can’t say there was a good reason for choosing this book – I had a free book credit to use through Book of the Month and wanted to pick something a little different than I normally read. Usually, I am not a fan of nonfiction. Honestly, in writing this, I am not really sure what I am a fan of in terms of this book. I guess I chose it because climbing Mount Everest is something I will literally NEVER do in my lifetime. I don’t think I began to even comprehend the story that was about to unfold. Maybe the words didn’t sink in that this story was about the loss of living, breathing, human life… but this book seriously impacted me more than I ever began to imagine.

Told from the point of view of a journalist and climber, you really get a feel for the atmosphere of Everest, the technicalities of climbing, the relationships and backgrounds of the other climbers. I mean Krakauer is in fact a writer so obviously he is going to paint a very vivid picture of what happened – it’s not just someone who tried to write a book who had no previous experience. There were times reading this when I could scarcely breathe because it felt like I was experiencing this with the other climbers.

Reading this narrative made me experience so many emotions. There were so many times where I was mad about what I was reading. I was mad people would risk their lives to do something so arbitrary in the scale of things. I was mad at the mistakes that were made that cost people their lives. I was mad about the fact these people devastated the lives of their family, friends, and readers. I was shocked and admired the resolution of these climbers to defy the odds, to defy the physical limitations of their bodies, to have the will to live. I was emotionally devastated reading of their struggle – there were countless times where I would cry or have to put my book down because I couldn’t handle it. I felt anguish, devastation, frustration, loss. I became attached.

How do you even say anything that impacted so many lives beyond comprehension? I don’t think you can. I could never begin to imagine what these climbers were seeking when they risked their lives to climb Everest. I could never imagine the loss that was felt by each individual. I could never imagine the strength it took to write this book. Krakauer is obviously working through survivor’s remorse in this story and maybe that caused him to be overly critical about decisions made during the climb, but who am I to critique a story like this?

I didn’t want to tell anyone I read this book because it made me feel too much. I hate to imagine this story from the point of view of a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend. But, here I am attempting to make sense of what I just read and finding the only outlet for my emotions is to try to honor the story of the people who experienced such a traumatic event.

This book, although very emotional and painful to read, made me appreciate how people can come together to accomplish something that defies nature. It also made me appreciate that sometimes boundaries shouldn’t be pushed. There are reasons life doesn’t exist in some places – why do we as humans or even as a spec in the biology of life feel the need to conquer everything? I read this story and I wonder why anyone would do what these climbers did, and I realize that there is some innate drive to exist fully within the scope of what we can do and what we cannot do. There is some drive to blur the fine lines that define the limitations of our humanity or of our biology.

These climbers will forever exemplify the risks associated with pushing boundaries but they will also define the bravery and humanity that comes with that struggle as well. Although I can’t say I enjoyed this book, I am happy to have gotten a glimpse into people much more daring than myself and feel privileged to share in some part of their stories.

PopSugar Must Have! Spring 2019

This was a HUGE surprise today – I didn’t even know it was on its way here! I almost prefer it that way because then I don’t know really how long it takes to get all the way up here. I was going to share another box that also came in today but I was so annoyed that it was a Feb box that took a month and a half to get here. I just cannot handle that type of timeline.

Let’s go ahead and open this up!

This booklet seems super nice. It has a good card stock feel to it which makes it seem pricey. There’s a good amount of product info in here but there are also other little tidbits in here too so it makes it feel like it’s another little gift in the box.

First Item: Vooray Burner Gym Duffel, Snow Hex Camo – $49.99

The duffel is the multitasker of gym bags – it’s great for workouts, commuting, or weekend trips. The design includes a separate, ventilated shoe pocket as well as a padded front pocket for your smartphone. Magnetic handles keep all your belongings safely together. The adjustable shoulder straps allow you to customize how to wear the bag. Highly functional and yet so easy to use it will motivate you to get out and go.

I am really excited about this! I love that it has its own little shoe compartment and a phone area. It’s the cutest, portable size that I can actually see carrying around instead of carrying around a big behemoth of a gym bag. I’m glad that they sent this the box instead of just beauty or skincare – it really goes more towards an actual lifestyle box and keeps up with a spring vibe!

Second Item: Missio Hair Styling Cream – $26

Once you get your hands on this product, you’ll carry it with you everywhere. For a frizz-free-blow-dry, this cream will allow you to style your hair effortlessly. Use it to smooth, control frizz, and add volume, thermal protection, and shine to your style. The formula includes an antioxidant-rich fruit extract blend with acai, pomegranate, kiwi, mangosteen, and green tea. It’s the perfect bottle to toss in your gym bag for easy styling on the go.

This product is kind of a miss for me. The scent is really light and pretty which I appreciate since I have gotten a lot of very strongly scented hair items lately. However, this didn’t make my hair feel amazing when it started to dry…it actually made it feel chalky and kind of stuck together. Like dirty hair or something. That being said, it didn’t weigh my hair down or anything but I’m used to having my hair be silky smooth and this product did not make that happen. Maybe using some type of heat is what will make this product work? Who knows. But I am not really a fan.

Third Item: Osea Ocean Cleanser – $44

Put a fresh face forward this Spring with an indulgent and effective cleanser. This organic seaweed cleansing gel gently removes surface impurities and excess oils while maintaining a hydrated, healthy-looking complexion. Lime, cypress, and juniper energize skin to wake you up so you’re ready to take on the day.

I feel like such a weird person to mention the bottle for this cleanser but seriously, I’m obsessed with this bottle. It’s so fancy feeling because it has some weight to it and is glass. Like none of my other facial cleansers come in fancy glass bottles! This is a great product though. It removed my makeup, smelling amazing, and didn’t make my skin feel dried out or anything. It felt like the adult version of my Walmart products. Maybe this will be my Holy Grail facial cleanser!

Fourth Item: Kris Nations Opalescent Moon Necklace – $68

This delicate necklace is perfect layering piece, with a touch of personality. Kris Nations wanted to make a special design that’s unique, dreamy, and beautiful. The moon shape represents gentleness, sensitivity, compassion, and connection with others. Whether you opt for gold or silver, this lovely necklace will be your new go-to.

When I saw this as a spoiler I really was not excited about it. I thought it looked cheap and stupid….but I am not lying when I say that this was actually a lot better that it looked (or may even look from my picture). It is so dainty that I am almost afraid of my son pulling it off my neck on accident, but the length of this necklace is seriously perfect to layer. I hits my neck at a pretty short length so I could layer it with some of the newer necklaces I have recently gotten and also throw in other long necklaces if I feel like it. But the daintiness of this also makes it so pretty to wear alone. The super thin chain almost makes it look like the pretty crescent moon is just floating below my neck – it’s seriously so feminine and pretty!

Fifth Item: Anna New York Vola Lucite Clock – $85

This sleek, modern clock seamlessly works with any style of decor. The lucre base looks great in any office, bedroom, or living room. Etched at the bottom of this clock you’ll see “Your Time is Now” – and we truly believe it is! Seize the day and stay on schedule with this sweet gift to yourself.

This is such a random, pretty thing to include in this box. I honestly don’t ever use analog clocks….I usually always have my phone on me so I don’t have the need for a more furniture/accent clock either. I love how simplistic and stylish this is though. I could easily see it on my bedside table or on an organized desk (which I would never have because I am not organized in the slightest). I ended up putting this in my bathroom…which sounds weird I know….but it actually made my already spa-like bathroom seem more sophisticated and upscale. Plus, Lord knows I need to hurry myself up getting ready sometimes so this might help me keep an eye on my hour long makeup routines.

Sixth Item: Manduka 4-Inch Headband – $4

Keep your hair out of your face with this citation headband that our fitness gurus are obsessed with. The no-slip design means it will stay put without any adjusting throughout the day. Consider this your new favorite accessory.

I’ll be the first to admit I cannot pull off a headband like this. I literally put it on my head and immediately want to take it off because I feel like it accentuates my face in a weird, non-flattering way. I am mainly going to be folding this in half and using it during my skincare routine, but I dig that this goes with the gym-ish vibe that is in this box.

Seventh Item: T3 Smooth Paddle Brush – $35

Treat your tresses to the best brush on the market! Nylon bristles and a cushioned paddle brush body join to detangle and smooth your hair, no matter if it’s wet or dry. The nonslip handle makes sure you have better control while you style your locks. You’ll appreciate that the heat-resistant bristles won’t be easily damaged when used with a blow dryer. This design is a total game changer.

This is a fancy ass hairbrush. I don’t really know how if differs from my other brushes but maybe I will throw it in my fancy ass gym bag and have great hair after working out…..said no one ever.

Eighth Item: Truwomen Daydreaming About Donuts Plant Fueled Protein Bar – $2.79

Do you get an adrenaline rush when you see a “Hot Donuts” light in a store window? Good news – you’ll love this protein bar that’s only 200 calories. Made with pure ingredients like cassava, brown rice, and roasted almonds, this bar is ideal for people on the go. It tastes so good, you’ll forget its not a real doughnut.

I feel like I set my expectations too high. I mean can a healthy food, let alone a freaking protein bar, ACTUALLY capture any bit of what a hot, fluffy, sweet pastry tastes like? You know the flavor I’m talking about: the sweet, melt in your mouth sugary, buttery and grease laden taste which is all combined into this beautiful, light golden brown sphere of endorphin releasing, happiness – this little doughnut that you know you shouldn’t even look at because you’re already gaining weight. Did this “day dreaming about doughnuts” make that dream come true?

No. Actually hell no. Did you hear that? HELL. NO. This was awful. The grit. The taste. The TASTE people. Like. Set yourself up for less flavor by calling it gritty dense wanna be pastry flavor gritty protein grit bar. I would rather go without ever eating sweets again than to ever try to eat this protein bar. Call me dramatic but damn this was plain awful. This also advertises as plant fueled. I’d rather eat the plants than try to mask them with this nasty flavor crap they came up with.

I think these are cute additions to the box. I definitely appreciate free toothpaste and the tea is something I will enjoy while I am reading or typing out blog posts!

So, there it is! The total of the box comes to $314.78 (excluding the little freebies). I think this is way exaggerated because who the hell would pay the retail price for that necklace or tiny clock is beyond me. Overall though, I feel like they have a coherent theme and I loved the items. I think that all the items are useable in one fashion or another and none are really duds besides that nasty ass fake doughnut bar. But hey, I got to try something new that I would never purchase for myself.

Down below, I have included pictures of coupon codes that came in the box that I will not be using. Feel free to use them if there is anything that catches your eye! Thanks for reading.

Til next time!

FabFitFun PLUS Mystery Boxes

I may have gotten carried away buying things lately….. specifically, I saw the add-ons that FabFitFun was having and I lost it. I saw so many good deals and I had literally no self-control. It’s embarrassing how much stuff I’ve purchased. Let me just show you how my box came!

This is a big ass box y’all. Like it’s FULL of stuff. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of stuff I put in my cart to checkout but ended up not purchasing. It was seriously an all day, every day thing. I may have a problem.

First though, I want to show yall the actual box for Spring 2019. I was so excited about this box and how much customization there was. Since I am an annual member, I got a few more options of what I wanted to choose but let’s be real here, I ended up selecting some of the other options as add-ons.

The color of this box and print is so festive! I just love it. When I lived in New Mexico for a bit, I hated the desert……..but seeing desert elements on this box makes me remember that while I hated the desert, I was always in love with the cacti and surprising amount of flowers that could survive there.

Let’s open it up!

This is the magazine and info booklet all in one. I love that they have this as part of their box – is makes it feel just more than descriptions about the items. It’s really more of a lifestyle AND information reference.

There’s so much stuff!! I’m happy that every little section of this box is full of things I can use! I really feel like I’m getting the most bang for my money.

First Item: Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion – $19

You guys. This smells AMAZING! This seriously might be my favorite lotion right now. It’s so thick and creamy, plus the smell is like citrus-y and refreshing. This made my skin feel so velvety, smooth with the sensation of nice supple hydrated skin when you touch it. Oh my gosh. I seriously might need to check this brand out more.

Second Item: Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye Gel – $42

I’m glad I got eye care stuff because I desperately need it. My dark circles are no joke. This has kind of a deep, blood orange tint to it which really helps with the color correction for my dark circles – I could almost immediately tell a difference. It absorbed nicely but did make my under eye area look cakey and weird after putting makeup on. I might have to just use this at night or play around with it more, but overall I’m actually really impressed with this!

Third Item: Ouai Leave-In Conditioner – $26

I have been running out of my other leave in conditioner spray so I am happy that this was in my box! Again, the smell is so incredible I had to physically stop myself from spraying too much in my hair. I’ve never used this brand before but I’ve heard it’s one of the better brands for haircare. It made my hair feel silky smooth and didn’t weigh it down or add any noticeable oily texture. I very much enjoy this and will be using it every day no doubt!

Fourth Item: Daily Concepts Detox Brush – $18

I have mixed feelings about this. On the front, it says to use dry…..y’all. When I used this dry I seriously was contemplated why the hell anyone would use this dry. It felt like taking sandpaper against my poor skin. Like I know it’s supposed to exfoliate – there’s no question this absolute does that – but I am certainly never using this again on my dry skin!

Fifth Item: S’well Sip Water Bottle – $20

I love water bottles!! This is such a cute design. There’s really not much to say about this because it’s your typical stainless steel bottle BUT it’s super cute!

Sixth Item: Deux Lux Demi Backpack – $75

This was a bit more thin and flimsy that I was anticipating. I like that it’s lightweight because sometimes I want to carry a bag that isn’t too bulky but the straps definitely don’t seem sturdy enough for much weight. I love the color combination and that it’s canvas and not just the new ‘vegan leather’ fad that every subscription box is into right now.

Seventh Item: Relax Champagne and Charcoal Scrub – $35

So I love bath products and exfoliating scrubs. This one smells divine and will be a great addition to my shower/skincare routine. I haven’t used it yet but I’m very excited to!

Eighth Item: Quay Australia Sunglasses – $60

I love aviators!!! They are pretty much the only type of sunglasses that I wear. These seem such good quality!! I usually go for brown sunglasses but I’m really happy these are a little outside of my comfort zone. The frames are nice and sturdy but not too thick to wear they look ridiculous. They feel super comfy on my face as well. I love them!!!

Overall, I love this box. I really feel like I get a huge return on what I pay for the box. The total came out to $295, almost $100 above what the box promises. Every item is something I can see myself using on a routine basis. I honestly can’t say which product I’m most excited about but I think it’s between the sunglasses, conditioner, body lotion, and eye gel. That’s a pretty good thing if you can’t decide which item you like the most.

If you’re interested in signing up for FabFitFun to see what kinds of goodies you can get, feel free to use my referral link to get $10 off your first box!

But let’s dive into the extra goodies I’ve purchased separate from the box!

Let me start off with a product that was “free” if you spent $15 or more in add-ons.

Have you ever had your armpits sting? I don’t know what the hell was in this that made my armpits feel like they were being bitten by a million tiny creatures but holy hell this was awful!! I’m glad this was a free product because I absolutely hated it. Like seriously, I must have had some weird reaction to something because no joke, it was the strangest stinging pain I’ve ever felt in my armpit before. That’s a weird place to experience pain so I will be tossing this….

On to my other (actual) purchases!

If you have read any of my other posts, I talk about how I have serious dark circles under my eyes. Maybe it’s a result of having a new baby but I’m telling you, I look wrecked. I haven’t heard of this brand or read any reviews of this BUT it said it’s supposed to help lessen dark circles. The packing is gorgeous (if not totally unnecessary)!

This is one of the things I was super excited to see listed for a discount. I love Spongell√© sponges so much! I wanted to use these for Christmas gifts or possibly for myself. I haven’t decided yet! I tried to check my invoice for what I actually paid for each item, but I want to say I got almost a 50% discount.

I purchased this additionally to add to my box because I go hiking A LOT. We just got stationed in Alaska a few months ago and already I’ve started bucket lists of hikes to go on. This will help have a cute little picnic when we are out!

If you read my Bombay and Cedar post, I mentioned that I dabble with essential oils mostly to freshen my house. I love that this diffuser is so pretty and has color changing lights SO I added it for $10 to my box. What can I say. It was a steal!

This was another steal through FFF. I love luxie brushes and I definitely wanted to get a set for someone for Christmas and to just have another for me if I ever wanted to use it. These were $29 each………I was in shock. I was going to buy 3 because I thought it was such an amazing deal but it sold out too fast!

Let me go ahead and show you the mystery bundles I got! I got two just to see what the different items might be. I purchased these for $29 each and I believe they promise over $100 in value. Let’s see!

First Item: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refining Cream – approx. $60

I couldn’t really find much info about this online. I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or what. I was excited about this because I unfortunately suffer from larger pores near my nose.

This cream has a very strong scent to it – maybe tea tree oil. I put this on at night after cleaning my face with Mamonde Cleanser (from my Allure Beauty Box) and my Sunday Riley Serum (from my TestTube). I really think this cream might be best during the day because I might use it with the No Poreblem Primer I got from my Boxycharm – that way I might have super small pores. From what I can tell though, it did decrease my pore size a bit. I wonder if you use it more long term if it will have a significant effect.

A little of this cream goes a long way which is nice, but I love that this product is full size and I can use a lot if I feel so inclined! I have actually never used this brand before but Ive read good things about it.

Second Item: Klorane Lab Nutri-Reparative Mask with Desert Date- $26

This hair mask is so lovely. I have no idea what a desert date is but let me tell you, if that’s what is making this smell SO good then I’m a fan. This mask made my hair feel really nice after I got out of the shower – it was like silky smooth meets luxurious shine and I’m not exaggerating at all. I paired this with the leave in conditioner spray in the box and my hair was divine.

Third Item: Makeup Drop Micro – $20

I hate silicone applicators. It feels like it wipes around product instead of blending it nicely in. Who the hell would pay $20 for this is beyond me but I thought why not, let’s give this stupid little thing a try. Let me go ahead and tell you…….

I still hate it.

Fourth Item: My Tagalongs 3 Resistance Bands – $18

Listen, I’ve been trying to get myself into shape. Like the real shape where you go back to your high school weight and look beautiful and sporty. Granted that was a decade ago and Lord knows it’ll probably take me that long to get back there BUT I was pleasantly surprised to see this in my bundle. I wasn’t going to waltz my ass into a store and look at these resistance bands like I’d even know what I was doing, so I’m happy someone discreetly sent them to me and I can feel obligated to use them. Thanks FFF. Looking out for my inner skinny girl. You’re the real MVP here.

Total of Mystery Bundle: $124

Let’s see the second one!

First Item: Isaac Mizrahi Poncho – $questionable

Y’all. I’m a little annoyed at this product. First off, who wears a poncho in the spring. Second, I saw this advertised on FFF site for $19 even though the say the original retail price is $60……so……like I’m counting this as $19. I’m still really not happy this item is not spring-ish or related in any way. Whatever. That’s part of the mystery.

Does anyone else struggle with knowing how to style ponchos? I literally just end up using them as a shawl type deal when I’m on the couch or feeding the baby. I’m not anywhere near stylish enough to pull this off in public BUT I love to have them at home. This one is comfy and thicker than the other ones I have (maybe reminiscent of a wool type fabric, although I don’t think it is). It’s not my favorite color combination, so I feel like this product is a miss for me. Who knows. Maybe I’ll turn into a fashionista overnight and learn how the hell to wear a poncho.

Second Item: thisworks Perfect Body Muscle Therapy- $33

Like I just mentioned, I’m trying to get this mom-bod back into shape so I’m going to need this. I got a great rollerball in my Bombay and Cedar box but this one smells better in my option. They both work great though!

Third Item: Generation Clay Charcoal Clay Mask – approx. $40

I don’t feel like this was anything special. It was a nice consistency, felt ok on my skin BUT it wasn’t any different than a mask I could pick up for a lot less. So. I don’t have much more to say unfortunately.

The total value for the second mystery bundle is $92….which is less than they promise.

So there it is. The mystery bundles were interesting and gave me a chance to try out new products for a relatively low investment. Mystery bundle one was way better in my opinion but that’s the chance you take when you gamble. I’m just so happy overall with the small fortune I’ve spent. I know it’s a lot to read but I appreciate so much if you took the time to experience this with me!

Til next time!

Glamour Jewelry Box

This is a new subscription I noticed on ABBADABBS YouTube channel. She actually has a referral code ‘ABBY10’ to get 10% off your first box I believe.

I loved it so much that I had to subscribe! This box is a little over $30 a month and you get 3 pieces of jewelry valued at over $75.

I’m always afraid to try anything jewelry related because I like super gaudy stuff AND I’m afraid to get anything that’s too cheap looking. But, here goes nothing!

Let’s dive in!

The box is very pretty! I love the watercolor look and it’s also very simple. I get excited about anything gold and feminine looking!

This is the little blurb they have sent with the box. I wish it had a little something about the products or prices BUT what I am excited about is the fact they want me to sparkle! Every single day of my life, even if I look like the grim reaper, I always make sure to have a little sparkle to make myself feel better……

Let’s see the first item!

First item is a cute gold necklace with little rhinestone detail. It’s definitely a necklace you can layer- this would be a shorter length that would pair nicely with a more chunky, long necklace. The chain is a little more thin than I prefer but I still really like its simplicity!

Second item is a lovely little rhinestone bracelet. It has an adjustable chain which is super nice because my wrists are pretty small. I love the bling detail of this bracelet and feel like it goes very well with the necklace.

Third and final item. This is a lovely pair of earrings! I have to say, I normally wouldn’t pick something out like this – normally I go for BIG rhinestone earrings that blind everyone- BUT I like these. They are simple yet catch your attention. The finish isn’t overly shiny yellow gold which I appreciate. They have more of a brushed, toned down finish.

So there is the final lineup. Overall, I think they are all beautiful on their own or together. Each compliments the other in simplicity but also their own unique features which make them stand out. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of each item which was my biggest concern about a jewelry subscription.

What do you guys think? Think it’s worth the money or keeping another month?

Til next time!